Our team

Photo of Cat Hobbs

Cat Hobbs

Cat is the founder and director of We Own It. Here's the story behind why she set up We Own It. Cat ran a successful local rail campaign in Bristol before working at Campaign for Better Transport for three years where she lobbied nationally on behalf of bus and train passengers. She has also worked for a credit union and a sustainability consultancy. Cat studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University.

Ellen Lees

Ellen is the Campaigns Officer at We Own It. Prior to joining We Own It, she worked for Students for a Free Tibet, and volunteered for Amnesty International. She is interested in digital campaigning, particularly around social justice issues and inequality. Ellen studied Anthropology and Law at the London School of Economics


Biba Maya Randle-Caprez

Biba is a communications assistant at We Own It. She has just graduated from Oxford Brookes University in English Literature and Philosophy. She has been interested in politics since she started a recycling campaign in school and later campaigned for human rights issues in college. At We Own It, she hopes to raise awareness of the benefits of public services amongst young students. 

Pascale Robinson

Pascale runs the campaign for Better Buses in Greater Manchester. She has worked on a variety of issues, from the environmental and social impacts of food waste at Feedback, to international justice at Save the Children. She is excited by effective campaigning and mobilisation which challenges social injustice, but definitely not pub quizzes. Pascale enjoys walking, reading and slacklining in her spare time. 

Photo of Fran Bury

Fran Bury

Fran is the finance director on our Board. She works as Chief Operating Officer for a youth organisation in London. Before this she worked in local government, for a small consulting firm and a think tank.  She has been a Green Party member and activist for some years, and has particular interests in climate change, social justice and things which only excite local government geeks.

Max Harris

Max sits on the Board of We Own It.  He was trained as a lawyer in New Zealand, has worked as a strategy consultant for the United Nations Development Programme, and is now a writer and researcher based at All Souls College in Oxford.  Away from campaigning and activism, he enjoys dancing, music, and movies.

Photo of David Hall

David Hall

David Hall is on our Board. He is Director and Founder of the Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) at the University of Greenwich, which researches privatisation and public services worldwide. He works internationally with trade unions and civil society on the problems of privatisation and ways of returning services to the public sector.

Miriam Stewart

Miriam is a volunteer for We Own It and public ownership enthusiast. She believes that the kind of society we want to be living in is one where people are put first and questions of fairness drive decision making. When not at We Own It, Miriam works as a campaigner and activist, and is also training to be a horticulturalist. 

Calum McGregor

Calum is a volunteer for We Own It, working on energy issues and public ownership. He works in communications for an environment and countryside charity. He hopes public ownership can spark a wider revolution in how we see our common resources and the role government has to play in society.

Dr Ian Taylor

Ian is on our Board. He is a Director of Transport for Quality of Life, which specialises in transport and planning that is better for society and the environment. Ian is presently on secondment to the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport to develop transport policy for the Labour Party. He has previously been Scientific Political Adviser for Greenpeace UK and Campaigner for Oxfam.

Our Advisors

Sampson Low

Sampson Low

Sampson Low is Head of Policy at UNISON where he has supported members fighting privatisation. He previously worked for the Office for National Statistics as a researcher and was the local Branch Secretary for the IPMS (now Prospect) union branch.

Gail Cartmail

Gail Cartmail

Gail Cartmail is an Assistant General Secretary at Unite the Union. Her main role is to lead the union’s construction, energy, finance and public service teams, campaigning for better terms and conditions for members in that sector. She is a Commissioner at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory is an independent advisor on the funding and finance of mutual and social enterprise, working both on policy at a national level and in practice at a grassroots, local level. He is currently Director of the Social Economy Alliance.

Photo of Neal Lawson

Neal Lawson

Neal Lawson is chair of the pressure group Compass and author of the book All Consuming. He serves on the Board of UK Feminista and is an associate member of the Bauman Institute at the University of Leeds.

Photo of George Woods

George Woods

George advises us on campaign strategy and media. He works at the New Economics Foundation think tank, helping campaigners for social and economic justice to develop their knowledge and skills. Previously he worked as a trade union officer and community organiser, building popular support for public ownership of the railways and against cuts to local train and bus services.

Matt Dykes

Matt Dykes

Matt Dykes is the TUC's Senior Policy Officer for Public Services, responsible for work on outsourcing and privatisation and public service reform. Matt also leads the TUC's work on the joint union All Together for the NHS campaign.

Photo of Hilary Wainwright

Hilary Wainwright

Hilary Wainwright is a fellow of the Transnational Institute, and co-editor of Red Pepper magazine. She is a leading researcher and writer on how to strengthen democracy in the face of corporate power and on democracy - rather than market - driven strategies for public service reform and the positive role that trade unions and public service users can play in this process.

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