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Save lives - scrap Serco

Contact tracing is vital if we’re going to get out of lockdown safely, hug our loved ones again and save lives.

But instead of putting local public health experts in charge, health secretary Matt Hancock has handed over responsibility to Serco - a private outsourcing company that has already put lives at risk.

Tell Matt Hancock to end Serco's role in contact tracing.

Don't let Murdoch murder our BBC

Dominic Cummings has always wanted to dismantle our BBC, and Rupert Murdoch's global media empire would benefit if he gets his way.

Instead of letting the BBC be murdered by Murdoch, we want to make it BETTER - fully independent of government, representative, diverse and accountable to us, the people.

Sign now to defend our BBC - and make it better.

Time to take back our trains

With the rail industry in crisis, the government could bring the whole railway into public ownership.

Or they could continue to bail-out failed private rail companies indefinitely, funnelling public money into private profits.

Email Rishi Sunak and Grant Shapps to tell them it's time to take back our trains