Ban Fujitsu from all UK public sector contracts

Outsourcing IT company Fujitsu was responsible for the Horizon software used by the Post Office when it wrongly convicted postmasters. Many lost their jobs and savings and in some cases went to prison or lost their lives.

Fujitsu should NEVER receive another public sector contract and should be removed immediately from the government's list of Strategic Suppliers.

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Last signature: Joanna Ilford[1], 10 hours 15 min ago

Since 2012, the government has awarded Fujitsu nearly 200 contracts worth £6.8 billion. The company currently provides large IT systems to the tax authority, HMRC and the Department for Work and Pensions. It is still on the list of Strategic Suppliers for the government.

In 2014, Fujitsu sued the NHS in secret after failures on its IT contract. 

Fujitsu STILL has contracts right now with the Post Office after everything that has happened. The former UK boss of Fujitsu from the time of the scandal received £2.6 million and walked away.

People like you demanded that the former boss of the Post Office Paula Vennells should lose her CBE. Now let’s get Fujitsu out of our public services.