Stop the NHS White Paper that promises further privatisation

18 March 2021

Stop the NHS White Paper that promises further privatisation

It’s time to reinstate our NHS as a fully public service. Profit has no place in our NHS. The Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiry on the Department’s White Paper on Health and Social care closes on Tuesday 23rd. We think it's really crucial that thousands of people respond to this inquiry, saying why you think this White Paper should be withdrawn! Here's how to!

1) Go to the 'call for evidence' heremaking sure to say you're 'an individual'. They'll ask for a few details first before asking you to upload a file.

2) Upload this word file (odt version here), add personal thoughts or further information if you want, and then submit! You're done - thank you so much.


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Here are some key reasons why the White Paper are bad news for OUR NHS in England (and for all the UK long-term)

In 2021, Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson have promised to bring in legislation that will hand over the current organisation of NHS regions to something called 'Integrated Care Systems'. These plans will lead to more of our health services being handed over to private companies. But how?

  • These new bodies will commission health services for an area, but they could have private companies sitting on their boards.  The bodies have been criticised for encouraging under treatment or rationing of services, as members of the board (which could include private companies) will get to keep any money they don't spend, and they will bring an area under tight financial controlsAll of this sounds familiar right? More private involvement, more contracts to private companies and less funding for the NHS to look after people so that they need other, private options.
  • It will open the door to more cronyism -  yet more contracts would be given to government pals like Serco, as we’ve seen in the pandemic, but without any competition - that’s what the government means by ‘reducing bureaucracy’. 
  • While key experts say there will be a reduction of 'accountability and democratic oversight' over our NHS, what's even more concrete and worrying for some is that there is discussion of 'sharing' the 'rewards' with private companies. This means money that could be spent on health services will be leaked as profits to private companies.  

Want to read more about this?

Keep Our NHS Public have been keeping on top of these developments for years. Here is their campaign page with some great briefings you can read. This is a great summary to start with from Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick (co-authors of the NHS Reinstatement Bill).

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Sam Pervaiz replied on

Please stop this white paper bill it's too dangerous it needs to be withdrawn

Margaret Grainge replied on

The NHS is owned by the public for the public and in NO way should it be linked to private companies who only want their share of the profits! All profits should be invested back into the NHS!!!

Kastuv Ray replied on

I agree , sadly as an internal auditor I have seen and observed nepotism and cronyism at the Department at Health and Social Care. It doesn't just exist at No 10 but also at the Whitehall level where contracts are awarded to mates or party donors who are rich company businessmen who are interested in influencing how the London stock market can flourish therefore ensuring that their pension pots are there for their retirement. They do not realise that this will not put food on the table when the NHS is hit by another crisis. The NHS is for the people not for the governments, not for mutinational pharma company and certainly not for big law and accountancy firms to exploit. These individuals that have done this have actually flooded the NHS with black money, therefore a strong Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime framework will need to be created to get what was once the world's best health care service out of debt. That means auditing all third party service providers who provide PPE to our key and critical workers. Technology that does not work is not a plausible excuse.

All MPs and civil servants, personal tax accounts, income and expenditure should be investigated by an independent body. Before putting a tax on the rich to fill their own coffers, the UK government needs to have tax raised on them as they have their own conflicts of interest. A Bribery and Corruption Policy therefore needs to put into the Ministerial Code of Conduct. Purely food for thought but it may help the men and women of excellence who work for and within the NHS and who keep us safe from the various threats that can, may and will face us.

Penny Jones replied on

The NHS is Britain’s pride. We must not undermine it however pressing the economic need. I for one am happy to oay more tax to keep it.

Lourda MacDonald replied on

We don’t need private. All we need is care from NHS as when it was first brought out, it helped all the people of this country.

Jane Stone replied on

This action is absolutely dangerous for the citizens of this country,it will kill people and the NHS was formed to save lives .

The idea was that we all paid in to care for one another.I am proud to say that my eldest sister was a matron and my daughter was a staff nurse l also worked as a care assistant for

the elderly you must stop American corporations taking over OUR health services it’s not for you to decide what happens to it ,if anything bring it all back into public ownership .

Wendy weston replied on

Stop this white paper bill. Withdraw it. Change the system so that we hire f/t nursing staff instead of

very expensive agency staff. If you paid nurses a real wage they would not go and work for agencies.

It is madness. I love how the NHS has responded to my cancer during the past 12 months.


The National Health Service belongs to the people of this country - we have all paid into this service - it is the envy of the world and must not be taken of us by people who just want to make profits. It is not for sale. It is a service for the all the people of this country not profit makers !

Philomena Enver replied on

We need our NHS people in Britain could never afford private health care especially if it ends up like America so hands off our NHS and stop wasting NHS money on companies that only care about profit.

Marina Pouros replied on

The NHS is not for Sale nor profit. We pay our taxes to keep the NHS , the NHS was created Free for Everyone, No Government has the right to change this. We have the Best system in the World.

jack weston replied on

immediate action required

Heather Tisdale... replied on

This is our nation dont go asking others to change because we wont we dont want our servisescrossed over with others we need to stay British we need to keep it British

Padraic Boocock replied on

The white paper needs to be revised - it is a privateer's charter.

Pam Marley replied on

The NHS must never be privatised.

Philippa Elmhirst replied on

After all the protestations that the NHS was never to be part of a trade deal, privatising it would be a total betrayal of the institution which is our proudest accomplishment. It should never even be contemplated.

Kevin Madden replied on

There can be no private companies involved in our NHS it a very big NO from me stop this lunatic behaviour now or tories will be like Labour finished for all time

Liz Vincent replied on

Let private companies do what they want, within the terms of the law of the country, but, please, leave them out of any involvement in the NHS. Let the NHS get on with delivering health and care to the population of this country unhindered by having to write contracts for private firms which ultimately take money out of the system as well as not contributing to the training of personnel.

Gary Holohan replied on

Seems like a kick in the teeth after all the deal everyone has gone through.

But the Tories know their is a profit to be had and stuff the poor and the vulnerable!

Chrissie Pountain replied on

We have a wonderful service for the public which has saved so many during this pandemic. Please do not try to use this incredible organisation for profit.

Kay Buckley replied on

No privatisation of the NHS!

Edward Sproul replied on

It is imperative that the NHS and other public services do not end up by cronyism in the hands of Tory party donees who seek only profit and enrichment for their selfish interests rather than the welfare and well being of the public at large

We are well on the way back to over seventy years ago when you had to pay to see a doctor.

This is disgusting and shameful

Ian Campbell replied on

If this goes ahead you have no shame and totally ignore public opinion to feed your pockets

Yvonne replied on

Our NHS must not be sacrificed on the altar of profit.

Marilyn Susan Ryall replied on

The NHS is the envy of all the other countries so why would our government want to sell it off - to make money of course!!! It is a wonderful institution which has been proved by the way they have responded during this terrible pandemic. I dread to think how we would cope in future if everything is privatized. We would all need to take out insurance policies and so many people could not afford to do this. It seems typical of this government.

Mike Hatton replied on

The NHS must be kept public and NOT opened up to private companies.

Andy Mcguffie replied on

The NHS should not be used as a vehicle for the enablement of profit.It should be fully funded by taxation and totally run as a public service.

Francis David Pinder replied on

This is a sinister proposal which could take away our ownership of the NHS. Selling the NHS for profit would be unforgiveable and those who collaborate to do it should not expect the electorate to forgive them.

Cath Roberts replied on

Disgraceful not to mention sneaky

Lynne Loughrey replied on

Stop the privatisation of the NHS. It should remain a public not for profit service.

Andy Mcguffie replied on

The NHS should not be used as a vehicle for the enablement of profit.It should be fully funded by taxation and totally run as a public service.

Geoff Chaplin replied on

The NHS to 'people' and is not a plaything of callous uncaring 'nasty party' politicians !

Terry Hart replied on

Introducing any form of private business into the NHS is counter to what the people of the UK want or will accept. It takes vital needed money out of the NHS, reduces standards and adds a level of influence on the NHS which is not acceptable. This headlong charge toward privatisation via the backdoor demonstrates the government has learned nothing about the commitment to their Jobs by the NHS workers or the abject failure of the Private sector to deliver on the parts that were handed to them on a plate wrapped up in taxpayers money. The only people the benefited from the Private sectors activities were the shareholders and the mega rich!

Elizabeth Dack replied on

We need to keep the NHS safe, please stop this white paper it is toxic.

Sue Woodford replied on

Support the NHS, don't stab it in the back!

Philip Dawes replied on

This bill paves the way for American finacial thuggery of Britain's National Health Service, and will replicate the criminality going on in America's Health System, which is more appropriately named: 'American Death System.'

Britain's National Health Service is our treasure and should be preserved!

Chris Shelley replied on

This must be stopped immediately, we don't want an American style health service where only the wealthy can afford treatment, Johnson stop it now.

john e higgins replied on

If this happens we will end up paying for all are treatment, leave the NHS alone

Noelle Grace replied on

Don't let this excuse for a government sell away what is rightfully ours.

Alan Whitney replied on

No more privatisation!

Jayne Heaney replied on

Stop this blatant sell off of our NHS

Liv Ward replied on

This is a disgusting bill, poorly disguising the tory party eugenics agenda to try to cause further harm to the working class. It must be stopped. The American system does not work, many feel insecure and avoid medical care due to cost; this only benefits those who have stakes in the companies (i.e. those who wish to pass the bill).

Martin Ayres replied on

This is wholesale privatisation of the NHS services American style. The NHS needs to be handed back to the public and existing contacts to private firms phased out. It’s our NHS not the Conservative party.

Peter Whelan replied on

We need to stop giving our heritage and right to a first class health services away. Fat cats don't care about us, only the size of their wallet

Trevor BAILEY replied on

Privatisation would be a disaster for this country and its people. Proof of this is the N H S handling of the vaccination program and the disaster of the track and trace by private company.

Janakie Mallawa... replied on

Stop this white paper bill it's dangerous it needs to be withdrawn. We the people say No!

Anonymous replied on


mark johnson replied on

NO to privatisation. NO to americanisation.

Pippa Taylor replied on

Please put a stop to this bill. No further privatisation of the NHS, and no more cronyism is needed.

Carmel Wilkinson replied on

Stop privatisation of the NHS

Arthur Mather replied on

Review what has happened over the last twelve months to the NHS and the British people and stop this insane drive towards a style of NHS that is not fit for purpose and not what the people of Britain want.

Ian Hughes replied on

This Government has repeatedly made assurances that the NHS will not be privatised. If this White Paper is followed through, then their assurances will be exposed as straightforward lies. I'm tired of this duplicity.

Please stop the White Paper. If it is passed then we can no longer hold up the NHS as something special. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we need an NHS that is free from the pressures of the desire for private profit.

Geraldine Gillain replied on

The NHS offers a service to everyone. It will be destroyed if privatised. People can pay for private medicine if they want and have a nice room etc. I paid into the service for a service not for the organisation to make a profit to share with shareholders. Its discrimination against the people of this country. Get rid of the middle managers who have cut this service to pay for their high salaries, people often who know nothing about health care.

Anonymous replied on

Our National Health Service was won by sheer dogged hard work and effort and most of us rely on it as a public not private service . There are plenty associated with this Government who would sacrifice anything for profit without giving a thought to the suffering that would inflict on the general public of this country!

William Yates replied on

It is obvious that private companies exist to make profits. This can ONLY mean providing lower quality services for inflated prices. The emphasis should be a publicly funded NHS with a focus on increased efficiencies.

david ellison replied on


Margaret Stritzel replied on

Please withdraw this dangerous bill immediately. We need to keep our NHS in public ownership.

Patricia Minchella replied on

Stop this paper. You have no right taking away something that belongs to to the people of the UK.

Judith Stockwell replied on

Stop this bill now

Maureen S replied on


Jane Roderic-Evans replied on

Having worked in the NHS as a doctor in hospital and general practice I know that privatisation does not work - we had one of the best systems in the world - we need a properly funded public health service, Private companies are only interested in making a profit for themselves and their shareholders - as has been seen so many times in the USA - which has the most expensive and inequitable health care system amongst rich nations. They spend more on health and have the poorest outcomes.

We need to follow the evidence - 37 billion wasted on private companies for test, trace and isolate instead of properly funding the NHS public health service which has given far better outcomes. Your own govt committee concluded that the private test and trace system made NO DIFFERENCE to the covid pandemic, whereas local NHS services were achieving far better results. Why this OBSESSION with private companies. why are you so intent in destroying our NHS!

Bernard Harper replied on

Typical Tories,the NHS is not safe in their hands

Sue Burke replied on

The tories are liars and cheats. Every promise they have made has been broken. The most dangerous broken promise and one always denied is their ambition to make money out of the nation’s health. Johnson denied emphatically during the debate with Jeremy Corbyn that they were preparing to sell out our NHS. We now know for certain that was a bare faced lie. This must be stopped and they must be taken out of office fir lying misleading and ripping off the electorate.

Paul Crisp replied on

This will make the smoking hole of DoH procurement during teh pandemic look like a rigorous well documented and open exercise. Its a license for teh wholesale corruption of great swathes of the economy. You can't possibly allow this to happen. Every warning about teh essential mediocrity and squalor of the current government has proved to be an understatement.

Peter Goodrick replied on

Privatisation of the NHS should not be allowed. In a 'perfect world'- private involvement and investment whould be encouraged. However, historically, private involvement in Public Services has meant filling the pockets of so called investors, at the detriment of those most vulnerable and in most need.

We all benefit from the NHS and all Public Services, we all contribute to them, in taxes but a minority (who already have more than enough wealth) make profit from non profit organisations, which is theft and greediness.

Peter Connoley replied on

Please stop this white paper. Any privatisation of our health service must be stopped. This government have not got the right to sell off what doesn’t belong to them .

Susan Brown replied on

We need to stop this happening!

Megan Lawton replied on

I am fearful for my community and family if this goes ahead. We must stop it.

Bruno Johnson replied on

I spent the best part of 2017 in hospital with leukemia. During this period, I experienced first hand the damage that is done by private companies providing poor services.

Susan Howard replied on

More lies and deceit from the Tories! When are this government going to listen to the UK public, the very people who do actually pay for the NHS? We don't want American style anything, let alone health services aimed just at the wealthy! This must be stopped at all costs.

Mark Garvey replied on

The NHS is owned by the people of this country, and is not there’s too sell.

Ian Powell replied on

Conservatives got into power on the back of myriad pledges and safeguarding the NHS was amongst the top few. The stealthy privatisation of many facets of the health service has led to a manifold drop in service provision and private companies skimming off the cream to enhance shareholder pockets.

This is far too important an issue for them to sweep aside the peoples wishes, no more skimming, scheming or profiteering...We own the NHS, it’s ours a legacy that needs to be passed on to our children’s future health and well-being!

Mark Oliver replied on

Health care must never be related to profit. The two are absolutely incompatible and the result can only be the loss of essential care for the majority of the population.

Sylvia Helliwell replied on

I say NO stop this white paper bill to dangerous needs to be withdrawn.

Peter Etheridge replied on

The NHS is the finest Health organisation in the world. It has a dedicated, skilled and friendly staff that has been proved over and over again during the pandemic.

It is a non-profit, well organised and efficient organisation despite being underfunded. To bring in independent organisations that are interested in only making a profit (other wise why would they be there) would undermine the whole structure.

This is the way to loose the next election Boris.

Kay Murphy replied on

This puts healthcare for all at risk. We don't need private companies on decision making boards. Saved costs belong to the NHS, not used to profit private companies. Contracts shouldn't be given out without public scrutiny and comment. The NHS is not a 'profit before patients' wealth creating machine for private companies.

Rose Trickett replied on

Health and social care has been semi privatised over the oast 4 decades, with notably disastrous consequences for many needing care. Private care homes are too expensive for many, mental health care is laughable at best and the working tax payers still pay more and mire fir less and less. I have personal experience of what terminal care us like, especially for brain tumour patients have list my younger brother at the age of 53 to glioblastoma Multiforme, the brain cancer that killed Tessa Jowel. His care by the local health authority for the 12 weeks he lived from his first visible symptoms was dreadful. I was even told after diagnosis j would be charged fir his bed in Poole hospital if I did not take home home with no care package in place. Terminal brain cancer meant he was too well to be in hospital and I had to fight hard to get continuing health care for him for those few weeks of his life. There was no way to complain and no support or help at all in any way. If you allow privatisation to continue and do not gwt taxes from billionaires to help pay for real care this can only get worse. More hospitals will alow people to be killed who they deem not worth it. I sjnt believe our government actually cares about the people at all and I like many who seen the things I've seen trust none of them nor the doctors in charge. We believe its all about money not people. It would be nice jystvince to be proven wrong on this

Kate Evans replied on

It’s about time all governments stopped trying to make money, feed the greedy and ignore the vulnerable. Enough! STOP!

Paula Derry replied on

It's our NHS and it is not yours to sell.

Sandra Walter replied on

The NHS belongs to the public NOT to any insurance company. Relatives and friends of ours in the USA pay a fortune for their insurance which DOES NOT cover every eventuality. It would be a complete disaster!!

Isobel Dawson replied on

Keep the NHS in public hands and scrutiny where decisions and actions are taken in the best interests of people and not for private profit

David Otterson replied on

This bill is a gateway to back door privatisation. Cash going into corporate profits means less can be spent on public services at the point of need.

Maris Sharp replied on

Stop the white paper on the future of the NHS. What has happened to the promise that it won't be sold off? This paper opens the door for privatisation and getting rid of the services we know and trust by making them profit based. This will erode all the relationships built up over years of the NHS and make life for those difficult to care for patients an impossibility when care is profit driven.

Peter Goodrick replied on

Private investment in Public Services: why not? Oh, yes, greed, arrogance, corruption, that's why not.

Paul McCann replied on

It is time to reinstate our NHS as a fully public service. Profit has no place in our NHS !!

Jane Ibarz replied on

We can’t let the NHS be trashed like this. We have to stop this. This deceitful government should not be allowed to privatise the NHS against the will of the people!

JOHN MORRIS replied on

Withdraw white paper bill immediately

william mcardle replied on

It was always on the cards. Tories have always wanted rid of the 'socialist' N.H.S. I think they even voted against it in the houses of parliament when introduced by Beverage. Sadly the voting public don't seem to understand Tory party political objectives and follow 'spin' newspapers which similar goals.

Brian Saunders replied on


Brian Hill replied on

Stop any privatisation of NHS

Robert Leitch replied on

I feel this public resource needs to be linked with Social Care and properly funded.

Roderick Giliies replied on

It is an economic necessity for the great majority of the population to have a free at the point of delivery health service..

Philip Davies replied on

NHS must not be further privitised. Over and over it has proven its effectiveness. It ain’t broke ......

Heather Price replied on

The NHS is here to care for people not to make money. For the sake of sick people stop this now.

Terry Ford replied on

Withdraw this bill now the NHS has shown how brilliant it is and what a disaster Serco and other private contractors are!

Sylvia replied on

Stop selling our NHS

Adam Hiley replied on

Get rid of Johnson, Hancock and Starmer and protect the NHS as a member of the SDP party I endorse your campaign

william mcardle replied on

It was always on the cards. Tories have always wanted rid of the 'socialist' N.H.S. I think they even voted against it in the houses of parliament when introduced by Beverage. Sadly the voting public don't seem to understand Tory party political objectives and follow 'spin' newspapers which propagate similar goals.

Martin Ludford replied on

Our NHS services will never be safe under a Tory government, history speaks for itself.


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