let's take back our Royal Mail

After 500 years as a successful publicly owned institution, our Royal Mail was sold off to investors. We need to buy it back.

Wtf happened? 

The last shares of Royal Mail were flogged off in 2015. There weren’t any good reasons to privatise the organisation. It was making a profit and providing high quality service, in line with its obligation to treat every address in the UK and every bit of post equally. Now that profit is going straight to private shareholders - the tune of £400 million in 2021 alone

Long term losses

Lost profits

The Institute for Fiscal Studies, among others, criticised the effectiveness of the sale in reducing the deficit. The sell off was a way to raise quick cash, but it’s robbed us of a long term source of revenue, because Royal Mail makes millions in profit. Our research, in collaboration with the New Economics Foundation, shows that by just 2025 – only 10 years after the sale – we’ll be worse off than if Royal Mail had remained public.

A bad deal for the public

Many of the shares were sold directly to investors and pension funds. A report for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said that “the taxpayer has missed out on significant value”. While the public lost out, some did quite well out of the sale – including, coincidentally, George Osborne’s best man

Poorer service, higher costs

We’ve already seen stamp prices going up. There are real fears that privatisation will lead to more expensive and lower quality services.

The Royal Mail has a ‘universal service obligation’ to provide postal services to every address in the UK. But there is a risk of this being abandoned in the long term under pressure from investors - which would effectively deny postal services to people living in rural areas.

Let's buy back our Royal Mail

Watch our video below to learn why taking back Royal Mail is a great deal.

69% of us support a publicly owned Royal Mail, and the arguments for public ownership are clear. Chief among them is the fact that we'd save £171 million a year by bringing it into public ownership, enough to open 342 new Crown Post Offices with post banks.

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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