Public ownership victories you've made possible this year!

17 December 2021

2021 has been a difficult year, but thanks to you there’s a lot to celebrate as it comes to a close. Over the last 12 months, thousands of people like you have taken action against privatisation, and for public services that work for people, not profit. 

You can read all about the impact of your campaigns in our We Own It end of year report, by clicking here.

Across every corner of the UK, you’ve taken action to protect our NHS, to fight for better buses, to protect Channel 4 from privatisation, and much, much more.

The government’s new Health and Care Bill will put our NHS in danger of further privatisation, but our communities are fighting back against it!

As a result of your hard work, the government amended the Bill to make it less likely that private companies would sit on those bodies. Next year we’ll work with you to push for an outright ban.

Earlier this year you won a huge victory in Greater Manchester.

After years of collective action, Mayor Andy Burnham listened to you and pledged to bring buses into public hands for the first time since Thatcher’s deregulation. 

You’ve pushed back against the privatisation of Channel 4.

Thousands of you wrote detailed responses to the government’s consultation on Channel 4, and even more of you wrote to your MP to let them know it must remain publicly owned. The result? Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary, has backed off for now- saying she needs to read your consultation responses before making any decisions. We'll be making sure she makes a full U-turn in 2022!

You’ve taken on a multinational corporation - Centene - who are trying to take over our GPs surgeries.

When they took over 49 surgeries, you fought back, and you’re winning! After months of campaigning, multiple GP surgery contracts with Centene have been cancelled or reduced by CCGs.

Check out our full end of year report here.

It’s been a big year, but in 2022 let’s make the fight for public ownership even bigger! 



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Leo Sutcliffe replied on Permalink

It's lovely to see that there is still hope........

Anthony replied on Permalink

There’s more than hope out there. There is love

Kevin Donovan replied on Permalink

And THANK YOU for your prodigious and consistent energy, enthusiasm and commitment.

Please keep safe and well AND enjoy a restorative Christmas break.

Vey best wishes

Julie replied on Permalink

Keep up the good work

Joan Fryer replied on Permalink

I am depressed as to what is happening in the UK regarding the infrastructure as a result of privatisation - Margaret Thatcher in 1982 made it clear she wanted to dismantle the welfare state and NHS and it has gone on ever since. I am 82 years of age and know we had the best time. Even during the war, we didn't need food banks, food was rationed but we had a decent meal every day because our mothers could afford to stay at home and look after the family - no such thing as processed junk food. Mothers did the family shop on a regular basis because we didn't have fridges or freezers for the perishable items. My Dad was a locomotive driver and his wage kept a roof over our heads and food on the table. There was social housing which Thatcher sold off together with children's playing fields. No 'fire and rehire' people were secure in their jobs. Most people had pride they had 'Sunday' best clothes and looked smarter than people look today. From 1948 we had the NHS which the Tory government have privatised by stealth ever since together with public services. We had police walking the streets and police stations from where they operated now many have been sold off to Tory cronies no doubt. Theresa May fired 20,000 experienced police officers now the Tories boast about recruiting police officers who have no experience whatsoever. People working for public services were highly trained so were proficient in their jobs.

The first petition I signed was for 38 Degrees. When Caroline Spelmen in 2011 proposed selling off our forests - can you image a big KEEP OUT - I was livid so I Googled "Say no to forests sell off". Up came 38 Degrees with the petition to save our forests which thousands had signed. The saddest thing is so many politically illiterate people in this country vote for the Tory party who are the problem. They believe that it is only the left they have to fear - that goes for members of my family too who are politically illiterate. Without 'WE OWN IT' and others this country would be heading for a THIRD WORLD STATUS - it is frightening. I have signed so many petitions and donated to so many good causes which should NOT be necessary if Tory governments governed for the people of this nation and not their greedy sponsors and spivs. This government accuses other countries of human rights violations which takes people's attention away for their human rights violations on the people of this country. Tory governments are responsible for thousands of deaths in this country - Covid because they ignored the NHS Cygnus report - 72 deaths in Grenfell Tower due to deregulation. Deaths due to Universal Credit private companies telling the disabled they were fit for work. People committing suicide due to lack of hope. Family breakups due to their evil policies so now not enough children's homes to care for the children of broken homes. I could go on. Thank you for what you are doing and the difference you are making. Keep up the good work and have a fantastic Christmas which you all deserve.

Stella Margaret... replied on Permalink

First of all, I want to thank Joan, whose comments say it all from my perspective as

a 74 year old. Having worked in the NHS, I look back with pride, at the new initiatives

that were developed to improve key service aspects, such as very effective

'discharge'plans, that were put in place for all patients. The good old days when Social

Services worked so efficiently. What happened? Poor souls stuck in hospital beds - accused of

'bed blocking' by those who lack awareness and sympathy. Sadly, we seem to be slipping into

a retrospective mode not only here but across the World. But eternal thanks to 'We Own It'to

reflect the 'day to day' issues that affect all our lives, and to establish a format whereby

we can express our concerns and support all campaigns in a united manner - bless of you

Gail Reed replied on Permalink

Yes, so agree with the two previous comments. I also lived through the Thatcher years and have seen the damage that privatisation has done, in transport, in energy, and in the national health service. I come from a country where there is no national health service and only 25% of the population can afford health insurance. When my brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his wife was continually worried as to whether the insurance would pay for the treatment he needed. They did, but that was not guaranteed. We need to treasure and protect the NHS, it is so precious. It has freed people from worries like that, but this government would love to crash it and say it is not fit for purpose, so they can totally privatise it. That is what they did with transport and energy, ran it down then said it wasn't working and sold it off. I recently learned that while the omicron variant was spreading in the UK, Rishi Sunak was in California talking to private health companies. We need to really keep our eye on the ball and carry on campaigning. Your report and message is really moving, thanks for what you do and for enabling me and others to join in with such campaigns.

Christina Aitken replied on Permalink

As an ex-Medical PA, I know it is management who is destroying the NHS. I was bullied twice and ended up with a breakdown, still suffer from stress and anxiety but now run my own cattery from my garden. I met a new customer yesterday who has been bullied also and she is a psychologist, I know a professor so it doesn't matter what position you hold, MANAGEMENT DESTROY THE NHS. I do hope personally we continue to save it.

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