Don't let Murdoch murder our BBC

Don't let Murdoch murder our BBC

It's our BBC

It's clear that many in this government want to dismantle our BBC, and Rupert Murdoch's global media empire would benefit if he gets his way.

Instead of letting the BBC be murdered by Murdoch, we want to make it BETTER - fully independent of government, representative, diverse and accountable to us, the people.

The BBC is a national treasure, a public service we want to be proud of, with world class programmes and services. But the government is meddling in it and attacking it - with funding cuts of 30% since 2010.

If we don’t defend our BBC, we’ll end up with nothing but Facebook and a Fox News style media, which will damage our democracy and hand yet more power to billionaire moguls.

Communities across the UK, including many vulnerable groups, depend on the BBC - programmes like CBeebies, local radio stations, the Asian Network and BBC Bitesize.

SIGN NOW to defend our BBC - and make it BETTER.

Dear Rt Hon Lucy Frazer KC MP and Rt Hon Prime Minister Rishi Sunak,

We call on you to protect OUR BBC for the future.

  • Make sure the BBC stays a publicly owned and funded broadcaster which makes programmes for everyone. The BBC is the best of British, from Eastenders and the Archers to Match of the Day, from Planet Earth to the World Service, Radio 1 and 1Xtra to Radio 3 and 6Music.
  • We need a proper process to make sure the BBC has fair, sustainable funding, while protecting vulnerable groups. Just like the NHS, the BBC needs to work for everyone no matter where they live or what their background is. The government should stop funding cuts and pay for over 75s, as they used to, along with low income groups.
  • The BBC should be ready for its next 100 years as our broadcaster. Right now the government appoints BBC board members. We need an independent board with a citizens panel to give us a voice, make the BBC more diverse in staff and content, cap excessive pay - and have a stronger role for regional journalism.
Target: 16000

Last signature: Harriet North London, 1 month 3 weeks ago

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