The People’s Energy Company – a radical new approach

David and Karin

David Pike, founder of Our Energy, explains...

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We will give power back to 1 million UK citizens, literally! We want you to have ownership of energy company and profits returned to you.

How does Our Energy differ?

Large – often foreign owned – corporates have taken natural resources such as gas and electricity and are making large profits on them, leaving ordinary people to struggle with their monthly fuel bills. That isn’t right!

To us, the earth’s resources belong to us all and we should all benefit from them. That is why we are creating Our Energy – The People’s Energy Company:

  • Our Energy give you ownership through shares, free of charge, for as long as you are a customer
  • We give you 75% of the profits back. In seven years, that will rise to 100%.
  • We give you democratic influence through customer representation on the board and regular polls, e.g. on renewable energy investment decisions
  • And we promise full transparency – in decisions, our salaries, etc.

No more energy rip offs. No more hollow words about customer service – we are set up to put you first as you become the owners of the company, not some faceless and greedy shareholder…

Is Our Energy green?

Yes, we are very focused on renewable energy. Initially we will offer two options – ‘Lean’ and ‘Green’. ‘Lean’ is the cheapest available package for those who find the size of their bill a challenge. ‘Green’, on the other hand, is a fully renewable package. For people who want to go green but can’t afford it just now, they can choose ‘Lean’ for a period and in months when their bank balance is healthier they can then switch to ‘Green’. That’s flexible energy supply. A flexibility that you can’t get anywhere else.

Over time we also want to invest in renewable projects across the UK, allowing us to deliver electricity produced in the local community. You will have influence on which projects we invest in.

How can I switch to Our Energy?

Our Energy will launch in May. However, you can register to switch now, by contributing to our Crowdfunding campaign, with a small or a large sum – it’s up to you. All customers will be treated equally, irrespective of their pledge. And your pledge will be returned to you with interest, once we are up and running and have reached 20,000 customers. So, for example a £100 pledge will give you the equivalent of £125 back in free energy, £500 will give you £650 back, and so on. A couple of days ago a generous person pledged £5,000 with a promise of a further £5,000 once we are closer to our deadline, that will give them 16 years of free energy!

We are choosing to fund the company through crowdfunding rather than by investments from traditional investors, because we want you to own the company, not them! That means we need you to pledge and declare your intent to switch now, so we can establish this UK wide community energy project on your behalf, with a launch in May this year.

Our crowdfunding campaign closes by the end of next week and we will only get the money if we reach our target of £200K. In other words, our ability to launch your own energy company depends on you taking action on now! We look forward to serving you as our customers and as one of many owners of the company!

If you have any questions, write to me on or call me on 07867 123450. I am happy to answer any questions!