What's the story?

What's We Own It all about? Where did it come from? Here's the story from our founder, Cat Hobbs.

I've always loved public services. I campaigned for better trains for over 10 years, and won a more frequent local rail service in Bristol before campaigning nationally. My parents work for the NHS and I hugely admire what they do.

So when the government started privatising the NHS and selling off the Royal Mail, I began joining the dots. Privatisation has failed for over 30 years. The evidence and the public are against it.

I wanted to make the case for public ownership. Not "going back to the 1970's" but going forwards to a better future.

In 2013, I started We Own It - in my bedroom, on my laptop. Today, it's not just me anymore - we've got a small team and with your help, we're winning victories.

This speech explains why I care so much: I believe public services are the best, most civilised, wonderful thing that human beings have ever invented.

I'm happy to stand up in front of 1500 people and say so (even if it's slightly nervewracking).


So that's me. What's your story?

Maybe you're
  • angry to see your rivers polluted by private companies that put profit first?
  • frustrated by ever rising train fares?
  • a parent who wants a say over your child's academy?
  • isolated by bus cuts from private operators who prioritise shareholders over services?
  • part of a community group that's trying to connect a renewables project to the privatised National Grid?
  • passionate about keeping our NHS public?
  • campaigning locally to stop outsourcing of your council's services?
Whoever you are, if you’re rising up, you're a real challenge to the damaging ideology of privatisation.
You're going to change the situation.
It's time to take action. Get your stories and opinions out there to show support for and snowball this movement. And campaign together for public ownership.
Talk to us:
If your brain knows: privatisation doesn’t work, here's the evidence.
If your gut says: shareholders aren't on your side.
If your heart feels: public services are wonderful and they belong to all of us, we should take them back.
Spread the word.
Join a community of your people - people who know in their brains, guts and hearts the value of PUBLIC services - and that privatisation doesn't work. 
We're looking forward to hearing from you.