We pledge to

1) Honour the founding vision of the National Health Service

  • Give back the duty to provide high quality NHS services, open to everyone, to the Secretary of State for Health.
  • Make sure the NHS is properly funded, ready to deliver the comprehensive care people need now and in the future.
2) Take private profits out of the NHS
  • Get private, profit-making companies out of NHS service provision - bring contracts in house as they come up for renewal.
  • Make the NHS an integrated, efficient service - scrap the costly bureaucracy of the internal market and end the 'purchaser/provider' split.
3) Create truly accountable local NHS planning
  • Run the NHS as a national, democratically accountable service delivered through regional and local publicly owned NHS bodies.
  • Require joint planning with local authorities, with integration of social care and public health into the NHS.
  • Establish Community Health Councils to represent the interest of the public in the NHS.
4) Scrap PFI and safeguard NHS assets for the future
  • Keep NHS assets and land in public ownership, for the benefit of patients, now and in years to come.
  • Save money by stopping any further private financing of the NHS (PFI/PPP), manage existing debts to limit the damage to the public purse.
5) Protect our NHS from global trade
  • Make sure no part of our NHS is for sale, now or in the future, as a result of international trade agreements.

Signed by

1 MP
    • Caroline Lucas MP

72 MPs
    • Diane Abbott MP
    • Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP
    • Mike Amesbury MP
    • Tonia Antoniazzi MP
    • Jon Ashworth MP
    • Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
    • Nick Brown MP
    • Ruth Cadbury MP
    • Ronnie Campbell MP
    • Dan Carden MP
    • Sarah Champion MP
    • Bambos Charalambous MP
    • Rosie Cooper MP
    • David Crausby MP
    • John Cryer MP
    • Alex Cunningham MP
    • Janet Daby MP
    • Marsha De Cordova MP
    • Gloria De Piero MP
    • Thangam Debbonaire MP
    • Anneliese Dodds MP
    • David Drew MP
    • Paul Farrelly MP
    • Paul Flynn MP
    • Yvonne Fovargue MP
    • Vicki Foxcroft MP
    • Ruth George MP
    • Preet Gill MP
    • Mary Glindon MP
    • Roger Godsiff MP
    • Margaret Greenwood MP
    • Louise Haigh MP
    • Fabian Hamilton MP
    • Helen Hayes MP
    • Mike Hill MP
    • Kate Hoey MP
    • George Howarth MP
    • Mike Kane MP
    • Lesley Laird MP
    • Emma Lewell-Buck MP
    • Clive Lewis MP
    • John Mann MP
    • Sandy Martin MP
    • Steve McCabe MP
    • Kerry McCarthy MP
    • Stephen Morgan MP
    • Grahame Morris MP
    • Ian Murray MP
    • Alex Norris MP
    • Kate Osamor MP
    • Jared O’Mara MP
    • Laura Pidcock MP
    • Faisal Rashid MP
    • Ellie Reeves MP
    • Matt Rodda MP
    • Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
    • Paula Sherriff MP
    • Tulip Siddiq MP
    • Andy Slaughter MP
    • Cat Smith MP
    • Eleanor Smith MP
    • Alex Sobel MP
    • Graham Stringer MP
    • Paul Sweeney MP
    • Liz Twist MP
    • Thelma Walker MP
    • Catherine West MP
    • Alan Whitehead MP
    • Martin Whitfield MP
    • Chris Williamson MP
    • Mohammad Yasin MP
    • Daniel Zeichner MP

4 MPs
    • Jonathan Edwards MP
    • Ben Lake MP
    • Liz Saville-Roberts MP
    • Hywel Williams MP

35 MPs
    • Hannah Bardell MP
    • Mhairi Black MP
    • Ian Blackford MP
    • Kirsty Blackman MP
    • Deirdre Brock MP
    • Alan Brown MP
    • Lisa Cameron MP
    • Douglas Chapman MP
    • Joanna Cherry MP
    • Ronnie Cowan MP
    • Angela Crawley MP
    • Martyn Day MP
    • Martin Docherty-Hughes MP
    • Marion Fellows MP
    • Stephen Gethins MP
    • Patricia Gibson MP
    • Patrick Grady MP
    • Peter Grant MP
    • Neil Gray MP
    • Drew Hendry MP
    • Stewart Hosie MP
    • Chris Law MP
    • David Linden MP
    • Angus MacNeil MP
    • Stewart McDonald MP
    • Stuart McDonald MP
    • John McNally MP
    • Carol Monaghan MP
    • Gavin Newlands MP
    • Brendan O'Hara MP
    • Tommy Sheppard MP
    • Chris Stephens MP
    • Alison Thewliss MP
    • Philippa Whitford MP
    • Peter Wishart MP
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