How Come We Didn’t Know?

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14 September 2018

A photographic exhibition by Marion Macalpine of Hackney Keep Our NHS Public that highlights the corporate take-over of the NHS, and is available to borrow.

Could you use it to start or build a local campaign to Keep Our NHS Public?  Please contact Marion on to discuss how you could use it.


It includes twenty-four  photographic panels and brief information highlighting some of the major corporations involved in privatisation of the NHS, and it is available free to borrow, to display in your area and act as a focus for a meeting/leafleting/getting a group together.

The exhibition explores the diverse forms that privatisation takes, including PFI contracts; private health companies masquerading as NHS including many GP clinics and diagnostic centres;  private hospitals which cherry-pick ‘low risk’ patients;  lucrative contracts for highly specialist treatment;  healthcare corporations with a history of fraud or tax avoidance;  scandalously poor care practice that is no barrier to winning new contracts;  private corporations driving government policy on dangerous so-called ‘free trade deals that will open up the UK even further to US corporations. The exhibition highlights critical links between politicians at all levels and private healthcare corporations. It has been updated to include panels on so-called Integrated Care Systems and Integrated Care Organisations.

The exhibition has previously been displayed in Ascot, Birkenhead Art Gallery, Brighton (3 times), Cambridge, Chichester,  Cheltenham, Deal, Hackney (twice), Hammersmith, Haringey, Lambeth, Liverpool Central Library and the Unite building, the Wirral, Norwich, Sheffield, Southampton, Stroud, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Whitstable and  at the conferences of both Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together.

Comments from previous visitors:

"The information was overwhelming and shocking. It should be in the news every day but I can imagine why it is not.  I am glad I came to the exhibition."

"This is a brilliant exhibition , terrifying and incredible because it is so direct, easy to take in and understand the huge implications for all of us."

"Superb work - informative, important and a bit of hope for the future"

"This has made me so angry! How come we didn’t know indeed!"

"Thank you for this exhibition - it’s a revelation!"

"A real eye opener about a topic which I knew little about. Keep fighting the good fight."

"Frightening . Real.  Believe it."

"Brilliantly revealing information and absolutely shocking. Needs to be widely shown and publicised. Thank you."

Serco HQ

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