Don't let them carve up your NHS for sale!

The latest NHS reorganisation means whole chunks of YOUR NHS could be handed over to privatisers like Richard Branson. 

Sign here to call on NHS England to scrap the new ICP contract, which is risky, unaccountable, and would allow mass privatisation of our NHS.

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Last signature: Dave, South East London, 1 hour 6 min ago

The latest NHS reorganisation could mean more privatisation - but you can stop it.
Don’t let them carve up your NHS into unaccountable chunks, ready for private companies to exploit.
Right now, specific NHS services can be contracted out to private companies, like Richard Branson’s VirginCare.
Campaigners have been fighting against privatisation, and a lot of these contracts are being dropped or transferred to public bodies. It’s not victory yet, but we’re making an impact!
But now, the government wants to change the structure of the NHS so that all health and social care services in one area can be packaged up and contracted out to one big provider, like VirginCare, for up to 15 years at a time in something called an ‘ICP contract’.
We’d lose accountability, patient rights, and there’s a huge risk of mass privatisation.
Thanks to a team of heroes who took the government to court, NHS England has been forced to hold a consultation. This is your chance to make your voice heard!
The deadline is the 26th of October. Send a strong message that your NHS is not for sale, and sign this petition to NHS England.
Your name along with thousands of others will be delivered to Parliament on the 26th of October. Join us!
Carve up pumpkins - not our NHS!
Watch this video from Keep Our NHS Public to learn more about ICPs and NHS privatisation:
This petition is a joint campaign by We Own It, Health Campaigns Together and Keep Our NHS Public

Wed 10 Oct 2018.

Carve up pumpkins not our NHS