We believe that...

Public services all have something in common

So we're here to join the dots

What is a public service? We think there are three key ingredients: it meets an important need for society as a whole, it should be democratic and it tends to be a natural monopoly (where there isn't much real competition). Trying to create an artificial market in public services doesn't make sense. That's why - whether you're talking railways or the Royal Mail, care work or council services - we see a pattern with privatisation: higher costs, lower quality, less accountability.

Privatisation has failed

So we're here to bust the myths

There are lots of right wing thinktanks and vested interests arguing for privatisation. We know they're wrong, so we take them on. The evidence shows clearly that privatisation has failed. We Own It will shout this from the rooftops until our decision makers see sense.

Public ownership is awesome

So we're here to spread the word

When people get together to create public services, funded by all of us, available to all of us, improving our lives – that is literally awesome. No wonder it's also very popular. Polling shows the public are already on side. We Own It tells the stories that show public ownership is not just possible, it's the new common sense.