New polling: 58% think rail privatisation has failed

2 January 2017

As train fares go up by an average of 2.3% from today, we thought we'd ask the public what they think about privatisation. Has it been a success or a failure? Would fares be higher or lower if the railway was in public ownership?

Photo credit: Matt Buck

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Our polling, carried out by Survation, finds that 58% think rail privatisation has been a failure. 28% say it has been a complete failure while only 1% think it has been a complete success.

When asked what would happen to rail fares if the railways were brought into public ownership nearly half (48%) said they would be cheaper. Only 13% thought public ownership would make fares more expensive.

We've been fed a story for years but people know privatisation isn't working - it's a rip off and a racket. Passengers are sick of paying outrageous sums and not getting a seat. The whole system is far too expensive and fragmented. We need an integrated, efficient railway that is accountable to all of us. Profits should be invested for the benefit of passengers, not shareholders.

Feeling frustrated about fares? Tomorrow - as commuters return to work - join us, Action for Rail and Bring Back British Rail at stations around the country to call for public ownership of the railway.

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