Take action to stop our NHS being disintegrated this year

5 January 2021

How to oppose further NHS privatisation before the deadline of midnight January 8th!

1) Go to the NHS 'Integrated Care Systems' survey, (by scrolling to the bottom of the page) making sure to say you're a 'member of the public' or 'patient' (they're the same thing to us!) and that you're responding as an individual, NOT on behalf of an organisation. 

2) Answer questions 4, 5, 6 and 7 using the template questions responses from Keep Our NHS Public here! We think it's really crucial that thousands of people respond to this, saying why you think a reeorganisation into 'Integrated Care Systems' will downsize and reduce the capacity of our NHS. Then you're done - thank you so much.

Want more information, or to personalise your response?

Here are some key reasons why 'Integrated Care Systems' are bad news for OUR NHS in England (and for all the UK long-term)

In 2021, Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson have promised to bring in legislation that will hand over the current organisation of NHS regions to something called 'Integrated Care Systems'. These plans will lead to more of our health services being handed over to private companies. But how?

  • These new bodies will commission health services for an area, but they could have private companies sitting on their boards.  The bodies have been criticised for encouraging under treatment or rationing of services, as members of the board (which could include private companies) will get to keep any money they don't spend, and they will bring an area under tight financial controlsAll of this sounds familiar right? More private involvement, more contracts to private companies and less funding for the NHS to look after people so that they need other, private options.
  • After a particularly bad year of private companies with no experience getting huge contracts and failing us completely (but serving their shareholders well), the move to ICS's will even remove public contract regulations so organisations aren't judged on their previous track records, or have to follow labour standards. 
  • While key experts say there will be a reduction of 'accountability and democratic oversight' over our NHS, what's even more concrete and worrying for some is that there is discussion of 'sharing' the 'rewards' with private companies. This means money that could be spent on health services will be leaked as profits to private companies.  There is also the likelihood that much bigger, long-term contracts covering entire areas could be given to multi-national companies, as opposed to the multiple smaller and shorter term contracts given currently.

Want to read more about this?

Keep Our NHS Public have been keeping on top of these developments for years. Here are some great articles you can read.

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Keep Our NHS Public's analysis of what lies behind the "Integrating Care" proposals

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We can't let them get away with us. Please spend 5 minutes responding to their survey on ICS now, using Keep Our NHS Public's model response.

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    Trevor Burr replied on

    The only reason the NHS wasn't included in the privatisation bonanza is that government knew it would be a step too far and disastrous electorally. However, they are ideologically committed to privatising it one way or another and this must be opposed at every opportunity.

    Leslé Digby replied on

    I am 78 years old this year, so I've had nothing other than the NHS looking after me and my family since that time. Please do not change this important service for which we all pay during our working lives, please keep the humane service which was decided upon by decent and caring politicians in 1948. Health whilst we live is not something from which others should profit, simply because they have more money than we do. It seems to me that one way or another, big business very often has a hand in making us unwell and then wishes to profit from that illness. That is both immoral and unjust. Stop playing with our lives.

    Chris Harrison replied on

    DO NOT privatise any more branches of our NHS. This pandemic has especially proven that dishing out private contracts is detrimental + corrupt. NHS should not go down that road. We are governed by corruption. Billions of tax payers money has been wasted. It needs to stop.

    Martin Wilkinson replied on

    Public health care should be about providing service NOT profit.

    Stephen Baker replied on

    The NHS is truly a national treasure, it is for all the people, not for profit making by the few at the cost of the many!

    We all have to fight this constant eroding of our services by this greedy bunch of carpetbaggers!

    Andrea Thompson replied on

    We do not need Private companies deciding the fate of our NHS ,They will always be led by profit for shareholders and standards in working conditions are lowered .Why should we pay for taxes for NHS and give it away in profits.We have seen what has been going on with companies involved right now.CEO’s paying themselves large salaries.I hope we can stop more of this ❤️

    Lucy Wright replied on

    I am a member of the public and I value the NHS. Keep it as it is people own. Do not sell any part of it off !

    Bob Howard-Spink replied on

    Health care provision is an obligation to meet a basic need. It is not a market to be monetized

    Joanna Patton replied on

    Hear! Hear!

    Bronwen Evans replied on

    The NHS must be kept free at the point of need for everyone and provided on a not-for-profit basis.

    Gilian O'Connell replied on

    Our NHS is precious and we would be stupid to let any part of it to be privatised. Much better to increase taxation for those who can afford it. I one lived in the USA and know how unfair and destructive private medicine can be. We should be so proud of our NHS and shield it.

    Charlie Griffiths replied on

    The NHS was bought and payed for on the Backs of the people of the UK. So that the poor and working classes can get the care they need it is not for the MPs of this country to sell off so they can fill the coffers that they have been creaming off into there own and friends pockets for years

    Nina Lambert replied on

    Healthcare is not a “market” and should not be privatised or exploited for private profit. Private drug companies are already guilty of improper selling and obfuscation. The health of the people is the highest law (Roman maxim)

    Tom Lonsdale replied on

    If the COVID-19 pandemic has proven anything, it's that a reliable health service that is free at the point of need is absolutely paramount and must be funded at all costs.

    Tony Norbury replied on

    It’s our NHS we own it , we created it And we collectively pay for it through taxation we do this to give Pre paid quality health care to all at the point of need no matter what their financial situation is.

    I will fight with all I have to keep this socialists model of health care because In 1945 after the world war the soldiers who came home after fighting the facist voted for the NHS they did this for the families of those they left behind.

    Our NHS was needed then as it is needed now . Keep the profiteers out of our NHS

    Geoff Chaplin replied on

    I am a Bevan child, (I was born a few months after the inception of the NHS). This is the NHS for the people, it does not, (nor will it) belong to the scumbag 'nasty party' politicians to slice up and parcel out to their cronies !!!

    Trina Palmer replied on

    As a member of the public who care our NHS should by made stronger, not be disintegrated.

    Good luck weownit.org


    GLYN COBLEY replied on

    The further break up of the NHS must be prevented because it will make it easier for greedy private companies to buy and then eventually free treatment will be eroded and disappear.

    Jo Alexander replied on

    My granddaughter born 15/12/20 has needed surgery and is in intensive care. She has Down’s Syndrome. If we lived in a country without a healthcare system my daughter and son-in-law would already be bankrupt. As a family we shall need a high level of properly funded support to make sure that she has as good a life as possible. People havealreadycommentedon thefact that more is understood about Down’s Syndrome and there is more support available: as a family we need this to be the case and the prospect of having that level of support taken away from us is devastating.

    N. J. Dawson replied on

    Health is one of the most important services and should not be subjected to trade agreements from overseas companies, or privatization in the UK. It must always be free to use. Good health provision is a basic right and should be available to everyone. It must be properly funded from tax.

    John Lee replied on

    If profit is being made out of the health services, then money is flowing out that should not be. It's possible for suitable non-profit partners to work with the central services, but there must be no profiteering of any kind. Public ownership is fundamental.

    Tom replied on

    Agree with all of the above comments

    susan marshall replied on

    save our NHS it is not for sale or profits, leave our NHS Alone

    Erika Fox replied on

    A not-for-profit NHS is essential. It is one of the salient definitions of a civilised society. Without it we may as well be back in an era where only the few at the 'top', the very wealthy, have any chance of living a life that is not brutish and short.

    Eileen replied on

    We the people paid for the. NHS with our taxes

    It’s ours to keep for the many not to be sold off for the few to benefit financially

    Laura Cope replied on

    The NHS is an investment not an expense

    Jenni Morgan replied on

    The UK NHS must be protected from profit making businesses. Throughout this pandemic, our national health workers have demonstrated their devotion to the NHS and their fellow citizens. Privatisation of any part of the NHS undermines this service, which serves everyone regardless of their status and ability to pay.

    Having worked in health related services for the last 30 years, I have experienced the transfer of responsibility from the state to the voluntary and 3rd sector. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of those services have practically disappeared, leaving the vulnerable high and dry.

    Private companies must make profits and the pressure to make profits creates a totally different service. Should we make a profit from people's suffering? The change of emphasis on a service that is based on dedication and devotion, to private companies with pressure to make money for its share holders and company directors, would be a disaster for our country and its diverse population.

    Our NHS service workers cannot live with praise alone. It is a disgrace, an insult and exploitation of their sense of duty, that they are not better paid. Shame on this government for ever more, if they destroy OUR wonderful NHS. Hands off!

    Paula Blasbery replied on

    The UK NHS is the most wonderful medical care provision in the world! The people who work in it are true life heroes! It should NEVER EVER be privatised! Only money-making demons would even consider this!

    Marion Tookey replied on

    Keep the NHS 'not for profit' and publicly owned. Surely non of us want to be faced with the type of 'health care' that the USA has!

    Gilian O'Connell replied on

    Our NHS is too precious to lose: I lived in the USA for 6 years and saw some awful consequences of their expensive system: even for the wealthier people when they’re insurance failed to cover their unexpected medical requirements.

    Deborah Cornwall replied on

    The NHS must be kept in public ownership paid for by the taxes & NI contributions & free at the point of access. More needs to be done by governments to ensure the quality & quantity of staff are boosted & paid accordingly to maintain the high standards of care. It is not a bargaining tool for the rich & privileged & those who wield the power to use as they want.

    rosemary barbar... replied on

    ridiculous sidelining of NHS money to pay companies to do what the NHS does so well with their own employees. Free up more money to pay NHS staff not private companies with non-medical management staff.

    Lyn Jewell replied on

    The NHS is for our people not for profit.

    Mark Templeman replied on

    The NHS is one of the things that define us as a community, it must be kept in public ownership. You only have to look at the fiasco that Sirco has made of covid testing to see why.

    David Crabb replied on

    We must keep the NHS free to everyone x as I fear that infiltration by privatisation will end up costing us dearly x

    Paula Blasbery replied on

    The UK NHS is the most wonderful medical care provision in the world! The people who work in it are true life heroes! It should NEVER EVER be privatised! Only money-making demons would even consider this!

    David replied on

    There is no need for private sector provision within the NHS - what can be done by the private sector can be done by the public sector. There are lots of models for delivery including co-operatives and not-for-profits, CICs and so on, the fact that the focus is on private sector/corporate involvement shows the government's hands and who they're in bed with. The US is a case-in-point of corporate failure in healthcare.

    Marli replied on

    Is all about money in this country.. People's health and life is not for profit

    Stu Debank replied on

    Keep your hands off ..like you promised too in your pree election madatory

    Mel Burgess replied on

    The NHS is the most treasured gift this country has ever known and it is important to keep it. It belongs to every individual and that is how it should remain. Not sold off to private companies to make profits.

    Anonymous replied on

    The NHS has done a remarkable job during the pandemic. Imagine how much difference it would have made (to staff and patients) if it had been properly funded, with better staffing levels over the last 10 years. If profits are made they should go straight back into the NHS, not shareholders' bank accounts.

    National Insurance payments should be ring-fenced to go to the NHS. People would understand where their money was going so would be more willing to pay increased amounts.

    When you look at what has happened in dental care, you can see how bad things could get. In some/many parts of the UK it isn't possible to register with an NHS dentist, because there isn't one in the area.

    We all need to fight to keep the NHS free at the point of need. This should be at the top of everyone's list when they look at political manifestos at every election, whether local or national.

    Alan Millington replied on

    The Covid crisis has provided overwhelming evidence that the private sector is totally inept when it comes to providing a public service. NHS outsourcing has failed to supply vital PPE and life saving equipment, a competent test, track and trace system and dependable laboratories. To pursue such a policy further is merely to put ideological hope before practical experience. Resources which should have been invested in the NHS have been squandered by the private sector in an exercise that has proved to be little more than a licence to print money. This would would be merely a senseless waste of tax-payers money were it applied to any other sector but when targeted at the nations health it has contributed to a tragic loss of life.

    Neil McCart replied on

    Keep the NHS out of the greedy, selfish clutches of the thoroughly despicable, odious and totally corrupt Tories.

    Jackie Roderick replied on

    The NHS was set up for the benefit of us all regardless of wealth,status or creed. It is the envy of the world and something to be treasured and not blundered by private enterprise. Throughout this pandemic it has been the one thing we have relied on to help us through. Would a privatised service answerable to shareholders

    have responded in the same way?

    Hilary Cashman replied on

    This pandemic has exposed the need for a properly funded, fully publicly owned, integrated health and care system. The NHS is threatened with death by cuts and monetisation - we must protect it

    David Livesey replied on

    The health of our nation is our most important asset. It should remain a public service, if profit is involved then that will become more important than our nations health. Look what has happened to our public transport 'service' we have ended up with more cars on the streets !

    Dr Martin Hime replied on

    Integrated care systems have been presented as a way of coordinating health care and as a reform of the internal market. Prominent figures in the government have close links with American right wing free market organisations. The COVID crisis has resulted in high levels of state money creation. It is highly likely that this will translate into reduced government spending as a « recovery «  mechanism - more austerity. There will be a perfect storm for the NHS- close commercial ties with America as a result of Brexit; a government committed to the free market; reduced state spending; government propaganda presenting this as sensible reform; both the American and British corporate sector looking to invest the money made from COVID. Reform of the American health care system may compound the problem by reducing home markets so requiring companies to look elsewhere for profi.

    All this will mean that a multiple tier system will be created private provision taking an increasing share of the care with the inevitable result that care will be poorer for most.

    It is vital that this existential threat to the NHS be exposed.

    Kathleen Connolly replied on

    Keep the nhs as it is, do not sellout to the greedy private sector.

    Thomas Connolly replied on

    The nhs was set up to help the sick especially the poor ones, not to be plundered by the greed of large corporations etc.

    Mr Ian Campbell replied on

    The NHS should be kept public and not sold off by Government into private companies

    who will put profit before patients to satisfy their shareholders greed.

    Andrew Coker replied on

    The NHS should be seen as an asset and investment by the Government, not a burden to be got rid of.

    Josephine Brown replied on

    The NHS must be free to all people.

    It cannot be hived off to the already rich and powerful.

    Giving millions of £ to the wives of 2 Tory MPs has shown the route a Tory government will take.

    John and Iris S... replied on

    Yes the NHS was paid and fought for by the public since 1948. It is here so everyone as access to medical care when needed.

    Jill pearce replied on

    Free healthcare for everyone is my main concern. No creaming off profitable sections for fat cats, all monies to be invested in NHS for everyone not just those who can pay.

    Hunt Jonathan replied on

    Beveridge designed the NHS to be free for all to ensure a healthier nation. Beveridge was a Liberal and the NHS waspassed int law by a Labour Government. The Conservative Party cannot be trusted with the NHS!

    Neville Grant replied on

    As a patient, I think it is very important that money should be spent on our public health system, not siphoned off into commercial companies. "Patients before profits!"

    Second, encouraging in effect, subsidising - private health companies will result in a damaging leaching of medical staff when we are already short of doctors and nurses. Instead of paying share-holders, pay our staff better.

    Jane Taylor replied on

    I have lived in the US under privatised healthcare for a while - and was aghast ...! It is completely amoral - a way simply of generating profit - and it writes off the uninsured, the poor. How dare this government even contemplate the merest move towards privatisation ...

    Roz Valentine replied on

    The NHS should not be privatised, people should come before profit

    Angela and Tony... replied on

    Ditto all comments above. It is utterly sickening that Venture capitalists are given unbridled access to play monopoly with so many vital life saving services care homes ,mental health, children's support unlicensed and dangerous ,autism support, etc . They fail utterly on so many levels. This family is happy to pay more tax ensure the NHS remains publicly financed

    David Knight replied on

    The Conservative party has, by and large, opposed a National Health Service since its inception in 1948. And yet, many companies have cynically seen our NHS as a gravy-train to be bled for the benefit of greedy individuals. This state of affairs must be made more public and, ultimately, outlawed.

    Chris Warren replied on

    It's why the NHS is so precious- because we own it!

    Chiara contrino replied on

    Keep NHS public . Making profits by private companies is not compatible with best care of patients.

    andrew bradley replied on

    The NHS must be kept out of the hands of profiteering private companies, it’s there for the well being of everyone,it’s NOT a cash cow.

    Fenik Adham replied on

    I fully support the NHS as a public service

    Gillian Spong replied on

    This must not happen - LEAVE OUR NHS ALONE - we are watching you and will make sure that we keep the NHS is not privatised. LEAVE OUR NHS ALONE.

    Anonymous replied on

    The NHS will be the saviour of the British people during this Virus crisis. The rest of the world will look at the NHS and hopefully be inspired by it. Why therefore might it be improved but privitisation and in particular to the disastrous American healthcare companies. I think we all know the real agenda behind Tory privitisation; keep in mind that much of the NHS is already privatised. Resist with passion any more please , please , please.

    Kenn D Crossley replied on

    The NHS is not, and never has been, safe the Tory hands.

    No Tory will ever believe in any institution that promotes any form of equality.

    Mark Monument replied on

    NHS MUST remain as a public service, and NOT forced by the government to be opened up to tender to profit making businesses, whose obejectives are to make PROFITS above all else.

    Pauline grosse replied on

    NHS should not be carved up in any way.. I have received free access and I want my grandchildren to be able to.

    gerry Horner replied on

    Even the slightest and apparently discreet concession to the health market will prove disastrous tothe N.H.S.

    Peter Estall replied on

    We need to maintain a health service that is a service and ethics lead organisation rather one that is driven by profit.

    Roger Watts replied on

    For about 18 years I have relied on 6 different tablets a day to keep my damaged heart in good order. One of my sons has been rescued from awful mental health problems by a cocktail of other medicines. We have seen the failed involvement of private companies in our prisons, in our test and trace system and much more. The NHS has been working well hampered only by the austerity brought in by recent governments. Neither my son nor I can afford chaos in the NHS. Keep it as it is but fund it better.

    Siobhán McGrath replied on

    The NHS must be kept free at the point of need.

    It must NOT be carved up to the point where it is no longer a viable option.

    That is what the Conservative Administration want.

    The only people who would benefit from that are privately owned companies who are in league with the Tories...

    We must not let them do that!

    Peter Watts replied on

    Co-ordinating across a nation is hard. It is even more difficult if it has to take place across a multitude of highly varied firms each competing for its own profit.

    Eileen Procter replied on

    No organisation should be allowed to profit from a nations health needs - it's immoral.

    John Woffinden replied on

    Keep private companies away from the NHS.

    Laurence Ward replied on

    Now more than ever we need a NATIONAL health service, not one dominated by profit seeking American businesses - or Virgin or ita like.

    Peter Williams replied on

    It’s not for sale it’s the national health service National meaning the people’s health service and it is owned by the people who pay for it via taxes and the national health service stamp .

    It has been underfunded for well over twenty years by labour and Tory ,enough is enough snd it’s not for sale ,

    Matthew William... replied on

    This Government has done nothing but dither, dither, dither over the Coronavirus pandemic, which is why there are now nearly 80,000 people dead - and it still believes in privatising the NHS!!!!???? The NHS was created to provide healthcare for the public at the bottom rung of the ladder, NOT TO PUT PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE!!!! The NHS is to be kept in public hands and must never be kicked around like a football, which is what the Tories are doing now!!!!

    Claire Burdett replied on

    Health care should not be privatised.

    Zora King replied on

    The best inheritance I received from my parents was tbe NHS. Let's not destroy it.

    Helen Fielding replied on

    The NHS must remain in the public domain and free at the point of contact, so that everyone irrespective of their financial standing is guaranteed medical care when needed

    Kay Slade replied on

    NHS must not be privatised any more. It must be kept in public ownership and not used as a profit making entity.

    Too many US companies are interested in grabbing a piece of it. STOP NOW

    Carol Gill bluett replied on

    Our NHS should not be for sale to private companies who are concerned with profit. Also the suggested changes would mean less accountability and transparency, and a reduction of treatments not deemed profitable

    Margaret McDonaldj replied on

    We pay for the benefit of free health care through our taxes and are the envy of the world in this respect. No creeping privatisation should be allowed our NHS is not for sale.

    MR PETER SMITH replied on

    Privatising parts of the NHS is the thin end of the wedge to privatising the whole lot and there are lots of companies just waiting to get their hands on it which will lead to a two tier system causing more of a division in society than we have at ptresent.

    Eric replied on

    The NHS is one of the finest things to come out of this country. It is so very much needed and so appreciated. We need it to be remain driven by need not by greed. The track record in private sector involvement has been appalling, extremely wasteful and dangerous to both staff and patients. There is absolutely no sensible rationale to continue down this failed path. Fund the NHS properly and stop tinkering!

    Alan roberts replied on

    The NHS is not a place to gamble with lives on the whims of investors is not theirs to make money,its make fitter and keep people

    better well.Not for sale.

    Patricia Smith replied on

    We are/were the envy of the World with our wonderful NHS. It breaks my heart seeing it being 'carved up' - and all for profit! It also breaks my heart knowing that people are still entering this country for expensive operations, particularly people who have opted to live abroad, and yet return to the UK for very expensive operations, as well as illegal immigrants also taking advantage of our wonderful system, at no cost to them - why is this?

    Liz Gardiner replied on

    I live in Wales where we have free prescriptions etc.

    Family members work within the NHS in Wales - I am so proud of them. I work with University Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology and Dermatology. I know the commitment taken on by people working in, and training to become part of, the NHS.

    I was born before the NHS came into being. I remember my working class parents talking about the difficulty of affording health care. My mother's three brothers died in infancy because their parents couldn't afford to pay for a doctor to visit or for medicines which may have helped.

    The creation of the NHS in 1948 was the product of years of hard work and a motivation from various figures who felt the current healthcare system was insufficient and needed to be revolutionised.

    It was created on the basis of, "It will provide you with all medical, dental and nursing care. Everyone — rich or poor, man, woman or child — can use it or any part of it. There are no charges, except for a few special items. There are no insurance qualifications. But it is not a “charity”. You are all paying for it, mainly as tax payers, and it will relieve your money worries in time of illness."

    We must never, ever forget why the NHS remains a jewel in this country's crown. It must never be sold off to the highest bidders - by any government.

    Glynis Meredith... replied on

    the NHS should be taken out of politicians hands, as they use for a propaganda tool.

    It must be free at source and not a profitmaking service.

    of course lessons must be learned after this pandemic, there will be others.

    But not going to American consultancies that don't understand the NHS or agree with socialised medicine.

    In spite of the NHS and academic services offering to provide services for Track & Trace, the Government chose to go to the Private sector and wasted millions of pounds, that could have gone on PPE.

    thomas bramley replied on

    Why seek to impose an American-style private health care system when this has been shown to be TWICE as expensive, but delivers a poorer service? Could it be that it's a further opportunity for this government to divert public funds to private chums?

    Gwen Vardigans replied on

    This ICS radicalisation of the NHS has been simmering for years the Government realised it was going to be unpopular but the Covd19 pandenic gave then an opportunity to develop it further in secret. The consultation is a sham, kept under the radar for so long until KONP were alerted. I have responded in the strongest of terms citing ittle accountability or srutiny and a disintedration of services with an wxtension of the worst aspects of the deardful Health and social care act 2012. We need to go back to the original priciples of the NHS, a fully funded public service free to all regardless of their ability to pay and stop privatisation for Profit

    Christine Hoxworth replied on

    The health of the public should not be a money-making scheme. People before profits. profiteering companies do not care about people. I do not support profits before people.

    Peter Freshwater replied on

    The NHS is a public service and must remain wholly so. It must be extended to include care provision,. Free at the points of contact and provision, and funded from taxpayers’ revenue for the benefit of all.

    DAVID JONES replied on

    On 1 December 1942, the coalition government published a report written by Sir William Beveridge entitled 'Social Insurance and Allied Services. Beveridge was a highly regarded economist and expert on unemployment problems and the Beveridge Report quickly became the blueprint for the modern British welfare state. The succession of Thatcher governments between 1979 and 1990 became synonymous with the idea of 'rolling back the state'. The ‘Thatcher years eroded the political consensus in favour of the welfare state. Today, in early-21st-century Britain, the debate on welfare spending and social policy is no longer centred on Beveridge's 'cradle to grave' principle. It is far more concerned with providing cost-effective social care, through a mixture of public and private initiatives'- against the UK popular opinion and expert economists. http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/pathways/citizenship/brave_new_world/welfare.htm

    Derek Foster replied on

    I commented: Although one has to wade through jargon to find this, "conflict of interests with the current GP-led CCG model" and "delegate responsibility for arranging some services to providers" would seem to destroy any accountability via GPs and pass control to (private) providers.


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