Best birthday present for our NHS? Booting out Branson and co

Protect our NHS placard with Branson

2 July 2018

Richard Branson has just pocketed £2 million after suing the NHS. Enough is enough. 
On the 70th birthday of our amazing NHS, let’s give it the best birthday present ever – let’s get the private companies out.
We’ve been working closely with incredible NHS campaigners*. Together we’ve developed #NHSTakeback, a simple 5 point pledge calling for the changes which would reinstate our NHS to its full glory and end privatisation.
We launched this pledge back in September. ALL SNP MPs have signed the pledge, so has Caroline Lucas, yet fewer than 20% of Labour MPs have signed. Last week, Jon Ashworth, Labour’s shadow health secretary, signed up to the pledge! Maybe now the rest of his party will follow his lead…
So here’s our challenge – how many MPs can we get signed up by Thursday, the 70th birthday of the NHS? Will yours sign now?
Tens of thousands of us gathered at the weekend to celebrate and defend our NHS. The #NHSTakeback pledge is a clear next step. It calls for government to
  1. Honour the founding vision of the National Health Service
  2. Take private profits out of the NHS
  3. Create truly accountable local NHS planning
  4. Scrap PFI and safeguard NHS assets for the future
  5. Protect our NHS from global trade
Ask your MP to boot out Branson and co! It’s the best 70th birthday present you could give.
* The pledge is based on the NHS Reinstatement Bill. It's supported by the Campaign for the Reinstatement Bill, Health Campaigns Together, Keep Our NHS Public, Doctors for the NHS, the NHS Support Federation, Our NHS, the Socialist Health Association and Unite. Learn more in this video:


Protect our NHS placard with Branson

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Nicola Jordan replied on Permalink

Please support the NHS legislation bill to reinstate the NHS so everyone can benefit from its services so I ask my local MP Robert Goodwill to back this law so it is available for future generations.

Wendy Wilson replied on Permalink

The NHS belongs to the people

David replied on Permalink

Ask my MP, Kit Malthouse, a staunch Tory, to sign this pledge?!...I'd have more effect pissing into a monsoon ...

Susan Livesey replied on Permalink

The nhs is about serving all of us in time of need. No one should be receiving large sums of money it should be pumped back in our nhs. Please sign the petition. Richard Branson is a Billionaire why would the greedy man Sue our nhs. The more money they have the more they want.

Eve Merrick-Williams replied on Permalink

Private companies exploiting the NHS for profit is despicable and can never be justified, ever.

John bowman replied on Permalink

Our NHS is not supposed to be run to make a profit it should be funded to provide services not to fund big business ventures hands off our NHS

Anonymous replied on Permalink

Anyone who advocates private enterprise within the NHS is a traitor to the people and must be punished accordingly.

Linda brooker replied on Permalink

I have just returned from neville hall where i have received my ALL CLEAR after 5yrs remission..thankyou NHS and Nye Bevan.x

Anonymous replied on Permalink

Virgin doesn't Care! Branson keep your sticky mitts off our NHS. How dare you effectively steal from the public. You may have a large back balance but you have low morals Sir

Jacques Viac replied on Permalink

The involvement of private companies has always been the thin end of the wedge to destroy our public-funded services. eg water companies, postal services, railways, etc. We have already paid for our NHS, as we did for the other services. They should be handed over to private companies without our expressed individual permission. That is organised theft.

Dr. Stewart Eames replied on Permalink

Moves to give the NHS further (inadequate) funding are pointless in that they will merely re-fund the wrecked (privatised) organisation the Tories have by now left us with. Privatisations and fire-sales of NHS properties (as per Naylor Report welcomed by Theresa May) will continue unless the ideological Tory damage is put into complete reverse: more money will simply flow out to private tax-haven profits, etc. Our NHS will be destroyed, as intended by covert Tory policy: a massively criminal outcome.

Anonymous replied on Permalink

The Tories have certainly not got a mandate from the people to back door privatisation of the NHS!

But when 17 million got a 2 million majority with Brexit they called it "The WILL of the people! - What happened to all the 30+ million who did not vote or against it!

The Tories are sinister and NASTY people to deal with!

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