Nadine Dorries: Stop Channel 4 Privatisation

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has just announced plans to privatise Channel 4. She says that “government ownership is holding Channel 4 back”.

But this is not true. Channel 4 is a great British success story – it costs the taxpayer nothing and is already profitable.

Selling off Channel 4 threatens programmes we know and love, like Great British Bake Off and It’s a Sin. Privatisation also poses a huge risk to jobs and small businesses across the UK.

Nadine Dorries, we call on you to keep our Channel 4 in public hands.

Target: 54000

Last signature: Rod Slough, 13 hours 50 min ago

Read more about why selling off Channel 4 makes no sense:

  • Channel 4 is a great British success story. Channel 4 and Film4 are unique institutions that have commissioned huge amounts of innovative content over the years - from films like Four Weddings and a Funeral to programmes like Come Dine With Me, which has been replicated across the world. Privatisation would put this asset at risk.
  • Channel 4 provides vital support for the creative sector by creating a market where small TV and film producers can get a foot in the door, compete and thrive. Channel 4 makes money from advertising and reinvests this back into programming and films. Privatisation would undermine this unique business model and the industry it supports, and lead to more generic content. Channel 4 made a profit of £74 million last year - there is no problem for which the privatisation of Channel 4 is the solution.
  • Channel 4 supports the government’s agenda on levelling up. It has a relatively new duty to prioritise the nations and regions - and has recently opened up new offices in Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow. Through its commissions, it’s investing in vital jobs, boosting local economies and nurturing talent across the UK.
  • Channel 4 is hugely popular. As reported in the Times, 82% of the public believe Channel 4 should not be privatised.
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