Join the fight to end NHS privatisation and save lives

557 Deaths too many: End NHS privatisation, save life

12 October 2022

New Oxford University research has linked outsourcing in the NHS between 2013 and 2020 to 557 preventable deaths.

It’s clear that cuts and privatisation are damaging our NHS. This needs to change.

Private companies are making millions in profit from NHS contracts while people die and thousands of us in our community are forced to wait months for NHS care.

Privatisation is expensive and costs lives. Our local NHS leaders must use the new powers given them by the Health and Care Act to put people before the profits of private companies.

Join the call for your local NHS chair to:

 • Commit to publishing a report on how a contract will save lives before any introduction or renewal of outsourcing

• Commit to ending privatisation in the local NHS in the long term and to reducing it where possible in the short term

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Campaign press coverage (so far):

High-profile figures join campaign against NHS privatisation - Morning Star

Stephen Fry throws his weight behind campaign to prevent deaths from outsourcing of NHS services - Bright Green



557 Deaths too many: End NHS privatisation, save life

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June Turnbull replied on Permalink

Like many others, I owe my life to the NHS. I do not want to see it deteriorate through private or insurance-based provision to the state of US healthcare, where people die because they cannot afford healthcare or are driven into debt and homelessness to pay for it

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