Our privacy policy: you own it

How we communicate with you

Privatisation can be overwhelming but our aim is to reduce the overwhelm. That includes in your inbox!

We can't win campaigns for public ownership without supporters like you. That's why we respect your time and energy by:

  • Being careful about how often we email. We aim for about once a week, depending on what’s going on
  • Not asking you for money too often (but we have to ask sometimes!)
  • Writing our emails clearly and simply
  • Being as positive as possible - solutions and actions not doom and gloom!
  • Posting more information, more frequently for people who want it on our website, facebook and twitter

Your rights

We Own It will hold your data for the purpose of contacting you about current and future projects, campaigns and appeals. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button. This will unsubscribe you with immediate effect. We will never share your data with any other organisation.

Other points to note:

  • We track viewing images or clicking links in our emails to understand whether people open, take action or generally show interest in our emails
  • We use cookies on your website which are necessary for the proper functioning of petitions and actions
  • We use Umami Analytics to understand what's popular on our website and how people use it.
  • We include facebook and twitter widgets on our site to encourage people to share our content on social networks. These also have the side effect of allowing those companies to track users, especially but not limited to users who are logged in to their services at the time of browsing the We Own It website
  • We use a third party supplier for parliamentary petitions, provided by Organic Campaigns. That company also collects and processes your data for the purposes of providing us with the service. Here is their privacy policy.
  • Our data processing is carried out by Mailgun. This provider is based in the US, and therefore your data will be held outside of the EU.

If you have any questions about our use of your data, please contact us at info@weownit.org.uk in the first instance. You have the right to make a complaint about use of your data to the Information Commissioner's Office. If you are on our newsletter list, we will let you know by email if we make any substantial changes to this privacy policy.

We Own It only exists because of people like you. Thank you for your support and action to end privatisation and build public ownership.