Let's make public ownership so successful it can never be dismantled!

Public Ownership 2.0: There is such a thing as society

13 July 2018

Calling all campaigners, experts, and passionate citizens — join us for Public Ownership 2.0; there is such a thing as society.
Margaret Thatcher once said that there is no such thing as society - only individuals. We disagree. There is a society, our public services are at the heart of it and we're taking them back!
And this time they're going to stay public...If Labour's manifesto is put into practice we'll be bringing key services like rail, water and energy into public hands. Public ownership 2.0 needs to build on but be even better than what came before! More efficient, accountable, democratic, successful and resilient.
As citizens, we need to be involved in making public ownership a huge success. Let's start by spelling out our demands for what we want to see from it.
The conference is on Saturday 10th November from 10am to 4pm in London. Book your ticket now!
Let’s own our...
WATER - Satoko Kishimoto (Transnational Institute), Richard Whittell (Corporate Watch), Professor Dave Hall (Greenwich University Public Services International Research Unit) and chaired by Frances Foley (Compass)
TRANSPORT - with Ian Taylor (Transport Policy Adviser, Office of Andy McDonald MP), Lynn Sloman (Director at Transport for Quality of Life), Ellie Harrison (Bring Back British Rail and Get Glasgow Moving) and chaired by Nicole Badstuber (Urban transport expert)
ENERGY - Leo Murray (10:10 founder and climate activist), Chris MacMackin (PhD student and activist), Emilia Melville (Carbon Coop) and chaired by James Angel (Switched On London)
NHS - with Ameen Kamlana (GP and NHS activist), Caroline Molloy (Our NHS), Tony O’Sullivan (Keep Our NHS Public) and chaired by Deborah Harrington (Public Matters)
Our opening plenary features Cat Hobbs (We Own It), Matt Dykes (TUC), and Frances Northrop (New Economics Foundation). 
Plus! POLITICIANS’ PLANS: John McDonnell, Natalie Bennett and Liz Saville-Roberts outline their plans for public ownership.
Lunch provided as well as tea, coffee and biscuits.
Once you've bought your ticket, you can also sign up to the Facebook event and join our Facebook group of the same name to help build the public ownership of the future.
Let's make public ownership so wildly successful that it can never be dismantled!

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Public Ownership 2.0: There is such a thing as society

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Dave Gilligan replied on Permalink

I agree with returning these "industries" to the public sector but why not have the conference say in the Midlands where more people could gain access rather than in London.

Biba replied on Permalink

Thank you for your comment Dave. As we are a tiny organisation, having the conference in London where a lot of the speakers and MP's are currently based makes things a lot easier for us, however we do completely understand that it's not easy for everyone to travel to. We really hope that in the future we will have the funds and capacity to hold events in other parts of the UK too.

From Biba,

We Own It Team

Neil replied on Permalink

Will you be broadcasting / live streaming the event for people that won’t be able to attend?

Biba replied on Permalink

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your suggestion. We are trying to work out what we can do so please do keep up to date with our emails and event posts as we will let you know about it there.

Many thanks,


We Own It team

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