Stop the sell-off of 49 NHS GP practices

Centene Corporation, an American health insurance giant, has just taken over 49 NHS GP surgeries and practices.

Your GP surgery could be next - wherever you live. 

We call on the 13 Clinical Commissioning Groups involved to STOP Centene taking over the 49 GP surgeries and practices.

Sign the petition and oppose the sell-off of our GP surgeries to Centene or any other corporation.

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Target: 42000

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Read more about the threat:

Centene Corporation, an American health insurance giant, has recently taken over AT Medics, a primary care provider responsible for 49 GP surgeries and over 370,000 patients in the Greater London area.

Before these new acquisitions Operose Health, Centene’s UK subsidiary, was already running GP practices in Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Luton, Birmingham, etc. totalling 21 surgeries and practices. 

With a total of 70 GP surgeries and practices, Centene is almost certainly the largest single provider of NHS primary care in England. Check whether your GP surgery is now owned by Centene.

Even the Daily Mail has called Centene a “profit greedy American health giant"

Your GP’s surgery might be next - wherever you live. Sign the petition and oppose the take-over of our GP surgeries by Centene or any other corporation.

Here is the list of Clinical Commissioning Groups that can stop this threat:

  1. NHS South West London CCG

  2. NHS South East London CCG

  3. NHS North Central London CCG

  4. NHS Harrow CCG

  5. NHS Brent CCG

  6. NHS Tower Hamlets CCG

  7. NHS Newham CCG

  8. NHS City And Hackney CCG

  9. NHS Redbridge CCG

  10. NHS Hammersmith And Fulham CCG

  11. NHS West London (K&C & Qpp) CCG

  12. NHS Central London (Westminster) CCG

  13. NHS Barking And Dagenham CCG