What's the story?

What's We Own It all about? Where did it come from? Here's the story from our founder, Cat Hobbs.

I've always loved public services. I campaigned for better trains for over 10 years, and won a more frequent local rail service in Bristol before campaigning nationally. My parents work for the NHS and I hugely admire what they do.

So when the government started privatising the NHS and selling off the Royal Mail, I began joining the dots. Privatisation has failed for over 30 years. The evidence and the public are against it.

I wanted to make the case for public ownership. Not "going back to the 1970's" but going forwards to a better future.

In 2013, I started We Own It - in my bedroom, on my laptop. Today, it's not just me anymore - we've got a small team and with your help, we're winning victories.

This speech explains why I care so much: I believe public services are the best, most civilised, wonderful thing that human beings have ever invented.

I'm happy to stand up in front of 1500 people and say so (even if it's slightly nervewracking).



So that's me. What about you? Do you believe in public services that are owned by us, not by shareholders? If you do, it would be brilliant if you could spread the word about We Own It to your family and friends (by talking to them or sharing this page).

We're up against an ideological government and powerful multinationals. But with all of us standing up together for what we believe, it's only a matter of time.