Before this Thursday, Stop Centene growing

25 May 2021

How to take action: Please leave a comment below this letter, with YOUR reason for not wanting Centene's contract to be renewed. We'll make sure to pass it on to the decision-making committee before Thursday's meeting.


Dear North West London Primary Care Commissioning Committee*,

* This is the committee which will make the decision on whether to renew one of Centene's contracts in North West London THIS Thursday, 3pm.

American healthcare giant Centene has recently taken over 49 GP practices. 

Now, with a total of over 70 GP practices under Centene's control, it has become the largest single private primary care provider in England.

With North West London CCG's contract with Centene up for renewal this Thursday, we, as patients, family members, citizens and defenders of our publicly provided NHS, from all across the UK and beyond, call on you not to renew it. 


How to take action: Please leave a comment below this letter, with YOUR reason for not wanting Centene's contract to be renewed. We'll make sure to pass it on to the decision-making committee before Thursday's meeting.

Your NHS is so worth protecting. By stopping Centene in its tracks in this area, you will be part of helping to stop the privatisation of our NHS all across the UK! Please comment with your message now.

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Jo Smith Finley replied on Permalink

For people's health, wellbeing and dignity - NOT for profit.

Audrey Walsh replied on Permalink

The National Health Service is owned by those who fund it, that is, all of those paying their National Insurance, etc. It is therefore a National Asset, not a profit making business.

Christine Gibson replied on Permalink

The N.H.S. is a wonderful institution owned by the British public. To sell us to profit making companies, especially USA who have a terrible record of public health, would be wrong. It should sound the death knell of the Tory Party who have demonstrated their entire disregard of public health. Why change something if it has worked well for so long?.

Hazel Wilkinson replied on Permalink

I agree with all the comments made by the above lady.

Derek Ponsford replied on Permalink

Leave the NHS to the UK. It was set up by the British people, for the British people, which has been paid for by our NI.contributions. IT'S NOT FOR SALE

Gillian replied on Permalink

Totally agree. Leave the NHS to the UK, don’t sell it - it’s NOT FOR SALE

SHEILA DONNAN replied on Permalink

I have a daughter who is now 41 and has enumerable operations, medication and NHS support for disabilities due to congenital birth defects. Without them she would have died. She is now a well qualified Disability Officer for a Birmingham University, although on the waiting list for further surgery. with a specialist interest on disability access to education and the world at large. We would not have been so lucky in a private system especially as when she was young we were not a well off family. Health care should not be for the rich and those who make themselves rich to the detriment of others. 25 years ago I had Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. I was aware of others in the USA with less fortunate experiences due to lack of insurance. We must keep the NHS for everyone...based on need not finance.

Tim Atkin replied on Permalink

I think the government is getting a back hander so to push it through.people will not be able to afford treatment if the greedy us take over

Catherine Margham replied on Permalink

I agree with all these comments. Our NHS is not for sale, and should be for the benefit of our health not private companies .

Esmé Towse replied on Permalink

I agree with all of the above. In addition, US care is dreadful for anyone who is elderly, frail, disabled or with multiple health issues. I know because I have family there. GP “equivalents” have no co-ordinating role, do not visit people at home, even if they are housebound and no-one seems to practise with the holistic outlook which is at the heart of our NHS GP training. No American profit-making company is going to support the kind of General Practice we have enjoyed because of it being a Public Health Service.

Mo replied on Permalink

Well said, I totally agree with all that has been mentioned.

Dorothy James replied on Permalink

I remember when the National health began and how much we needed this care which has been usually wonderful through the years. Please keep all medical care under government care. Our National health should not depend on how much an individual can pay , that is an enormous step backward.

Vania Terzopoulou replied on Permalink

yes that is true I think they just do not want to deal with the spirit and sanctity of the NHS - THEY WOULD RATHER PRETEND TO ENGAGE WITH IT WHILST BEING BORED OF IT AND THEN GOING BEHIND THE SCENES TRYING TO SELL IT OFF. !!!!!!!

Sylvia & John Warner replied on Permalink

The NHS belongs to the British people & has been in existence since after World War 2 instigated by Atlee's Labour government.Why does the Conservative government always want to decimate and meddle with all the successful organisation of our people's health care. It works as it is without American influences and pressure of making big profits.America will take over UK if we don't stand up for our British values & loyalties.

Patrick Altass replied on Permalink

The NHS belongs to the people. Under no circumstances must it be left in grasp of of these greedy money grabbing companies. If it is wave goodbye to our precious NHS and prepare your selves for a two tier health system where you will only ever get the real help you need if you can afford to pay for it. Centennial and those of the same Ilk must be stopped at all costs!!

Theodore Volpe’ replied on Permalink

My wife and I have worked all our life and have willingly paid our national insurance all our working life and do definitely not wish to see our Public Health Service privatised for the financial benefit of these greedy grabbing companies to get rich at our expense . So please stop this at any price. Thank you and kind regards. Theodore and Winifreda Volpe’

Beryl sweeney replied on Permalink

NHS for PEOPLE not profit. Greedy companies HANDS OFF

Carol Broom replied on Permalink

The NHS was designed to provide a government funded service to all residents based on clinical need and not on ability to pay. People contribute via national insurance. Sadly this has already been eroded to some extent by putting various parts out to contract.

Neoliberalism is an abhorrent form of economics that has polluted our society - and planet - for far too long. Profiteering from ill health is poisonous but is at the heart of the abominable healthcare system in the US. A decent society protects its most vulnerable but in the US it is a case of the survival of the fittest - or rather richest - which is barbaric and inhumane. Keep the US and private companies far away from our NHS. Renationalise any parts that have been farmed out and fund it properly. Raise taxes if necessary but resist any further privatisation at all costs.

Throw out any government that seeks to do that - certainly the present abominable government of exploiters.

Mary Apio replied on Permalink

The National Health Service is not for profit.

Catherine Margham replied on Permalink

Our NHS should remain ours and should be for the benefit of people’s health not for private profit. Please stop Centene or any other private company taking over GP surgeries or any of our public health services.

Roger Baker replied on Permalink

The NHS is a British National service - its not a profit making enterprise and so not for sale, especially to a US company.

Judith Graham replied on Permalink

The nhs must be publicly run. There is no place d’or companies like Centene.

Isobel Atlasi replied on Permalink

Our National Health Service was created to ensure that people from all walks of life could have access to health and care free at the point of use no matter what...not on their ability to pay for better care. We have a health care system that is envied by the rest of the world and private profiteering companies have no place when it comes to saving and preserving life. I sincerely wish that our healthcare system will remain in the hands of people who sincerely care about the health and welfare of the nation and am happy to support any attempt to rid ourselves of private profiteers who value making money above all else!!

Clive Bowden replied on Permalink

Dear committee, We have seen the destruction of peoples lives and lack of access to healthcare caused by the US style healthcare system and do not want to even get close to such a situation. The NHS is envied the world over, one true sign of a Social Democracy is that everyone has the right to expect the same health outcomes, and to extend this contract takes us down a road which heads away from that ideal. I exhort you to remember that first and foremost a countries government is tasked with enacting policy that is good for the people, and the NHS remaining under the auspices of British rule satisfies that, and selling it off does not.

We finance our ... replied on Permalink

We pay for our NHS with taxes, so we should have a say on how it is run. It should be run forour benefit, not the shareholders of a private company like Centene.

Msri Carmen replied on Permalink

Giving parts of the NHS to be managed by contractors makes NHS less efficient and more expensive to the taxpayer. Too many overheads get the cash the NHS should be spending in our health.NHS must be treasured and united.

Denis Hall replied on Permalink

I have nearly a decade of experience living in the US and seeing the catastrophic impact of so many people who cannot afford to access much needed medical attention. The approach of companies such as Centene is to squeeze the scale and quality of coverage while pushing up costs beyond any reasonable rate of rise.

Shirley Koster replied on Permalink

The NHS is for people not profit. Private companies only care about making money for their shareholders and they do this by cutting back on the care and services they should be providing. Evidence shows this time and time again. NO to privatisation of the NHS in any form.

Rosie Woods replied on Permalink

The NHS has been one of our greatest achievements as a country. Free healthcare at point of need. For this to be threatened by profit-making business would be such a violation of a long held principle and also put at risk those already most in need.

Eugene Myerson replied on Permalink

I agree with all the above comments, but I particularly admire Rosie Woods' comment immediately above: succinct, to the point, and packing a powerful punch. I ham 87 years old, have lived in the UK since 1958, and benefited hugely from the free NHS system down the decades. It is much admired in foreign countries which do not have free healthcare. For heavens sake, do not jeopardize this superb system for the sake of short-term profits.

John Woodland replied on Permalink

When the NHS was set up it was to enable access by all to a common healthcare system. It is not right therefore that bits of the NHS are being sold-off to companies whose only interest is in profit. We must ensure that the National Health Service remains national and not another US organisation. If some people want a private healthcare system, it should not be at the expense of the many who still want to enjoy and benefit from OUR NHS. Let those who want private healthcare fund it themselves.

Janet Dore replied on Permalink

I wholeheartedly agree with these comments. I was born just before the birth of the NHS. My parents llater told me how much their lives had improved and how dire it was previously if you did not have money for doctors’ bills. The NHS has served me and my family very well. I do not resent having paid NI contributions and tax.

Andy Thompson replied on Permalink

Exactly this. People's wellbeing is not a commodity that is for sale.

Anita Woollett replied on Permalink

Please respect the wishes of our citizens, a resounding NO to involvement of private profit. We have seen the contrast between the efficacy of public service in the roll out of the vaccine, and the incompetence of private involvement in the test and trace system. Do they never learn, or do they just not care?

Leonie Barus replied on Permalink

The NHS is a public asset, not for private profit. Renewing a contract with Centene drives forward the Government’s privatisation agenda for the NHS which will dramatically diminish the standards of public healthcare in the UK and put private profit before public health. This will be a disaster for this country.

Hazel King replied on Permalink

Our NHS should be a not-for-profit organisation. We want the best treatment for everyone’s health, not profits for wealthy investors.

Brian Eadon replied on Permalink

It's in the name. It's NATIONAL ie it's owned by the nation. It works for the HEALTH of the people who own it,not for the profit. It's a SERVICE for all not for the monetary dividend of share holders. It must remain and return to OUR NHS not sold off to private companies.

Susan Shah replied on Permalink

The NHS is a public good, for everyone. It needs all its resources and any profit to be put back into delivering care, not dividends to shareholders. The history of private initiatives is that they take the easy things and leave the NHS to deliver complex care.

Vic Taylor replied on Permalink

So many people in the stored letters above adversely criticise such ventures as Centene into the Health National Service. Some of the letters, from the writers' direct observation and experience of the situation in the USA, warn of the dangers (and possibly dubious legality) of the part played by dominance of shareholder interest in what must surely negate the part that should be played by public interest and involvement. When will Government, of whatever persuasion, see the evidence all round us of non-public intervention in essential services like transport, health and local government activity and responsibility? The role of Government should be to supervise and advise, not to hand over responsibility.

Harry Atkinson replied on Permalink

The NHS, founded in 1948, was never intended to be a "for profit" organisation like the Health Care (industry !) in the USA where hard working, low income people struggle to pay the inflated insurance payments which go straight into the pockets of "fat cats", it was meant to be "free at the point of use", and originally it's purpose was to look after the health of UK citizens and their families "from cradle to grave". It was also designed to be predominantly run by clinical staff according to clinical need, not some greedy profit target !

E.Thurlow Hazelwood replied on Permalink

The NHS was established in order to ensure that everyone, whether rich or poor, had access to good quality health provision from "the cradle to the grave". This has been epitomised by the way those suffering from Covid have been looked after and the superb success of the vaccination programme. To allow profit-making agencies to try to take over a national asset is an appalling prospect and totally disrespectful to all those who have worked so hard to make the NHS the success it is since its inception in July 1948.

Julian Sheppard replied on Permalink

Please stop this greedy company from destroying our NHS.

Caroline Wilkinson replied on Permalink

The NHS is safe in our hands. Another lie by this government. This is and continues the privatisation of our NHS by stealth, shamefully started by Tony Blairs government. When will the British public wake up? Stop the rot. If Coronavirus has taught us anything its the importance of our NHS not profit making privatisation.

Rachel Dolton replied on Permalink

No profit from peoples health.

C. Mollison replied on Permalink

I was fortunate to be born shortly after the creation of the NHS. However, I have lived and worked in countries where people suffered and died simply because they could not afford medical attention. One of these countries is the USA !!! Please do not allow this to happen in the UK.

Daphne Kelly replied on Permalink

As it's name implies the National Health Service is meant to be for all citizens, not according to how much money they have. private companies are for profit and do not serve the public good.

MR PETER SMITH replied on Permalink

This is the thin end of the wedge to privatising the whole of the NHS and a defeat for the principal of free medical care for everyone not a two tier syatem with an added tier of insurance companies.

Elizabeth Hallworth replied on Permalink

Because i dont want to become one of the heartbreaking US statistics of people who have died or been maimed due to their dodgy private healthcare. Even with little private care in the UK currently, one of my friends was disabled by nerve pain at 34 by a private surgeon who operated on two hernia's, the second didnt need an operation and that was the one that disabled her. This doesn't happen so often on the NHS becuase they have rigorous standards. All private healthcare companies care about is profit. SAY NO TO PROFIT MAKING FROM PUBLIC SERVICES.

CAntliff replied on Permalink

I want our National Health to still be there for my grandchildren & their grandchildren, as it has been throughout my life.

Pamela Tate replied on Permalink

People's health first. Don't renew contract!

Annie May replied on Permalink

The NHS has shown its mettle steering us through a pandemic. It is vital that every Penny of taxpayers money goes to keep the nation healthy and it makes no sense to symphony off funds to a private firm

Toby replied on Permalink

I am greatly concerned by these developments. Regardless of the assurances and promises Centene might give, this undermines the NHS. There must be no room for a profit-seeking multinational in public health provision.

Brenda Wishart replied on Permalink

I was born in 1934, so I can well remember what it was like before the health service was created by the Labour Party. If poor people

were ill they had no recourse to a doctor or medicines. The Health Service should never be run for profit, do we really want to go


Julia Evans replied on Permalink

The National Health Service is owned by those who fund it, that is, all of those paying their National Insurance, etc. It is therefore a National Asset, not a profit making business.. The Conservative Government promised to keep and improve investment in our NHS , and protect it for the people of Britain.

Adam replied on Permalink

Privatisation has been a complete disaster in this country in everything it’s touched.You can’t treat public services like they’re a private company making profit with fat cats at the top and corruption in government causing fragmentation and collapse.

Simon Hickey replied on Permalink

Everything about the American health care system shows us how we should not provide a service in the UK. We should not allow large corporations to buy up parts of the NHS and move profits abroad.

Simon Hickey replied on Permalink

Everything about the American health care system shows us how we should not provide a service in the UK. We should not allow large corporations to buy up parts of the NHS and move profits abroad.

Sally Foster replied on Permalink

A publicly funded AND provided NHS please. No need for profit making providers.

nick replied on Permalink

Dear committee. Please pause and look beyond yourself, to those in our society that need or will need the healthcare that the NHS was set up to provide. Please do not be swayed by money arguments, there is funding to be had as any bailout has shown. Please be true to the spirit



Janet Wellings replied on Permalink

The NHS is a democratic institution, it is not run for profit, it belongs to the British public and it is not for sale!

Barbara Scrivens replied on Permalink

The NHS was set up for everybody in the country and funded by our contributions. We need to support it as health is more important than wealth . Do NOT put profit before health. You do not have the right to sell it to others.

Jeanette replied on Permalink

I believe the NHS should not be run for profit and this will allow for a greater service being provided

Rob Smitton replied on Permalink

Health for profit is a nightmare for anyone unable to pay. Before the NHS people who couldn't pay rarely saw the doctor. Please, no return to such savagery and inequality!

John Light replied on Permalink

I am horified at the idea that foreign companies operating for profit should be able to control the spending on my health care which I pay for in my taxes. I don't want my money going to them.

Denis Jeffery replied on Permalink

If you set a precedent here then that will give the green light to all the other privateers waiting to dismantle our not for profit NHS across the country.Starting with those areas with high social and health deprivation indices which will get "absorbed" into more profitable GP practice configurations.This is happening in Dentistry.Fight for a better Central Government resourcing both financial and medical practitioner staffing.

Please do not renew the contract.

Jess Jones replied on Permalink

British people want a British national health service, not an American health system brought in by stealth. We know the American system is a disaster for many individuals, especially the vulnerable. This has not been voted for so must not be allowed.

Anthony Mason replied on Permalink

Please prioritise health over profits. The only way an outsourced service can make money is to reduce the quality and quantity of the service. The company is part of a US multination corporation and will use various tax strategies to minimise any UK tax to be paid

Claire Swarts replied on Permalink

The NHS is funded by us the national insurance payers!!! This service is for the people not for profit !!! Save the nhs

S. Micallef replied on Permalink

The NHS is paid for and owned by the people of the country to provide health care based on need not wealth. I object to it becoming a vehicle for generating profit for the few. This will inevitably undermine the principles on which a much loved institution was built.

Sandra Marks replied on Permalink

It is absolutely imperative that we take profit out of healthcare. The chain goes right back, the reason 2/3 of the population are sick with western diseases towards the ends of their lives is multi corporations (big agriculture big food et cetera) pursuing profit without ethics. We cannot have a multi corporation/ governmental/healthcare complex also gorging on this corporate carnage.

Peter Williams replied on Permalink

Despite my Mp,Robbie Moore (Tory)telling me that this govt.has not privatised any of the health service..I wish to add my voice to those urging health authorities not to renew contracts with any private companies wanting to make profit from a service paid for by uk taxpayers.

Suzanne Leaman replied on Permalink

Heath care should not be run for profit money given to share holders would be better spent providing quality health care for all not trying to provide a cut price service to maximise company profits.the continued privatisation of services has lead to increased bureaucracy, poor communications, company’s competing with each other for contracts this is not in the interests of the public and demonstrated by the scandalous awarding of contracts during the covid pandemic ie PPE

Nicola Cole replied on Permalink

Please do not renew this contract. Healthcare should NEVER be there for profit and the NHS belongs to the British people not private companies and not the Government.

Rosamond Perrott replied on Permalink

As a patient in the Northwest London practice I do not want it owned by an American company. It’s a brilliant practice and I want it kept within the NHS. Which is for the people - free service at the point of delivery.

Tom Watt replied on Permalink

The NHS is our country's greatest asset and greatest achievement. No government or individual has the right or the mandate to sell it - - or any part of it - - off to a commercial enterprise. Far less a commercial enterprise owned and operated overseas. This shameful acquisition of GP surgeries by US profiteers must be stopped before it's too late.

Tom leaman replied on Permalink

The NHS is funded by the people’s taxes and NI contributions privatisation leads to increased bureaucracy putting services out for tender changing providers leads to less continuity of care,the NHS belongs to the people, private for profit companies have no place in health care as their profits are at the expense of poor contracts and wages for staff cut price services for the public and profit for the company with bonuses for directors please would the committee consider the importance of GP access which has been reduced where it has been deemed a practice is not profitable

Patricia East replied on Permalink

We've seen the effect of restricted access to services during the Covid-19 crisis - the general feeling is one of anxiety & fear. It is a very uncomfortable, worrying feeling. Those who can pay probably will be OK - what about the rest of us?

Shirley skates replied on Permalink

Please would the committee consider how important access to quality healthcare is.private company’s are for profit the formation of large practices to Increase profitability and the closure of small GP practices effect the elderly, the disabled and those who are unwell they would have to travel greater distance may not have access to transport or not be fit to drive.The NHS should remain public and accountable to the public as their tax and NI pays for this,

Alan Cubbage replied on Permalink

We have never seen in this country a government so corrupt who have spent millions of tax payers money on lawyers to try and prevent the public knowing how much money of our money they wasted on unsuitable PPE to enrich their friends. We need to take a stand against all attempts by this government to privatise the NHS by stealth.

Peter Claydon replied on Permalink

Where would Centene's profits come from . . . reduced quality of care or by recruiting less qualified staff to deliver the service?

anton white replied on Permalink

We do not want Centene. interfering in our NHS

Mary McHugh replied on Permalink

The NHS has grown through the funds and effort of the country. Training, research and development opportunities were created through national investment. It is a system that protects the rich and the vulnerable despite poor leadership. Creaming off the profitable elements so rich investors with connections get richer is immoral and short sighted. The pandemic has shown the health of everyone ultimately impacts all society. Learn the lesson. Take responsibility for health and well being for all not for profit.

Sonya Baksi replied on Permalink

My father was a doctor before we had the NHS. My parents knew what it was to have to ask people for payment. We all contribute through NI and tax. If you don't need help that's great. But we pool the risk and for those who do need compassion, service and caring at the time of need must receive this. It is vital in a civilised society that we support our wonderful NHS. It continues despite savage cuts and 10 years of under funding with dedicated staff who are exhausted after the pandemic year. Companies that profit from ill health and personal disaster have no place in our NHS. We shall not go backwards.

Stu Tarit replied on Permalink

NHS was established to help everyone, not shareholders in private companies

Jan Stephens replied on Permalink

The NHS is paid for by the British people and it is there to provide health care for all of us. If Centene are allowed to run our GP services they will take money out for the company’s profit - we need those monies to stay in our NHS to go on improving our health care in the UK not to go to shareholders in the US.

Peter Swift replied on Permalink

To have a for-profit American Company running an important part of our NHS is utterly unacceptable. In the long-run it will lead to decisions which will be made purely for economic reasons and NOT for the patients or staff who work in the service. Centene must be dismissed. Management of the NHS must be done by NHS organisations, publically funded.

joan taylor replied on Permalink

Our GP surgeries should never be for profit. They are part of our NHS which should be for the health and well being of the people

of this country. Raise taxes if necessary to support our health service but don't allow greedy money-makers to take over our surgeries.

Martin Kilbey replied on Permalink

One of the biggest threats posed by privatization is that the generosity and charitableness of health workers will be undermined if they see private companies and investors taking profits which should be ploughed back into equipment, facilities and staff pay.

Mary Bate replied on Permalink

OUR NHS is for the benefit of the U.K.public, NOT GREEDY AMERICAN Companies. It is run on a NOT FOR PROFIT basis in the public sector and funding for those GP Practises in Centenes hands should cease! Keep OUR NHS in the public sector

Vivienne mugford replied on Permalink

The NHS should not be privatised- it is able to run itself for us. Keep the greedy profiteers out, please.

Lesley replied on Permalink

Public services involve caring for people. But private companies make a profit from public services by cutting corners or underinvesting.

We are against this happening to our National Health Service. No to privatisation! Look what happened when Carillion failed. If private companies are running our public services and are too big to fail, the public has to pick up the pieces when things go wrong. Keep our NHS national not private.

Cynthia Ankers replied on Permalink

This is so wrong. This is privatisation of the British public's NHS through the back door. It is wrong, stop it now.

Ley Holloway replied on Permalink

Profit has no place in health care.Kick out the profiteers.

Bill Gallan replied on Permalink

I am against the privatisation of GP surgeries.

This is introducing the profit motive to a national service which is already underfunded and cannot afford to pay dividends to shareholders.

Joe Price replied on Permalink

This is dismantling the NHS by stealth,something this shower of charlatans are good at.

Hilary Foster replied on Permalink

We need and want a patient and outcome led NHS not profit led.

Lynda Jarvis replied on Permalink

We must retain control of all our NHS services.

Outside companies are looking to make money from what is our NHS, this is not acceptable to all the people who have paid for this service over the years since it's inception.

Sarah replied on Permalink

Who in the UK wants to lose any aspect of the NHS - ie National / Health / Service - to a profit driven motive? The core principles of the NHS need to be upheld and supported, not decimated.

John Morgan replied on Permalink

Centene do not actually provide any services that the NHS cannot do itself. The difference is that they are doing it to extract profits from the NHS (funded by people's taxes) and that they do not have any commitment to public health.

Vania Terzopoulou replied on Permalink

Yes well said - one day it will be noted as silent takeover and these are the ways the silence makes us all complicit.


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