Don't let the corporate vampires sink their teeth further into our NHS this Halloween!

Can you gather your friends, family and neighbours for a powerful action this Halloween? It’s time to put on Richard Branson vampire masks and deliver a letter to your MP’s constituency office on 30th October!

This Halloween, YOU can protect our NHS from sinister forces...

The Corporate Takeover Bill is going through parliament right now, and it threatens to open our NHS up to packs of profit-thirsty vampires. These private companies have been sucking the life out of our NHS since 2010. Now is the time to close the door, to protect our NHS and loved ones, not open it wider!

What’s so scary about this Bill? ‘Integrated Care Systems’ sound harmless, right? Don’t be fooled - this legislation has real fangs. 

Our NHS needs life support to recover from the pandemic. Instead, this Bill will reorganise it to drain more resources, power and money away from our health services and into the hands of the likes of billionaire Virgin Care owner, Richard Branson. 

Now’s the time to rally together and fight for amendments to this dangerous Bill.

Together we can prevent:

  • Private companies being allowed sit on local decision making boards with a say in the healthcare you and your family have access to and how NHS money is spent.

  • The Secretary of Health, Sajid Javid, and these ICS boards being allowed to hand out contracts to private companies without any scrutiny or transparency. 

Make sure your MP backs the amendments needed to protect our NHS by delivering this message on the 30th October!

We’ll provide the masks and letter - all you need is to find out where your MP constituency office is and make a plan to visit on the day. 

Let us know you’re taking action and that you would like resources by emailing with the subject line: ‘I’m taking action this Halloween’.

If you're in London and can also make it to our stunt event on Tuesday, October 26th, we'd love you to join us! You can find out more details about the stunt here

All you need to do to take action:

  1. Email with your postal address and we’ll send you the resources you need.

  2. Buy a T-shirt if you want one from our online store - we've added new designs for the day of action!

  3. Visit your MP’s constituency office (often listed on their official website), wearing your vampire mask and with your letter (we can provide both).

  4. Take a picture of yourself posting the letter through your MP's letterbox.

  5. Share your picture on Twitter by adding your picture to the tweet on this link (to come!) and sharing. 

  6. If you don't have a Twitter account - and you don't want to get one - send us your picture to along with the name of your constituency and we will share it for you and make sure your MP sees it.

By delivering a message to your MP's office on 30th October, you will help create a wave of actions across the UK.

Your action will pile the pressure on, get local and national press, and help fight for the universal, fully public NHS we need for the future!