make art, not nhs trade deals

Banner saying 'Virgin on the ridiculous: Keep our NHS public'
Calling all who care about our NHS and want to express how they feel about its privatisation, as Trump comes to the UK.

 As Conservatives refuse to sign our pledge to end privatisation, Johnson denies in debates that the NHS is on the table, and Trump plans his December UK visit, we're calling all who care about our NHS and want to express how we feel about its privatisation: Show how much we care about our NHS. 

We would love you to submit your artwork, of any kind to send a clear message for Trump's December 3rd visit: Our NHS is already being privatised and a Trump-Tory NHS Trade Deal will make that worse. We must end privatisation of our NHS to protect it. 

1) Your challenge is to express yourself in whatever medium you want! You can make a placard, do a painting, knit, use clay, thread, make a drawing, whatever you want!

2) Send in a file of your work, or a photo if it's 3D, by emailing it to And/or share it with us on social media using the hashtag #MakeArtNotNHSTradeDeals. When sending a photo (or pdf or document) of the work to us, try to make it fit into a square, landscape or portrait frame!

3) Display your art in your window during the election as a message to the world: we'll protect our NHS!

We'll blow up finalists' works, parade them at the Stop Trump Demo on December 3rd,  and have our illustrious judges decide our winners afterwards.

If you're stuck, you can choose to focus on one or more of these messages:

  • A UK-US trade deal is a danger to our NHS
  • The NHS is on the table - and the only way to take it off is to end privatisation
  • A UK-US trade deal could 'lock in' privatisation 
  • Our NHS should be a fully publicly provided healthcare service - there's no place for private profits! 

We've had enough of Government ministers saying the NHS isn't on the table. We know that 18% of the NHS budget is currently spent on contracts with private providers, and £9.2 billion has been given to private companies to profit off our NHS and from people who fall ill. Even after they're caught having private meetings with the US on drug prices as part of a trade deal. 

Make sure to submit your work before December 1st at midday.

We can't wait to see your entries. Thank you for artistically standing up for our NHS. 

P.S. Please share the competition with your creative friends and family!

Photo Credit - Trump Baby: Kristian Buus