Rail fares action toolkit

5 August 2019

On Wednesday 14th August, next year's rail fare rise will be announced. Despite the utter failure of privatised rail, with delays, cancellations and failing franchises, we'll still be asked to pay more for our journeys next year.

Join us to call for public ownership and an end to the #RailRipOff! 

All you need to do is turn up at your local station with our placard (below) and a phone or camera to take a picture with.

Here's everything you'll need to take action against rail fare rises and for public ownership:


  • If you're in London - click 'going' on this facebook event, or just put these details in your diary:

7:30 - 10:00 am, 14th August, Kings Cross Station

  • If you're not in London - get ready to do your own protest!  Just show up at the station, take a good photo, and you're done! 
    • If you're not sure what time to go, aim for 8 am - then if anyone else is heading to your station, you'll both be there at the same time. Don't worry if you can't make that time though - lots of people will be taking action alone.
    • RMT is organising protests at certain stations at different times - check this list to see if yours is one of them.
    • If you're in Norwich, NOR4NOR are organising a protest from 10am to 12 midday at Norwich station. 
    • If you're in Glasgow, Get Glasgow Moving are organising a protest at 5pm at Glasgow Central Station. All details can be found on the Facebook event.
    • If you're organising a protest anywhere else that's not on this list, post the details in our facebook group to share with other We Own It supporters.


  • Don't forget to send us photos, even if it's just you and a placard! Email them to info@weownit.org.uk or post them on Twitter with the hashtag #RailRipOff. Don't worry if it's just you - lots of people will be doing solo protests at their stations or on their commute to work. Just remember to send us a photo so we can celebrate your work!


  • If you can't get to a protest in person, make your voice heard online: Take a selfie with your placard or a picture of your stickers in a public place, and send us the photo (info@weownit.org.uk) or post it on Twitter on the 14th under the hashtag #RailRipOff. 


Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Elaine Nudd replied on

Running rail services for profit only profits the shareholders. Where is the benefit for rail users? The railways are in the wrong hands.

Jo Rust replied on

The King’s Lynn and District Trades Council is holding an event on 14th August from 7.15am until 9..15 outside the King’s Lynn railway station

Anonymous replied on

THis is all too last minute. THese things need organising properly in advance to make them happen in a serious and meaningful way.

Len Gale replied on

Rail, like other basic services (bus, water, electricity, gas, etc) should be publicly owned and run for the benefit of their users

John Bell replied on

Let’s not just talk about it let’s get it done

Niharika Gajjela replied on

Yeh rail service should be public service

Alison Vaspe replied on

Private ownership is not the way to get people out of cars and on to environmentally so much friendlier trains. The environment needs government to take action.

Richard Dennis replied on

In real terms, wages are falling and yet fares are rising.

Something has to give.

Richard Dennis.

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