Here are the GP Practices taken over by US health insurance giant Centene

23 February 2021

US health insurance giant, Centene, through its UK subsidiary, Operose Health, has been taking over GP surgeries and practices in London and across the country for many years. 

Centene has recently taken over AT Medics, a primary care provider responsible for 49 GP surgeries and over 370,000 patients in the Greater London area.

With a total of 70 GP surgeries and practices, Centene is almost certainly the largest single provider of NHS primary care in England. 

This is shocking. Even the Daily Mail has called Centene a “profit greedy” company.

Below is a full list of the GP surgeries and practices currently owned by Centene, through its subsidiary Operose Health UK. 

Your GP’s surgery might be next - wherever you live.

Sign the petition and oppose the sell-off of our GP surgeries to Centene or any other corporation


The Flying Scotsman Health Centre     

St Sepulchre Gate W, Doncaster DN1 3AP



The Practice Leecon & Hawkwell     

1 Leecon Way, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1TU


Great Missenden

The Practice Prospect House     

108 High St, Great Missenden HP16 0BG



The Practice Harehills Corner     

209 Roundhay Road, Harehills, Leeds LS8 4HQ


The Practice Lincoln Green     

Burmantofts Health Centre, Cromwell Mount, Leeds LS9 7TA



Bramingham Park Medical Centre     

Lucas Gardens, Barton Hills, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU3 4BG


Kingsway Health Centre     

385 Dunstable Rd, Maidenhall, Luton LU4 8BY


Milton Keynes

Brooklands Health Centre     

Montague Cres, Broughton, Milton Keynes MK10 7LN


Newport Pagnell

Kingfisher Surgery     

26 Elthorne Way, Newport Pagnell MK16 0JR



Balderton Primary Care Centre     

Lowfield Lane, Balderton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 3HJ


Broad Oak Medical Practice     

116 Strelley Road, Nottingham, NG8 6LN


Kirkby Community Primary Care Centre     

Ashfield Health & Wellbeing Centre, Portland St, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham NG17 7AE


Southglade Medical Practice     

Southglade Rd, Nottingham NG5 5GU


The Practice St Albans & Nirmala     

112 Pedmore Valley, Nottingham NG5 5NN



The Practice Northumberland Avenue     

32 Northumberland Ave, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2TH



The Pathfinder Practice     

South West Herts Health Centre, Oxhey Dr, South Oxhey, Watford WD19 7SF



Albert Road Surgery    

76 Albert Road, North Woolwich, London E16 2DY


Barlby Surgery    

Exmoor Street, W10 6DZ


Britannia Village Surgery    

12a Wesley Avenue, London, E16 1TU


Brunswick Medical Centre    

39 Brunswick Square, London, WC1N 1AF


Burnley Medical Practice    

Willesden Centre For Health, Robson Avenue, NW10 3RY


Camden Health Improvement Practice    

The Margarete Centre, 108 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2LS


Canberra Old Oak Surgery    

56 Bloemfontein Road, London, W12 7FG


Carpenters Practice    

236-252 High Street, Stratford, E15 2JA


Cassidy Medical Centre    

651a Fulham Road, SW6 5PX


Church Road Practice    

The Centre Manor Park, 30 Church Road, Manor Park, E12 6AQ


Earls Court Health and Wellbeing Centre    

2b Hogarth Road, London, SW5 0PT


East One Health  (now changed to Goodman’s Fields Health Centre)

 14 Deancross Street, E1 2QA (now at 11 Stable Walk, E1 8ZF, London)


Edith Cavell Surgery    

41 A-C Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4TP


Falmouth Road Group Practice    

78 Falmouth Road, Borough, SE1 4JW


Fieldway Medical Centre    

15a Danebury, CR0 9EU


GP Hub Brondesbury    

279 Kilburn High Road, NW6 7JQ


GP Hub Caversham    

4 Peckwater Street, NW5 2UP


GP Hub Central Croydon    

East Croydon Medical Centre, 59 Addiscombe Road, CR0 6SD


GP Hub Parkway    

Parkway Health Centre, Parkway, New Addington, CR0 0JA


GP Hub Purley    

Purley War Memorial Hospital, 856 Brighton Road, CR8 2YL


GP Hub Somers Town    

77-83 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1HY


GP Hub Swiss Cottage    

2 Winchester Mews, NW3 3NP


Hanley Primary Care Centre    

51 Hanley Road, London, N4 3DU


Headley Drive Surgery    

117a Headley Drive, CR0 0QL


Kings Cross Surgery    

The Bloomsbury Building, St. Pancras Hospital, NW1 0PE


Kings Road Medical Centre    

529 Kings Road, SW10 0UD


Lucas Avenue Practice    

1A Lucas Ave, London, E13 0QP


Mitchison Road Surgery    

2 Mitchison Road, London, N1 3NG


Mollison Way Surgery    

45c-46 South Parade, Mollison Way, Edgware, HA8 5QL


Parkway Health Centre    

Parkway, CR0 0JA


Queens Road Surgery    

136 Meeting House Lane, SE15 2UA


Silverlock Medical Centre    

2 Verney Way, London, SE16 3HA


Somers Town Medical Centre    

77-83 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1HY


St Ann's Road Surgery    

Laurels Healthy Living Centre, 256 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, N15 5AZ


St Luke's Practice    

2 St Luke’s Square, Canning Town, E16 1HT


Streatham High Practice    

1st Floor, 2-8 Gracefield Gardens, SW16 2ST


Streatham Place Surgery    

26-28 Streatham Place, London, SW2 4QY


Thamesmead Health Centre    

4-5 Thames Reach, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0NY


The Lister Practice    

101 Peckham Road, SE15 5LJ


The Loxford Practice    

417 Ilford Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2SN


The Practice Beacon Medical Centre     

The Garden Room at the Lighthouse, 111-117 Lancaster Rd, Ladbroke Grove, London W11 1QT


The Practice Furzedown     

88e Eardley Rd, London SW16 6BL


The Practice John Smith Medical Centre     

145 Bevan Ave, Barking IG11 9NS 


The Randolph Surgery    

235a Elgin Avenue, W9 1NH


Thornton Road Surgery    

299 Thornton Road, CR0 3EW


Trowbridge Surgery    

18 Merriam Avenue, London, E9 5NE


Valley Park Surgery    

Healthy Living Centre, Franklin Way, CR0 4YD


Wembley Practice    

116 Chaplin Road, Wembley, HA0 4UZ


Whitechapel Health Centre  (now changed to Goodman’s Fields Health Centre)

Shah Jalal Medical Centre, 44 Hessel Street, E1 2LP (now at 11 Stable Walk, E1 8ZF, London)


Victoria Medical    

1 Queens Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8GD



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Alice replied on Permalink

Hi Cathie,

Thanks for leaving a comment. We aren't aware of 26 surgeries in Harrow being taken over by Centene, but if you have further information you would like to send us, please do contact

Thanks for being part of our movement for people not profit!

Best wishes,

Alice and the We Own It team

Kate Wellby replied on Permalink

I had no idea. So underhand, so appalling and sad to think a government could secretly do this. I am ashamed of them.

William Croxford replied on Permalink

Why should the nhs be sold off i was led to beleive when we left the eu we were going to be richer by at least 300 million pounds and this was to be every week.that was promised by the pm a lie obviously

Sally McCarthy replied on Permalink

If you had believed Corbyn, the honest leader, instead of the Conservatives, this would not be happening.

You were all warned.

PBedford replied on Permalink

European and American health research centres have routinely found the NHS to be the best health care service of the wealthiest industrialised countries. We are lauded for quality, service coordination and especially access. US healthcare services trail far behind the NHS in all service areas except for the enormous profits that are made for greedy groups and individuals in their rampant capitalist system. IT IS NOT ABOUT IMPROVING HEALTH CARE. IT IS ABOUT MAKING MORE MONEY FOR THE RICH; INCLUDING OUR CONSERVATIVE GOVT AND SELF INTERESTED SUPPORTERS. I had thought that even they would be too ashamed to countenance such a move. No wonder it is being done secretly, without democratic debate. The NHS has stood at the heart of our democracy with fairness, no cost at the point of use and access for all. No wonder this govt have spent no effort addressing Brexit and the Coronavirus; their real interest has been on moneymaking scams for themselves at the cost of our democracy; apparently in collusion with media scams and misinformation. Journalists who used to hold power to account are now muted along with opposition MPs.

Sharon Lucas replied on Permalink

This is disgusting. It is everyone’s NHS NOT for private ownership. It is the only service we have left!

Kaushik Patel replied on Permalink

Morally bankrupt Ameticans using NHS through the back door only to make moneyis absolutely disgraceful this should be immediately stopped.The NHS is UK public owned, is free at source and should remain so.

Alison Hughes replied on Permalink

Absolutely agree with previous comment

Angela Foster replied on Permalink

This has happened without any information or choice for the patients of these surgeries or the general public. So much for ‘Our NHS’ it’s all happening in secret behind our backs. Contact your MP I have.

Helen Oyedepo replied on Permalink

The reason why it is possible for these surgeries to be sold is because of private ownership by rich people since 1948.Doctors in the past loved the vocation not motivated by more money but now,serpent came and offer dangling baits of money. Campaign should now SHIFT to parliament to use our NI CONTS WISELY. But then, man's inhumanity to man made them give the contracts to greedy people with huge bribes..We need kinder way to invest and reward our NINO Contributions accessibility at the point of need This had brought huge and safe money in the past which Americans find tempting to leave alone.

Margaret James replied on Permalink

Keep the National Health Service national!! Paid for by the ability to pay through NI contributions, and free at the point of need. It's a no-brainer.

Anonymous replied on Permalink

Boris pulls out his book of lies at random to spout the rhetoric that keeps his minions, donor cronies and Tory voting misbelievers onside. Are there Tories benefitting from holding shares in these American companies and carrying out lobbying on their behalf? It would not surprise me.

Alicia Marshall replied on Permalink

"No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of a lack of means" Aneurin Bevan.

I couldn't agree more!

Mrs S C Prentice replied on Permalink

No part of our NHS should be sold off to insurance companies from other countries.

The government have no right to do this under any circumstances.

The NHS belongs and is paid for by the people of this country.

It makes me wonder just how many of our MPs are corrupt and have received money or the promise of jobs from the foreign insurance company when they are out of office.

And they wonder why we neither trust and believe in any word that issues from their mouths?

Brenda swaby replied on Permalink

I object to the Privatisation of GP practices

STOP the purpose now.

Laureen Sherry replied on Permalink

Before I retired in recent years I worked in private medicine. All private health in the UK is mostly owned by US companies. They are only interested if you are healthy. They do not want to be involved in either emergency or long term illness - this is shunted on to the NHS. privately owned hospitals are not as accountable as MHS hospitals- they can hide behind ‘patient confidentiality’ for not disclosing information. Private insurance companies do not want you a) if you are sick, and b) if you are old!! I have become an activist to keep our NHS out of private hands - who trains the medics and nurses of the future?? Properly finance the NHS - it is unbeatable- if privatisation is so good why are they not out there selling it to us instead of pledging to keep the NHS public at every election??

Allie replied on Permalink



Just to let you know that a GP practice is missing from the list of those owned by the US company.

The Gower Street Practice is now being run by AT Medics Ltd, in the guise of Brondesbury Medical Centre, under an Alternative Provider Medical Services contract (used because no new managing partner could be found, as it enabled services to be continued rather than closing the practice down?)


Gower Street Practice

20 Gower Street




GPs list for Gower Street Practice is the same as for this below:


GP Hub Brondesbury

 Brondesbury Medical Centre

279 Kilburn High Road



United Kingdom

Maybe there are other GP practices that have been taken over in this way, so don't appear on the list?

Not only should GP practices and local services be kept in UK ownership, but a cap should be put firmly on the numbers of GP practices that can be owned by one company or group. When these takeovers happen, whether a US company is involved, the family GP experience seems to disappear, the GPs from the taking-over practice are not familiar with the local patients and don't seem to be interested. There is often a very different 'feel' and patient experience when a local GP practice becomes part of a larger set-up. Different community health service providers might be used, larger patient numbers are managed via online tools that may feel cold and anonymous. This all affects quality of service, but this is not recognised. Keep it smaller and local.

Alice replied on Permalink

Thank you for your comment, and for being part of our movement to defend our GP surgeries for people not profit!

We have checked and the list is currently is up to date, but if you have further information you'd like to discuss please do get in touch with us at! Brondesbury Medical Centre is still listed on AT Medics' website as one of their practices, so we don't think it's been handed over to Centene yet. It's so important to have local people keep an eye on this process of privatisation, so thank you for checking, and do get in touch with any updates.


Alice and the We Own It team

David Billett replied on Permalink

When profit is the driver for providing healthcare then you would be a fool to believe anything that the government tells you about anything. It is a absolute disgrace to sell the NHS through this bidding process that hands our health over to an American healthcare ideology that does not work.

barry HUGHES replied on Permalink

We now have an admitted liar "opposed" in Parliament by an imitator!

Ronald Allaway replied on Permalink

The nightmare continues.

helen tinline replied on Permalink

Since I first learned in Jan/Feb 2021 what was afoot I have told friends and acquaintances and posted wherever possible on the Internet what is happening behind our backs. However, too many people show no reaction at all. Too damned lazy to fight for the NHS. Someone else will do it for them. I just could not believe the apathy. We all need to stand up and be counted throughout the entire UK. That is my belief, anyway. Every single one of us is responsible for what happens now. It has been decided that the Privatisation of the NHS will now be accelerated. This is urgent.

Margaret Spector replied on Permalink

The Public are being duped by the NHS logo still being used . You go to a Doctor with an ailment and even though you are referred to a Specialist there are no treatments for tis specialist to give you. His/her hands are tied, as in mot cases, the treatments have been removed and if you want a treatment which was originally on the NHS you will have to pay for it privately. You think because a Doctor is still seeing you that you will be treated. Privatisation seeping in by stealth through the back door.

ann phillips replied on Permalink

this info should not be kept secret, it should be made public as it is the public who pay who pay for the NHS.


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