Bring our railway into public ownership now!

If you’ve ever taken a train, you know that rail privatisation has failed - leaving you with rip off fares and shoddy services.

Now the private rail companies are failing one after another. This is our chance to take back our railway!

  • Northern Rail was brought into public ownership on January 29
  • Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said that South Western Railway is “not sustainable”
  • Boris Johnson says the "bell is tolling" for West Midlands Trains
  • The East Coast line is already in public ownership after Richard Branson and Stagecoach failed to deliver  

Keith Williams is carrying out the biggest review of the railways since 1994. Tell the government to put passengers first!

Grant Shapps and Keith Williams: bring our whole railway into public ownership!

Target: 23000

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Photo of passengers protesting rail price rises

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