Stop Sajid Javid’s private takeover of the NHS

The government is getting credit in the media for ‘taking back control’ of our NHS. In reality, Boris Johnson and new Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s plans would mean more American-style privatisation, not less! (1)

Dear Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid, don’t give private companies a bigger role in our NHS. 

 We call on you to get private companies out of our health service so the NHS can get on with the job of caring for people in this pandemic.

Photo of Sajid Javid speaking
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(1) The new plans would:

  • Allow private companies like Deloitte to sit on boards that make decisions about how to spend NHS money. 

  • Introduce the American model into our NHS where unaccountable decision making bodies prioritise profit margins and making savings over caring for people's health. This model is likely to lead to cuts and closures of NHS hospitals and A&E

  • Push more people to go private as cuts are made. Patients have already been promised greater rights to choose private treatment and have it paid for by the NHS. 

  • Open the door to more cronyism -  yet more contracts would be given to government pals like Serco, as we’ve seen in the pandemic, but without any competition - that’s what the government means by ‘reducing bureaucracy’. 

  • Encourage private companies to take the NHS to court if they’re unhappy. 

What we actually need is a national high quality, well funded, public NHS for everyone. 3 out of 4 of us want our NHS reinstated as a fully public service after the pandemic. 

In this pandemic, our NHS is working hard to look after people and deliver vaccines, while the privatised test and trace has failed.

It’s time to reinstate our NHS as a fully public service. Profit has no place in our NHS.