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When We Own It - a blueprint for 21st century public ownership

Privatisation has failed - it’s a fringe, extreme ideology. Most of us believe public services should work for people not profit.

But how do we make sure public ownership is efficient, effective, accountable, caring, green, innovative - and so wildly successful that no future Margaret Thatcher can ever dismantle it?

Introducing a blueprint for 21st century public ownership...

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Privatised and Unprepared: The NHS Supply Chain

More than 600 NHS and care workers have now died from coronavirus and many of these deaths were “avoidable with proper PPE”.

Businesses and communities have been ready to help out with vital protective equipment – masks, gowns, visors. But in the last few months, it’s often felt like the government was asleep at the wheel.


The NHS Supply Chain, responsible for procuring and delivering PPE during the coronavirus crisis, has itself been privatised.

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Local contact tracing schemes tracker

A properly functioning test, track and trace programme is absolutely vital if we're going to get out of lockdown safely and see our loved ones again. 

Sadly, what we currently have in England couldn't be further than properly functioning. A privatised national system managed by the notorious Serco has been disastrously handled, and put our communities at risk. 

Local communities across the country have had enough. Councils are taking matters into their own hands as a result of Serco's failures. 

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People's plan for water

The People's Plan for water is a crowdsourced manifesto for what publicly owned water could look like, and what it could achieve. We gathered over 600 ideas and contributions from the public in every region and nation of the UK. 

The results are clear: the public want their water run for people, not profit, they want proper investment in the water system, and they want money spent on cutting bills rather than trickling away to shareholders. 

This is only possible if we bring our water into public ownership.

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