Don't hand our NHS to Trump on a silver platter

24 May 2020

The Trade Bill was debated this week at its second reading in Parliament, and it is clear that our NHS is still at risk from a trade deal with Donald Trump. 

That’s the man who just this week threatened to permanently remove funding from the WHO in the middle of a pandemic, and is currently touting an unproven drug to treat coronavirus, which has been shown to cause dangerous side effects. 

Trump doesn’t care about the health of his own citizens - he certainly doesn’t care about yours - and his friends in US private healthcare and pharma companies are champing at the bit to get even more access to the UK ‘health market’. 

At the Trade Bill debate, MPs like Angus MacNeil, chair of the International Trade Committee, brought up the need to protect the NHS from trade deals, and listed the principles that over 9000 We Own It supporters sent to their MPs over the weekend. 

This shows that your messages are getting through to MPs - the campaign is working.

But we’ve got more work to do to make sure the NHS gets the protection it needs. The key stage will come in a few weeks, at the 3rd reading, and we’ve got a plan, but we need your help.

Sign up to join our army of NHS protectors and lobby your MP before that crucial debate

We’ve been running training sessions to skill up people who care about the NHS to effectively lobby their MPs - hundreds of MPs have been contacted so far, but more pressure is needed. The NHS needs you - sign up for one of our training sessions today and join the fight to keep the NHS off the table. 


And if you haven't already, sign our petition below to call for proper protection for our NHS in all trade deals:

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June Cutayar replied on Permalink

Britain is envied all over the world, it's not for sale. It belongs to the people and is NOT for sale, you promised. The queen promised after your advice june cutayar.

Peter Day replied on Permalink

AFTER MY 4TH BACK OPERATION I WENT TO SEEM MY SURGEON WITH MY WIFE AND IN THE ROOM WERE 3 YOUNG MEDICAL STUDENTS.Th surgeon said to me that he was sorry that the 4th operation had not bee a susses and he wanted to operate for a 5th time then went on to say this '' BUT FIRST I WILL HAVE TO APPLY TO THOSE ''JOKERS'' IN N0 10 FOR THE MONEY AND I DO NOT EXPECT THEY WILL GIVE IT TO ME'' He then turned to his 3 students and said ''THIS IS WHAT IS COMING TO YOU THREE VERY SOON '' The students look shocked . Soon after this meeting he left out N H S after very many years at on of the top Orthopedic surgeons at a hospital called the center of excellence, I never got that operation and I am still struggling.

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