Is Capita wobbling too? Just another reason to end local privatisation

23 April 2018

A few months after the collapse of Carillion, outsourcing giant Capita seems to be wobbling. We completely rely on this company to deliver vital public services and now it's reporting financial losses.
These companies are too big to fail. When they do, the public sector takes the RISK and deals with the CHAOS while the private shareholders walk away with the profit. And that's just one reason why they shouldn't be running our public services. Others include:
  • COST: many councils are ending or not renewing contracts with private providers to save money
  • QUALITY: many councils are insourcing to improve services
  • FLEXIBILITY: private companies charge more for any changes over time
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: it's very difficult to hold private companies accountable
And then of course, there are the many, many failures of privatised services in practice - which we've documented in our resource, #PrivatisationFails
Local council services are vital resources for our communities. Most of us use them every day, from bins to buses, from libraries to leisure centres. They're too important to hand over to profit-driven private companies.
Let's end local privatisation.

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Bob replied on

Capita is resident in Sheffield.. They sent me a letter about another persons details in joining the Armed Force (Royal Navy) The letter was very personal and included sensitive information about the applicant's health records. And this company want our backing in running things for us?!!!... NEVER!!!

shane selfe replied on

it costs more money than it saves

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