The end of the privatisation experiment?

We’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve been working to shift the debate around public ownership and privatisation for the last four years. Now, public ownership is hugely popular, and supporters of privatisation have been thrown into a panic.

It looks like the ideology of the last 30 years is beginning to crumble. Privatisation has failed, and we have the proof.

How times have changed:

A few short months ago, before the general election, we laid out the policies we wanted parties to commit to in their general election manifestos – on energy, water, rail, buses, social care, the NHS, education, council services, national assets and creating new public services.  

We wanted to bring together and summarise great research showing just how achievable public ownership is. So we wrote our guide to public ownership - a 'how-to' instruction book for taking control of our public services at a national, regional and local level. You can read it here.

We said then that "these ideas have the potential to unite the country." And they have.

We all want public ownership:

Thanks to polling from rightwing thinktank the Legatum Institute, we now know that:

So what now?

We’ve launched #PrivatisationFails- a new resource to show the failures of privatisation across all sectors. The evidence after 30 years of the privatisation experiment is undeniable. Our new resource gives an overview of recent private company failures in the NHS, schools, care, social security, buses, rail, energy, water, prisons, probation and council services. This resource provides ammunition that we will need to win the battle of ideas.

You can use this resource to show fans of privatisation - whether they be your friends and family, or local councillors and MPs - that we need public ownership, now. The resource contains more evidence than you could ever need to convince people around you of the failures of privatisation, in all sectors, all in one place. Get out there and talk to people who disagree with you - discuss, argue, persuade.

Let’s lay privatisation to rest, and get on with creating a democratic, accountable, publicly owned future.