3 victories against privatisation - it can be stopped!

16 September 2017

Think privatisation can't be stopped? Think again!

Last week we – working with NHS campaigners, unions, politicians and YOU – STOPPED the privatisation of NHS Professionals.

This wasn’t our first victory.

Last year we helped to stop the privatisation of Network Rail

And, working alongside other campaigners, we forced the government to back down on selling off the Land Registry.

The public doesn’t want senseless sell offs. We’ve had enough.

If the government keeps trying to privatise OUR public services and assets, we won’t back down. We’ll keep getting stronger and smarter. We’re in this for the long haul.

Privatisation is a huge force to take on but these victories give us hope.

Would you like to see us winning more victories? We’re a tiny team, up against some serious vested interests, and we’re punching above our weight. You can join the 318 people who support us every month here https://weownit.org.uk/take-action/support-our-work

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Glenn replied on Permalink

Can you tell me who is the public regulator

for Network Rail and if they are not privatised

if they are still a public institution?

And if so, is NR allowed to prejudicially restrict

proper process in public enquiry for access permissions

to record scenes for a grass roots not for profit

production for public exhibition?

Have NR become the landlord financial gatekeepers

for their partner ownership, and if so why is their partner not in full transparency, whilst we are led

to believe it is a public institution?

Any help in demystifying this will be most appreciated

as i have vsluable experience to impart.

Kind regards


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