MTCnovo is a partnership between the US prisons and skills company, Management & Training Corporation (MTC) and novo – a consortium of a number of public, private and third sector shareholders including:

RISE, a probation mutual;  A Band of Brothers, a charity with a focus on positive change for male 18-25 offenders; The Manchester College, an education services provider; Thames Valley Partnership, a charity specialising in restorative justice; and Amey, an infrastructure and construction services company.

MTC is US-based company that runs a swathe of private prisons in the United States, and contracts with the US Government to provide employment and rehabilitation services. It is the third-largest private prison provider in the United States, and has been embroiled in a number of controversies and legal actions about the conditions in some of its prisons.

MTC Novo was established to bid for the 'Community Rehabilitation Companies' (CRCs) that were formed following the privatisation of probation services. They run probation services in two of the largest CRCs: London and the Thames Valley. 

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