Let's get ready for public ownership

7 June 2019

Privatisation has failed - it’s a fringe, extreme ideology. Most of us believe public services should work for people not profit.
But how do we make sure public ownership is efficient, effective, accountable, caring, green, innovative - and so wildly successful that no future Margaret Thatcher can ever dismantle it?
All of us contributing our ideas is one of the ways that the new public ownership will be better. We can all get involved in the conversations about how to build public ownership in the 21st century.
Our new report: When We Own It - A model for democratic public ownership in the 21st century is a blueprint for you to use to start those conversations.
Debate, adapt and improve the blueprint - make it fit your local community, or your public services. 
We've put together some materials to help you make these conversations happen:


Click here for slides (view only) to present to your group

And here is a pdf of the report itself, and our handy 2-page summary:

It's not just about starting conversations - it's about getting ready to put these ideas into practice.

This is not just about Labour.

The Green Party have been pushing for public ownership for years, and opposing privatisation, as have trade unions.

The SNP has protected the Scottish NHS from privatisation, runs an amazingly successful public water company, and recently lifted the ban on local public bus companies.

Every party has a role to play in building a fairer and more democratic society.

We want to hear from you about any motions you pass, or conversations you start with local organisations. Email us on info@weownit.org.uk and let us know what you've been up to! 

Let's get the ball rolling! 21st century public ownership is all about building from the ground up - so what are we waiting for?

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Ron tiller replied on

I thought we owned the b.b.c , we pay enough for it , but it seems they own us ,now they are making pensioners pay for their inflated wages , we don’t get a say..

Janet Cobb replied on

Hi Ron

Its not the BBC making pensioners pay its a Tory Government who have passed on the free licence benefit responsibility to the BBC. The real intention is to do away with a public broadcaster.

Jane replied on

Unfortunately the BBC who was once the noble mouthpiece of the world has lost it’s way and now just spouts Government policies.

Janet Wareham replied on

Do you work with the Co-operative Party? Their aims of co-operative ownership of public services obviously tie up with your own aims. Also,

Labour & Co-op MP's are the third largest group of MP's in Parliament.

Mary Holmes replied on

It's absolutely brilliant that you are doing this. Privatisation is just a way of extracting money from what should be a public service. It has increased costs and reduced the service to so-called customers. But often, when supporters of public services are asked by a hostile media in interviews for alternatives, they haven't got well thought out answers. Great that you are filling this gap.

I warmly support what you are doing and would like to keep in touch but am already involved with campaigning on human rights and peace.

Pam LAIT replied on

Well said, Our Money Our Say.

Too much is being Outsourced or sold ( thanks to you know who ) to the Highest Bidder.

Mp's have run Roughshod over Their Consituents for long enough, it's about time they got of their fancy suit bottoms and look after OUR Country, they claim to be Public Servants, But the Salaries Expenses and lots of add one tells a different story.

Olivia Agate replied on

This is what Jeremy Corbyn's Labour is all about. It's vital we keep the NHS public as it's slowly being privatised by stealth. Public transport also was and could be again so much better than it is now. At the moment if you live in a village and don't drive all activities have to stop at 5.30pm.

Well done for raising issues and keeping up the pressure.

Anonymous replied on

This could be very empowering. We get to decide priorities in our communities. It will involve a lot of listening. We will need to tune in to people

Moyra Jean replied on

I have forwarded the post to my local and constituency Labour Party with the suggestion that we could submit a motion to conference.

Sylvia Davies replied on

This is brilliant. I find all this Privatisation depressing.

Anthony Deaves replied on

Just another eay the Tories do things by the back door and handshakes

Robert Knight replied on

Our Public services are crap in Norwich. Both Mental health and general medicine in special measures. Ambulance service and police in a mess.Majority of others farmed our to nasty little firms who mistreat their workers. Norwich has a Labour council and a Labour MP. Why does nobody do anything but sit on their hands/

Joe Bailey replied on

Approximate fifteen years ago there was a current ”civil society” phrase – “open -accessible – accountable.”

No mention of “transparency.”

As far as I am able to discern from available publications the TUC trade unions and the Labour Party quietly call other enterprises and institutions to provide “transparent evidence.”

Perhaps a Guardian journalist could enlighten the Labour movement rank and file of members as to this concept. Some Guardian journalists seem to have an unprecedented insight into the internal working of the Labour Movement.

What is not apparent is which “gold standards” of transparency are the TUC, trade unions and Labour Party advocating? Will the Labour movement offer itself as an exemplar which society would be able to replicate across industry?

· Is there a universal metric which can be exported to the satisfaction of the rank and file?

· Who is to set the power of penetrating sunlight?

There are Think Tanks, Labour Studies Journals, ethicists, and moral teachers. Their activities are not exoteric. I suspect most of the rank and file will have no knowledge of these erudite personages.

There is no shortage of academic librarians who would be able to stock material in a searchable online archive / library.

There have been repeated calls for a new “National Care service.” Countries such as Japan are cited as examples of good practice. Is there the gold standard for care of the older members of society? Surely if “We Own It.” we should have access to the internal procedures. Remember “Ethical Procurement?

Penny Joo replied on

Think that it should be graded, both by age & income.

Mite to the point I hope Labour will bring in gradual dissolution of the Right yo Buy - starting with homes for special needs!

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