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It's election year! Donate £5 a month to win victories for public services for people not profit.

Your donation will help deliver our 5-point plan in 2024:

  1. Campaign for all political parties to commit to reinstate the NHS as a fully public service
  2. Campaign for all parties to fund the NHS to at least the level of France
  3. Fight for public control of bus networks in key city regions, building on your Manchester victory 
  4. Prove that public ownership of water is affordable and will help stop sewage
  5. Make the arguments for why public ownership is best with videos about water, energy, buses, rail, mail and NHS

Please donate £5 a month today! THANK YOU for your generosity.

Other ways to make your donation

Make a regular or one-off donation through online banking. Please do drop us an email at with your full name and email address to let us know you'd like to do this, so we can share the bank details with you, thank you properly and make sure we have you on our records as one of our amazing donors. 

Or you can send a cheque to We Own It, The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1JE - please include your full name and email address on the back of the cheque so we can be in touch!


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Donate by PayPal