Local pressure on MPs to oppose Health and Care Bill

Protect our NHS from Serco, Centene, Virgin Care

1 November 2021

With the Health and Care Bill set to return to parliament on 22nd November, the fight to protect our NHS and close the door to profit-greedy companies is on.  The Bill seeks to change how the NHS is run, by allowing profit-thirsty privateers onto decision-making boards (ICBs) and loosening the rules about how healthcare contracts are given out, allowing deals to be made in the dark.  Scariest of all, the Health and Care Bill doesn't make sure the NHS is the default provider of healthcare services.  Without action, this will lead to a feeding frenzy for the privatisation vampires!

That is why, this Hallowe'en, people around the country gathered at local landmarks to fight off the dark forces of privatisation threatening the NHS.

On Tuesday 26th October, campaigners including healthcare workers, trade unionists and patients met outside parliament to stand up to the likes of Centene, Serco, and Virgin Care.  The campaigners were joined by 32 MPs from Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, and Green, who all object to the NHS Bill and the invitation to cronyism that it represents.


On Saturday 30th October, the campaign spread around the country.  In constituencies from Barnoldswick to Worthing, people stood outside hospitals, marketplaces and shopping centres to defend the NHS against blood-sucking companies like Richard Branson's Virgin Care.  Many campaigners then delivered letters to their MP's office, showing that across the country and political spectrum, patients want politicians to close the door on the NHS Bill. 

Batley & Spen


Bishop Auckland

Bishop Auckland


Bridgewater & West Somerset







East Worthing & Shoreham


Folkestone & Hythe



Prudhoe (Hexham)

Hornchurch & Upminster



Middlesborough South & East

Muswell Hill

Newton Abbot





South Ribble

South Swindon


Sutton Coldfield


Torquay (Torbay)


Truro & Falmouth





Welwyn Hatfield


MPs who attended Tuesday 26th photoshoot and rally in support of the amendments we need to this Bill:

Mick Whitley    -    Birkenhead
Paula Barker     -    Liverpool Wavertree
Kim Johnson    -    Liverpool Riverside
Afzal Khan    -    Manchester Gorton
Claire Hanna    -    Belfast South
Barry Gardiner    -    Brent North
Margaret Greenwood    -    Wirral West
Helen  Hayes    -    Dulwich and West Norwood
Wera Hobhouse    -    Bath
Ian Byrne    -     Liverpool West Derby 
Andy Slaughter    -    Hammersmith
Rachael Maskell    -    York Central
Kate Hollern    -    Blackburn
Marsha  de Cordova    -    Battersea
Bell  Ribeiro-Addy    -    Streatham
Martyn  Day    -    Linlithgow and East Falkirk 
Zarah  Sultana    -    Coventry South
Jeff  Smith    -    Manchester Withington
Catherine West    -    Hornsey and Wood Green
Rupa Huq    -     Ealing Central and Acton 
Patrick Grady    -    Glasgow North
Clive Lewis    -    Norwich South
Tony  Lloyd    -    Rochdale
Olivia Blake    -    Sheffield Hallam
John McDonnell    -    Hayes and Harlington
Apsana Begum    -    Poplar and Limehouse
Rebecca  Long Bailey    -    Salford and Eccles
Nadia Whittome    -    Nottingham East
Caroline Lucas    -    Brighton Pavilion
Debbie  Abrahams    -    Oldham East and Saddleworth
Richard Burgon    -    Leeds East 

Protect our NHS from Serco, Centene, Virgin Care

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Lesley Patterson replied on Permalink

Just go to the US. Pay zillions for health insurance which will still not cover the big problems!! The cost of health problems are the biggest cause of bankruptcy there.

Elizabeth Kalynka replied on Permalink

You mentioned that you have photos of the action take all over the country..but all these photos are of parts of England !

What about the NHS in Wales Scotland And Ireland.

I know Health has been devolved but the NHS hasn't been we are all part of the same NHS in the uK !!!

Zana replied on Permalink

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks so much for this really important comment! We sent out resources to over 100 supporters across the whole of the UK who did an incredible job of taking action locally - we've been publishing the images we've received so far and will keep adding to the list!

Sarah Lasenby replied on Permalink

When we realise what it feels like to pay for health and health insurance it will be too late. We must get our MPs to oppose the Health and Social Care bill on 23.11.21

Colin Bennett replied on Permalink

Millions have already been spent and continue to be wasted by the Tories in their under-the-radar efforts to make it easier for private companies to milk the NHS. This has to be stopped

Ronald replied on Permalink

NHS is what UK stands out from the rest of the world apart from its beautiful and historic castles and sceneries. NHS is a symbol of the UK and beacon of hope for the poor. The UK citizens, the taxpayers should be the voting on NHS. NHS is for the people. Having the NHS privatized and letting insurance companies dominates the lives of the people is like crushing the last hope of the people be it poor or the rich. It is better to have the taxpayers have an additional percent (say 1 to 5% annually) than let the private insurance companies rule our health care system. As we all know insurance companies are good in finding ways to avoid coverages. A LIFE WITH A PRIVATIZED, SEMI PRIVATIZED OR INSURANCE FLOODED NHS IS NOT A HEALTHY LIFE AT ALL.

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