Switch to public energy today!

The Big Six energy companies supply 95% of all UK households with electricity and gas. But they don't answer to you and me, they answer to their shareholders. We don't have to take back the Big Six, but we can turn to cheaper and better alternatives.

 68% of us want public ownership of energy. And the exciting thing is that we can make it happen. Here's what you can do: 

1) Switch to public energy

These days there are more and more options for energy that works for people not profit. You can switch today to show your support and save money. (We Own It isn't getting any money to promote these companies - we just want to support them!) If you love public energy, why not pick one of these to switch to?

  • Bristol Energy - Bristol's new public energy company, open to all of us across the UK.
  • People's Energy - the People's Energy company, returning 75% of profits to people.
  • Robin Hood Energy - the very first council owned public energy company in the UK, set up in Nottingham.

Robin Hood Energy also has a range of partnerships with other councils to provide publicly owned energy across the country. These include:

  • White Rose Energy - Robin Hood's partnership with Leeds City Council.
  • Beam Energy - a partnership between Barking and Dagenham Council and Robin Hood Energy, supplying 100% renewable energy.
  • Angelic Energy - a partnership between Islington Council and Robin Hood Energy.
  • Citizen Energy - Robin Hood's partnership with Southampton Council.
  • Ebico Energy - a Robin Hood Energy partner that seeks to tackle fuel poverty.
  • Liverpool Energy Community Company - Robin Hood's partner with Liverpool City Council.
  • Ram Energy - a Robin Hood parntership with Derby City Council. 
  • Great North Energy - a partnership between Robin Hood Energy and Local Councils.

2) Support these campaigns

These campaigns are doing fantastic work, let's get behind them:

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