David Gauke: Bring probation back into public ownership!

Our probation service was broken up and privatised by Chris Grayling in 2015.

Now it is collapsing, and we need to act fast.

Sign here to call on Justice Minister David Gauke to bring the probation service into public ownership as soon as possible.

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Our probation service is incredibly important.

Without probation staff, it’s easier to fall back into a life of crime. Communities are less safe than they should be.

Unfortunately, probation is in danger thanks to one of Chris Grayling’s hare-brained privatisation schemes.

What happened?

In 2015, Grayling, who was then Justice Secretary, sold off 70% of our probation service to private companies.

35 publicly owned, local probation services were split up and sold off, turned into Community Rehabilitation Companies.

The private companies cut costs to make a profit – and standards are falling

They’re now failing to meet 2/3rds of their targets

Ex-offenders are finding it harder to reintegrate back into society, and more of them are reoffending

Since privatisation, the number of people committing a serious further offence while under probation supervision has risen 20%.

And now, Working Links, who owned three of the companies, has collapsed, leaving staff and service users in the lurch.

What can we do?

We need to bring privatisation to an end, and bring the CRCs back into public ownership.

The contracts are ending in 2020 - two years earlier than planned.

This is a perfect opportunity for the current Justice Minister David Gauke to bring them in house.

Sign the petition above to tell the government to bring probation into public ownership.


If you're in Scotland this does not apply to you but we'd really apprecaite any signatures in solidarity. 


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