Help create a manifesto for public transport - across the world!

We Own It and International Transport Federation joint banner

Do you care about public transport? Do you work in public transport?

We're creating a global policy for how we can own our trains, buses, trams and so on – and we'd love you to be part of it.

We're teaming up with the ITF’s Our Public Transport programme to create a policy for publicly owned public transport, and a toolkit showing how we can get there.

Our Public Transport is a programme by the International Transport Workers’ Federation, which represents transport workers across the world.

Together, with passengers and workers side by side, we can create an alliance for public transport that belongs to all of us.

We can show

  • how much support there is for public ownership of transport across different countries, and what people believe about why we should own it

  • what public ownership should look like – including different models and successful case studies

  • which campaigns and initiatives have succeeded in bringing transport into public ownership, or protecting it from privatisation – and why

Solidarity and sharing our experiences can help us bring trains, buses and trams into public ownership across the world.

You can give your thoughts in two ways:

  • Comment below. Tell us about the impact of privatisation or publicly owned transport in your life. Tell us why you care and what you want to happen.

  • Fill in our survey. This asks for more of your feedback. It includes questions for campaigners, passenger groups and unions about case studies of different models of public ownership and successful efforts to get us there.

Share your story below or fill in the survey here

Thank you for being part of this – stay tuned on our website to see how it develops, and follow #ourpublictransport on Twitter.