Take action to stop our NHS being disintegrated this year

5 January 2021

How to oppose further NHS privatisation before the deadline of midnight January 8th!

1) Go to the NHS 'Integrated Care Systems' survey, (by scrolling to the bottom of the page) making sure to say you're a 'member of the public' or 'patient' (they're the same thing to us!) and that you're responding as an individual, NOT on behalf of an organisation. 

2) Answer questions 4, 5, 6 and 7 using the template questions responses from Keep Our NHS Public here! We think it's really crucial that thousands of people respond to this, saying why you think a reeorganisation into 'Integrated Care Systems' will downsize and reduce the capacity of our NHS. Then you're done - thank you so much.

Want more information, or to personalise your response?

Here are some key reasons why 'Integrated Care Systems' are bad news for OUR NHS in England (and for all the UK long-term)

In 2021, Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson have promised to bring in legislation that will hand over the current organisation of NHS regions to something called 'Integrated Care Systems'. These plans will lead to more of our health services being handed over to private companies. But how?

  • These new bodies will commission health services for an area, but they could have private companies sitting on their boards.  The bodies have been criticised for encouraging under treatment or rationing of services, as members of the board (which could include private companies) will get to keep any money they don't spend, and they will bring an area under tight financial controlsAll of this sounds familiar right? More private involvement, more contracts to private companies and less funding for the NHS to look after people so that they need other, private options.
  • After a particularly bad year of private companies with no experience getting huge contracts and failing us completely (but serving their shareholders well), the move to ICS's will even remove public contract regulations so organisations aren't judged on their previous track records, or have to follow labour standards. 
  • While key experts say there will be a reduction of 'accountability and democratic oversight' over our NHS, what's even more concrete and worrying for some is that there is discussion of 'sharing' the 'rewards' with private companies. This means money that could be spent on health services will be leaked as profits to private companies.  There is also the likelihood that much bigger, long-term contracts covering entire areas could be given to multi-national companies, as opposed to the multiple smaller and shorter term contracts given currently.

Want to read more about this?

Keep Our NHS Public have been keeping on top of these developments for years. Here are some great articles you can read.

Dangerous NHS restructuring to go ahead despite Covid

Keep Our NHS Public's analysis of what lies behind the "Integrating Care" proposals

NHS England pushes for “integration” … but not as we know it

We can't let them get away with us. Please spend 5 minutes responding to their survey on ICS now, using Keep Our NHS Public's model response.

    Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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    Robert Neil Johnson replied on

    Keep the NHS as its founders wanted it - all services delivered by public servants and free at the point of delivery.

    Anonymous replied on

    While key experts say there will be a reduction of 'accountability and democratic oversight' over our NHS, what's even more concrete and worrying for some is that there is discussion of 'sharing' the 'rewards' with private companies. This means money that could be spent on health services will be leaked as profits to private companies. There is also the likelihood that much bigger, long-term contracts covering entire areas could be given to multi-national companies, as opposed to the multiple smaller and shorter term contracts given currently

    Malcolm Meerabux replied on

    Health before profit is a must and privatisation has been an absolute shambles as these private companies have shamelessly ripped off the tax payer with increasing demands for subsidies to shell out to massively overpaid directors whilst handing out dividends leaving the industry with huge leakages as with water companies with inflated charges to consumers and commuters packed like sardines on over stretched transport links and no option to go elsewhere.

    DAVID FARLEY replied on

    The NHS as a public funded institution is vital for the health and welfare of the Nation. It must not be tainted by ‘ For Profit ‘ companies gaming access to

    this service that in so doing so would put profit and dividends before health and well-being. Public ownership through the taxation system is the only guarantee of meeting the health needs of us ALL and not determined by the size of your wallet

    Jayne Heaney replied on

    The NHS must remain free and accessible to all forever. It is actually the best value in both health of the nation and financially

    Caroline Driver replied on

    They think that they're fooling people by renaming things, saying 'safe in our hands', 'NHS is not on the table', but a lot of us know that it's all absolute, bare faced lies, that only those with something to gain or those too stupid and who fall for the lies, will suck up like nectar. They'll even keep the NHS logo on everything, keep talking about the NHS, even when it's been worn away to a thin veil over the fat cat companies who will really own it, and we'll only find out when we get bankrupting bills like they have in the US.

    Jane Stone replied on

    The NHS belongs to the British public,it’s worth is twelve trillion and the greedy Tory government have been draining it off to their rich friends it must be stopped or you will never be able to afford a Dr Hospital or any health care what so ever .These talks have been taken in secret so they can tell the whole country exactly what they are up too.

    Carol Hull replied on

    Don’t destroy our NHS without it many people will die.It must be kept free at the point of need.

    Sylvia brown replied on

    If you want more proof of the poverty of privatised health, look to America and those who cannot afford medical insurance. The NHS is our gem. This govt puts profit before people. It's immoral and insane.

    B. Cockerham replied on

    We cannot let our NHS be destroyed for the benefit of this self serving ,'Get Brexit Done ' Government.

    Hilary Haynes replied on

    I find it hard to believe that in the middle of a pandemic where services are at and beyond breaking point that the govt want to inflict yet another expensive and complicated re-organisation with the sole purpose of finally breaking up the NHS and handing it piecemeal to its Conservative party donors and US health insurance companies. On second thought, not hard to believe, they've been doing it for 40 years. Angry and disgusted.

    Jenny Hyams replied on

    Please please please keep our NHS FREE at the point of delivery. It's the one thing worth fighting for in this devastating period.

    Richard Hargreaves replied on

    Ovder and overf and over again during the pandemic the government's outsourcing of health services to private sector companies, many of them run by chumns of Tory ministers, has shown their gross incompetence while our local authorities with far more experience have been completely ignored.The whole Tory project of lamely following the neo-liberal market economy reliant on private sector companies is now thoroughly discredited. Yet they persist like now in secretly planning to sell of yet more of the NHS. Shame on them.

    Teresa Herbert replied on

    NHS should be kept as a Public Health Service, not for profit funded by central taxation. Private sectors have cost the NHS billions and have not provided the service paid for. Get rid of Serco, they convinced the government they can give a service but have failed the public and the government badly and need to give a big refund on lack of service.

    Paula Greig replied on

    Keep our NHS keep our NHS to us

    Matthew Baker replied on

    ICS developments are poorly conceived if there is to be an effective integration of health and social care services. Extensive geographical responsibilities unresponsive to local needs, social care segregated from the public health responsibilities of local authorities, children and families services, housing etc is a recipe for chaos providing endless opportunities for private providers to scoop up consultancy and the cherry picking of provision. Another policy disaster in waiting.

    Jo Leeds replied on

    The NHS was set up for the people and needs to remain available for the people, not sold off in dribs and drabs or contracted out for a profit that has been paid back into the NHS. We are likely to return to pre war issues of people not getting treatment because they cant afford it. The dental service is a prime example of what should be free but is no longer free unless you are a child or tick certain boxes.

    Steve Thomas replied on

    As Johnson's conduct has shown, his 'chumocracy' is the opposite of a meritocracy. If private contractors can make such a mess of things why is the NHS not protected from being run as a profit-making business? We must stand up for the free-to-use health service which is the envy of the world and protect it from being negotiated into something far worse.

    Pamela McClelland replied on

    Care for people who need care. Don't make a business out of it for money.

    Alexander Lowe replied on

    Rhe Covid-19 pandemic, and the Conservative government's response to it, show clearly why we desperately need a publicly owned, and properly publicly-funded national health service, whose purpose and resources are not frustrated or diverted by profit-seeking private-sector interests, especially when those are conflicted interests connected with political donations or personal connections to serving poiticians.

    Over the last year, we have seen an an NHS underfunded and understaffed, not enough nurses being trained, a public health crisis playing second fiddle to Brexit negotiations which could have been suspended, contracts given to private companies connected with government staff and without a transparent tendering process, PPE pid over-the-odds for which never arrived, PPE paid over-the-odds for which arrived but was unusable, a lack of ventilators, an unwillingness to maintain spare capacity in the healthcare system even though a pnademic had been predicted years previously, all purely because of a political phiosophy opposed to 'big government'!

    Vince Rice replied on

    Keep our public services in public ownership and not for profit or private interests

    Anonymous replied on

    There isn’t a main stream political party. That wd thd people can genuinely. Trust. Cha. Ching. Is the only sound the greedy. Misfits. Hear.

    Yvette Jefferis replied on

    This government sings praises to the NHS in public whilst planning and bargaining it away on trade deals in private. Time to live up to your public commitment to the NHS , without good health for all the citizens of our country, your precious economy will fail.

    Gina Viglietti replied on

    The Covid-19 pandemic has been a devastating reminder how essential it is that health and medical services should all be public. M

    Jean Boxall replied on

    This pandemic has proven we need our NHS saved. Stop selling it to your rich mates

    Anonymous replied on

    We need a nationwide organisation to run health care for ALL people and co-ordinate with all other health and social care providers in the country.

    Hilary Evans replied on

    The NHS is symbolic of a government of the people for the people. All that has happened in the last few years and now in 2021 nakes it symbolic of a Tory government. It is government of the elite for the elite. The NHS is to be free at the point of need for all who need it. So, please quit privatising, profiteering and defunding what was the best health service in the world.

    A Gamble replied on

    I am very concerned that we already have too much private ownership in the NHS. For example, here in Northern Ireland, our Nursing Homes are all privately owned and the media is full of the abuse which older people suffer by being in the private sector which are purely in business to make a profit.

    Also the amount of money which is taken from the public purse for private companies in order to reduce the waiting list is disgraceful. This is our money and we expect to have an input into how it is spent.

    John Lang replied on

    Our NHS should not be allowed to be plundered by people and companies whose main aim is the taking of Public monies.

    Heather Westall replied on

    We definitely need to keep our NHS out of any private deals. It is the public’s NHS

    Christine Smith replied on

    NHS should not be sold off.

    Janet Sumner replied on

    I totally oppose the privatisation of the NHS. Our health care system is one that we need to protect for the future of all of our children

    John Richardson replied on

    Along with millions of other British citizens, I’m alive today because of our wonderful NHS whose doctors, nurses and support staff are once again heroically proving what an amazing organisation we have in this country.

    Woe-betide any government that seeks to change the basis of this free at the point of need service or attempts to hawk it to the highest bidder.

    Such a move will never be forgiven.

    Pat replied on

    This government has given millions of pounds to companies that either do not exist, or have recently been formed without providing goods or services in return. There is no accountability or refund of monies by these people. Corruption not only condoned, but actually encouraged by conservative ministers. Meanwhile the NHS is struggling to survive , medical staff nationwide overworked and underpaid.

    Debra replied on


    Which means it belongs to the nation for the nation.

    Ang changes should require a vote and agreement from the nation.

    gunhild espelage replied on

    Health provision and profits for shareholders are mutually exclusive and ultimately ethically reprehensible. No further privatisation of the NHS

    George Howe replied on

    The NHS belongs to us the people, keep it that way, No privatisation of the NHS.

    Brian McClintock replied on

    The present pandemic is proof, if any more were needed, that the market cannot produce a response to save lives, and that only a Public Health Service, not for profit, funded by central taxation will provide for the health needs of a population.

    Karan Smith replied on

    A private company will always put profit before people & that as a prime motivator does not bode well for patients. Keep private companies OUT of our NHS!

    Saz replied on

    Keep fighting for the NHS! This year has been far too overwhelming and chaotic for a lot of people, say no more!

    Maura McKinney replied on

    THE NHS MUST REMAIN FREE AT THE TIME OF NEED - for ALL. But we need to be ready - must be ready for when needed - instead of wasting time "wondering" and wasting time choosing because we aren't up to date.

    Public Health Service - a Dr. R.L.Symondss said above - "Only a Public Health Service, not for profit, funded by central taxation will provide for the health needs of a population." "that the market cannot produce a response to save lives."

    Wendy Butler replied on

    Keep privatisation out of our NHS. People before private profit. Our NHS is not for ‘sale’ to the private sector who haven’t the expertise to make the decisions, it will cause chaos and a clash of priorities.

    Greg Pike replied on

    No form of Social or medical care can ever be effectively delivered by companies who`s first concern is their fiducary respocibility to their shareholders. High quality care and high shareholder returns are mutually exclusive objectives.

    Robert P Morley replied on

    It is essential that our NHS is maintained as a free service, at the point of need, for all UK residents. To think that any significant part could be privatised is the slow creep to the US medical type care (or lack of care!) only a not-for-profit basis should be acceptable.

    Surely the Covid-19 pandemic is proof that any open market type scheme would not work and fail to save lives. More public money needs to be put into our NHS, as after many years of running down the system, it has left the NHS in a very week state to be able to respond to this pandemic. Shame on politicians, especially as they were aware of the high possibility of a major pandemic especially following the Exercise and Cygnus Report - Tier One Command Post Exercise Re Pandemic Influenza, 18 to 20 October 2016.

    Glynn Alwyn-Jones replied on

    Nye Bevan created the NHS based upon a tried, tested and very local service in South Wales. To destroy it now would be criminal

    Den Carter replied on

    We have already suffered the consequences of privatisation, with the hopeless, unfit for purpose, private Test and Trace debacle - that will have cost thousands of lives. The Nightingale Hospitals were another sham - money siphoned off with nothing to show for it except white elephants with no facilities, equipment or staff just dying rooms for the victims of this cruel government pursuing it's vile, inept herd immunity ideology. The billions plundered from the public purse for phoney PPE contracts given untendered to Tory cronies, who don't even make PPE and some whose companies assets were less than the price of a weekly family shop.....this disgraceful opportunism is nothing but theft and if the Tories had put a fraction of the time and ingenuity into dealing with the Covid crisis as they have from stealing billions from us in their disaster capitalism projects we might actually have light at the end of this tunnel. It is only because of the skill and dedication of underpaid and underappreciated staff in an underfunded NHS being run down to sell off for pennies to their cronies and donors that our death toll isn't even higher than it already is - we are proud of OUR NHS and we will see it returned to the people who paid for it, not sold off like the haematology services the Tories flogged of to a crony for pennies, only to be sold on to a Chinese conglomerate for 840 million. This is shocking carperbagging and this government will be called to account one day. Lets make it sooner rather than later while we still have a semblance of our NHS left.

    Maureen Woodfull replied on

    I was born before the N H S was formed. I am very grateful that it was formed as it has saved my life and helped friends and family. It MUST remain a public service not for profit and NOT sold off to people who just want to make money.

    Marie Brooke replied on

    It is vital that the NHS remains totally and absolutely a public service, totally free. My views and beliefs are those of a member of the public

    Caroline replied on

    Keep fighting for our nhs

    Jacqueline Hancher replied on

    NHS should not be privatised.

    Janet Bungay replied on

    This government is unbelievably devious and untrustworthy. The NHS is highly unsafe in their hands and in their cronies hands.

    Margaret Devenney replied on

    We all need the NHS .Rich or poor .

    Alan Finney replied on

    The private sector needs to be carefully monitored with regard to the NHS. The recent PPE scandal, where contracts were given to friends of the government without scrutiny, was a disgrace. All contracted services need to demonstrate high quality and value for money.

    Gwyneth Thomas replied on

    National health service is for all. Not to be privatised.

    Delma Warden replied on

    If we lose our NHS it will be a national disaster. We cannot allow it to happen.

    Annie Clark replied on

    Our NHS was founded on the principle of free care for all at the point of need. We need to protect this original and wonderful institution. It must not be sectioned off or sold for profit. If we have learnt anything from this dreadful pandemic, it’s that we need the whole of the NHS functioning together!

    David Gilmour replied on

    Keep the privateers out of our NHS!

    Bernard Lee replied on

    this government have tried to ruin the national health service for years and then pretend to love it do not be fooled years from now given a chance they will start to try and sell bits off yet again if we let them

    Leila Rajah replied on

    NO profits over people. Keep the NHS in public hands.

    Hasina replied on

    Keep on fighting for OUR NHS

    Peter Day replied on

    After 4 back operations, I went back to see my surgeon along with ma wife in the consulting room were 3 junior surgeon's medical students I will now quite what the surgeon said to me '' Peter I am sorry that your last back operation was not a success so I need to operate on your back again'' Not good news for me. he then said QUOTE'' I will have to apply for the money to do this from THE JOKERS IN No 10 FOR THE MONEY SND I DO NOT EXPECT THAT THEY WILL GIVE IT TTO ME'' He then turned to his 3 medical students and said QUOTE ''THIS IS WHAT IS COMING TO YOU 3 VERY SOON'' I am still waiting 4 years on. Soon after that consultation, the surgeon left the hospital after very many years as one of the best Orthopedic sergeons. Since then I have been pushed around had lots of cans but no help. I was sent to a pain management doctor and one of the first things he said to me was QUOTE '' Do you realize that every operation that you have had has cost £50'000'' Some years earlier I had a new hip replacement that also has not been very successful and on one occasion when I went to see the Professor who operated on my hip, he asked me how I was was my back and I told him what had been going on he said to me QUOTE '' Peter this has gone on far too long I want to have a meeting with your surgeon '' I thought great maybe I was now getting more where. I waited and they telephoned the hospital and left a message to ask if a meeting between the two men had been set up. later that week I receive a telephone call and the person said I QUOTE '' THE NH S RULES DO NOT ALLOW TWO SURGEONS TO HAVE A MEETING REGARDING YOUR OPERATIONS'' I do not believe that the person that called me to say that was a medically trained person only an administrator put there to putting patients off. I did complain but got no were. I think this government is hell-bent on destroying OUR NHS. Now I see that the government has sold off all our private medical records to private American companies through a bill pushed through parliament. If I wanted to look at my wife's private medical records that my GP holds that request would be refused without a written letter from her giving me permission to see the records. Why was I not asked for my permission for the records to be sold off by a letter from the government it is in my view legal to sell off my private medical details to anyone they chouse. I am DIGUSTED

    jim gault replied on

    Private companies profiting from health care is not in the interests of patients.

    Deirdre Frith replied on

    I was - just - born into the NHS and I hope to die in it. It is the jewel in our crown and we must fight to the death any attempt to weaken, destroy or privatise it.

    Joan Dunne replied on

    Keep YOUR private hands off OUR NHS! You are destroying not only our most valuable institution but also the amazing staff who work every day to keep us safe. With the right government action it could be funded by the people not handed over to their inept cronies.

    marion foster replied on

    We own it, we want to keep the National health service,

    There will be no tomorrow because of pollution and greed.

    People must wake up and fight for what is good for all.

    Trevor Sykes replied on

    After 40 years of "letting the Markets decide," we have a country with so many divisions that it barely merits the name "United" Kingdom.

    One thing that does, however, bring the nation together is a regard for the NHS. It's incredible, that in the middle of the worst pandemic for 100 years, discussions & plans are ongoing to keep the CEOs & shareholders of private companies happy, at the potential expense of patient care.

    Alison Dunne replied on

    The NHS belongs to everyone not down to government to change things

    M jelfs replied on

    We keep seeing that this government has and is dismantling the NHS through under funding and breaking it down and passing these parts to them selves family chums and conservative donors, it’s ours all of us and we need it like we always have.

    Anna Rose replied on

    Private enterprise is for washing machines, cars, wooly jumpers, a restaurant meal, not for a public service, absolutely not for our NHS. It belongs to us and you do not have our permission.

    Harriet Fitzsimmons replied on

    Keep the NHS in public hands,

    Do Not Privatise the NHS

    Heather Rowbotham replied on

    keep the Heath Service free of private bodies slowly decimating the NHS. After all we all own but have no say in its management. Keep the NHS for the people NOT for profit for for private companies.

    I remember when people couldn’t afford medical treatment.

    Joanna Patton replied on

    Morale in the NHS is very low and our NHS employees are exhausted. If we can make them feel that we care about them in any way we can, it will be worthwhile. Be kind to an NHS worker. Buy them a lottery ticket. Or a coffee. Smile, and say thanks.

    Rick Cocker replied on

    The current pandemic provides clear evidence that private involvement is our NHS is cruelly exposed to political cronyism where donors to and friends of the current government are allowed to enrich themselves whilst providing a sub-standard service.

    Mrs Frances Mann replied on

    The NHS was promised to us the people of the UK, the Conservative party added to that promise but I fear that they are just paying it lip service with the intention of selling us out for their profit not caring for the people who depend on it. This pandemic has proved that the NHS cannot rely on private companies and works better when funded properly.

    c s lindsay smith replied on

    Its entirely predictable, and outrageous, that our government, already bogged down in Brexit and mishandling the Covid crisis, has deliberately chosen this time of maximum stress to push thru its Integrating Care proposals.

    c s lindsay smith replied on

    Already entered above.

    Terence Adrian Cook replied on

    Everything this crowd of thieves do is about making more money for themselves and their 'cronies'......

    Even the new head of BBC donated £200,000 to the Tories last year!!! .... Now, there's a surprise!!!

    Charles Jobson replied on

    The NHS cannot provide the service that it was intended to provide when private companies are making profits from that provision.

    Deirdre Allen replied on

    We have the present pandamic as proof

    Bridget Hunter replied on

    We need free healthcare to protect those unfortunate enough to be born with health PROBLEMS

    BD6 1BZ replied on


    Steven Kirby replied on

    The NHS( National Health Service ) has cared for me from 1958 at birth to the present day at 62 years of age, I have witnessed over these years the cost cutting effects on the nations health care, fewer more tired out and grossly underpaid staff, longer waiting times, more unnecessary deaths.

    This Tory Government has to be halted in it's privatisation tracks, more dead patients saves this government more money.

    Barbara Shipley replied on

    Please, please do not give the private sector The NHS we need to keep it for the people.

    Irene Roberts replied on

    From the cradle to the grave not profit for the elite

    Lorraine Leigh replied on

    I get care from psychiatric services. I don’t want people who organise this to be privately run.... I depend on caring and genuine people. Not people who do not have caring as a vocational choice. I don’t vote for people to put “profit before caring” so please don’t let the NHS become privatised. I have always had respect for you so please do not vote for NHS to become a privately run industry.

    Anne Bannerman replied on

    The time has come to fight to save our NHS from privatisation and to return it to the public service it was originally set up to be: paid for by tax-payers and free at the point of need - a model which is superior to any other and an example of what can be achieved with good will.

    Graham Boyce replied on

    I like our NHS and do not want to see any further privatisation, in fact current inroads by the private sector should be reversed.

    Far to many of this government appear to have some form of connection with the private sector either directly or through family, it must stop.

    Sheila Hill replied on

    The NHS should be kept as it is, on a non profit basis. Everyone should have the right to treatment at the point of need and not by how much money you earn.

    P Mulhern replied on

    I agree that the NHS must be kept free at the point of need for everyone. A not for profit public health service must be funded by central taxation.

    Ann Fadden replied on

    As a cancer patient I don't want our NHS to go private, as then it would be about profits, not the patient, I don't want to be treated by Drs and staff who are paid by private concerns, as the whole ethos of our NHS will be lost forever.

    Martin Putt replied on

    I've responded to this consultation and though I am sceptical we'll succeed I hope the pressure works and forces the government to back down from these dangerous proposals.

    Tim Guy replied on

    The NHS is one of the few things left in Britain of which the country can be proud – the NHS MUST be protected and saved from destruction by the current evil government!

    Diana Joyce replied on

    The NHS is not something to be sold off to the highest bidder to make profit. Health comes first.

    Diana Joyce replied on

    The NHS is not something to be sold off to the highest bidder to make profit. Health comes first.

    Patrick Timmons replied on

    Please refrain from undermining the NHS with profiteering private interests.

    Helen STEWART replied on

    I was born in 1948 so have benefited all my life from the NHS. It was set up for the people of Britain to have free health care and we pay our taxes for this. Wealthier people can pay for private care if they wish but the majority have no choice but the NHS. We cannot allow the NHS to become a cash cow so that a few can make a profit.

    Mark Woolner replied on

    The NHS is the envy of the world, let's keep it that way.

    Noel Lyle-Stirling replied on

    The NHS must be brought back into public ownership. The blame lies with the greedy Tory party and the disgraceful attitude of the labour party who set out to lose the election.blame must also go to the rank stupidity of the majority of voters who out these people in power.

    Alan mulvey replied on

    We are sitting back while thieves are stealing our assets.


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