People power is winning in Greater Manchester!

25 June 2019

Buses are a vital lifeline for our communities - and since Thatcher's deregulation, we've seen them cut and neglected by private bus companies. But the tide is starting to turn.

From Pascale Robinson - Better Buses for Greater Manchester (A We own it campaign):

You are winning: we found out from Andy Burnham yesterday that the plan is to go for a publicly controlled bus network in GM.

This is a huge step forward. But our work isn't done. It's a plan - we have to keep up the pressure until the final decision is made.

Tweet at andy to say thankyou! 

Some of the big bus companies hate this news. They're even threatening to sue! As they try to share misinformation and launch project fear, we will need to be vigilant and tell them what we want. 

We want to thank Andy Burnham for standing up to the bus companies, and to make sure he sticks with the current path. 

Tell andy Burnham that you support this step in the right direction.

We've got the biggest opportunity we’ve had to transform our bus network in 30 years. Yesterday's event matters. Tweet Andy Burnham to let him know you're here for the fight for our buses.

Thank you for all your help.

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Maria Jane Ali replied on

Yes Andy Burnham! You’re the best mayor ever!!

Nicholas Thorn replied on

Excellent news. I hope that integrated public transport will be the next step, e.g. something similar to the Oystercars

Helen Field replied on

At the end of the bulletin, she says the bus companies think Andy Burnham should concentrate on relieving traffic congestion!!! As if a cheap, efficient bus service won't do this. Well done Manchester, hope the plans come to fruition very soon. A good start to combat air pollution and climate chaos.

Paul Okojie replied on

This is the most desirable development and deserves the support of all those who live in GM

Eunice Wormald replied on

Well done Andy Burnham and Manchester this will help the toxic air pollution problem with less cars on the road. Good Luck!!!

Janet Bennett replied on

Andy, I live in Lpool, please can you influence our metro mayor Steve Rotheram to properly consult with the Merseyside public? Not only online, but more meetings at public spaces, thanks

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