The destruction of the last 14 years, in numbers

2 July 2024


This is the reality of austerity. Since 2010, government cuts to public services mean the UK has become a broken country. Our public buildings and spaces have been sold off, our children have fewer places to play, and our transport options are depleted while fares rocket upwards. Essential public services and natural monopolies, like water and rail, benefit a handful of mostly overseas investors. We can’t go on pursuing the same bankrupt ideology of cuts and privatisation.

Our video reflects this. In 60 seconds it summarises the state we’re in after 14 years - and here is the evidence to back it up:

Since 2010, we have lost:

NB Some stats are for England only, some for the whole of the UK. Funding for public services in all four countries is affected by Westminster's spending plans. 

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Wayne Bennett replied on Permalink

I wholeheartedly support this resistance to privatisation. There are very good reasons why there are public services and a distinct private sector and they shouldn’t be confused or conflated. To do so almost always ends up in tears with poorer services costing more. Not to learn from the evidence is idiotic!

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