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29 November 2021

The Local Electricity Bill is being debated in parliament tomorrow, Tuesday 30th November.

Power for People authored this Bill and are calling for it to be made law. The Bill would unlock the huge potential for more community-scale renewable energy generation across the country. It would make it possible for communities to sell locally generated energy directly to local people. This would be a huge boost for renewable energy and local economies.

A cross party group of 281 MPs now support the Bill in Parliament. The Energy Minister will be there tomorrow and must respond. This is a great opportunity for your MP to speak on your behalf in support of the Bill. If made law the Bill will empower community energy schemes to sell their clean power to local people!

We Own It supports Power for People's campaign. If you do too, please ask your MP to attend the ‘Empowering community energy schemes’ debate and to speak in favour of the Bill. You can write to your MP here.

Tips on writing to your MP

  1. Use your own words
  2. Be polite and to-the-point
  3. Say why you think the Bill is great (e.g. more domestic renewable energy) and highlight benefits for your local community (e.g. skilled jobs)
  4. Include your address so your MP knows you are a constituent

Find out more on Power for People's website and read their briefing for MPs.

It's getting hot in here so take off all your coals - banner

Thanks to Tim Dennell for the photo, used under Creative Commons licensing. 

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Maber Philip replied on Permalink

Every support is vital towards sustainable green energy. Local community cooperatives must be an integral part. Our national grid infrastructure is at breaking point, unable to take in additional input - mega tonnes of methane cold vented and flared at IGas Singleton - wasted and avoidable GHG.

Mark Haworth-Booth replied on Permalink

This is essential for the renewables revolution.

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