Transport for people not profit - deadline tonight!

Walking with bikes by a train

31 August 2020

We know the privatised bus and train companies are lobbying for bailouts right now.

Instead of wasting billions on them, this government has the perfect opportunity to bring transport into public ownership and make it work for both people and planet.

Have you noticed that during lockdown, the streets have been quieter? Many of us have walked and cycled more, discovered more local places and met our neighbours.

And while coronavirus is a big crisis, we know that the climate crisis is just around the corner – and that we need to decarbonise transport if we’re going to tackle it.

So it’s timely that the government is asking for YOUR opinions on how to make transport climate-friendly.

The consultation deadline is midnight tonight.

You can give YOUR response on this website.

Whether you care about walking and cycling, frequent, affordable buses and trains or making the planet safer for all of us – take 5 minutes and have your say.

We Own It is responding as an organisation to say it’s time to copy Switzerland – invest in excellent, frequent trains and buses that are publicly owned and regulated - so we all have access to decent public transport. Other countries show us that it works.

  • Let’s bring all public transport into public ownership so it's working for us, not shareholders. Greener transport won't happen with a fragmented, wasteful, complicated, privatised network.
  • Bring the railways into public ownership, expand the network to give people access and cut fares. If our railway was run in public ownership, we'd save £1 billion a year, enough to fund an 18% cut in rail fares, or pay for 100 miles of new railway track.
  • Bring buses into public ownership with local authorities regulating and owning their buses across the country. Evidence shows this will be better than the current deregulated, privatised system.
  • Create a publicly owned taxi firm that provides green, affordable taxis, treats its workers well and links to buses, trams and trains.
  • Invest in walking, cycling and public transport, not road-building, introduce a Frequent Flyer Levy and an Eco Levy.
  • Make sure all of our public transport is integrated, frequent, affordable, electrified, linked to walking and cycling – so that it’s easier for people not to own a car or to fly.

We’re also encouraging the government to read ideas from Transport for Quality of Life – check out their 2 pagers here

Boris Johnson says he cares about buses and bikes. Let’s ask this government to take these smart ideas seriously.

If thousands of us respond, we can push our transport in a better direction. The air we breathe, the safety of our communities and our planet will all be in better shape if we sort out transport.

Let's invest in our future instead of lining shareholders' pockets.

Tell the government your thoughts now.

Walking with bikes by a train

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Jenny Foxon replied on Permalink

We've got to put transport back into public ownership so that we can run a decent affordable service for all.

BridgIt A Sam-Bailey replied on Permalink

We need a transport system that is suitable for the public as a whole, which can never be possible if privatised.

David Wilton replied on Permalink

Privatisation fails every time because people put profits first.

BridgIt A Sam-B... replied on Permalink

I’ve not seen any mention of physically challenged users, those who cannot walk, or need to use strollers or wheelchairs. Have we been forgotten?

Judith Klaus replied on Permalink

affordable transport is vital to ensure a country can run smoothly. The majority of well run EU systems are state owned. We should not be paying fares to boost private company profits for the poor service they give

BridgIt A Sam-Bailey replied on Permalink

A publicity funded system, that is affordable to all users, with provision for adequate for all users would be a better solution.

Geoff Moore replied on Permalink

Cheaper trains not Bransons bank balance

BridgIt A Sam-Bailey replied on Permalink

Lets put people before profit. Branson does nothing for the people.

Laurence Gee replied on Permalink

Put railways back into public ownership.

Frank Stubbs replied on Permalink

Stop putting profit and lining your pockets before safety and efficiency

Colin Wilson replied on Permalink

A publicly owned transport system is what the majority of people want - according to surveys- listen to the people!

Helen Brown replied on Permalink

We need much more public transport, which needs to be publicly owned and locally accountable.

Linda mooney replied on Permalink

Transport should be a public service, not a profit making business. The failure to provide good services in rural and now even suburban areas shows that private ownership cannot meet the needs of our society..

Transport also needs national planning to prepare for and reduce the impact of global warming.

David Pedder replied on Permalink

When we've dealt with the current major parasite, Coronavirus, we must turn our attention to the other one, neo-liberalism.

Steve Marshall replied on Permalink

When the ceo of trans pennine express says shareholders are more important than passengers you know something is wrong with the system.

Vanessa and Fra... replied on Permalink

We want transport back in the public hands because in private hands all money is in the hands of the shareholders whereas in public hands it goes back into improving services and maintenance

Vanessa and Fra... replied on Permalink

Keep transport in the public hands. Not for shareholders to take all of our money

Anonymous replied on Permalink

Let’s own transport again. More people will use trains and buses, fares will drop, demand will be greater. Let’s create jobs hopefully too. Less cars! Perhaps it will even progress to opening more railway lines. such as the Waverley, which will allow more people to commute from Edinburgh to Carlisle for example.

JD Evans replied on Permalink

The public must own their means of transportation

Patrick Bentley replied on Permalink

Let local authorities and combined authorities outside London own bus companies.

John Hutchings replied on Permalink

Transport should be a Publicly run concern. As should Water gas and Electricity.. The poorer people should be able to afford to use these Items. Oh, is that a Socialist idea?

Paul Leonard replied on Permalink

put all public transport back into public hands so the fares aint making massive profits for share holders

Una-Jane Winfield replied on Permalink

Rail and buses should be owned and run by the appropriate national or local authorities. Thank you for your list of bullet points which I copied and pasted into the Consultation, for the penultimate question.

Carol kettles replied on Permalink

To not invest in public transport heavily now, is detrimental.

Jem Lees replied on Permalink

Profits from services should be used to improve the service and infrastructure not given to wealthy shareholders.

Public ownership is the only way.

Darryl townend replied on Permalink

Years the fat cat private companys have made millions now things are not so good they want bailing out !!! bring all rail back to pubic now

Steve Harvey replied on Permalink

The government should ensure that the vital transport system supports the easy running of the country. It is a major drawback not having in public ownership. Compare to other EU countries that are public owned.

Jacqui Ferguson replied on Permalink

we need an integrated, low carbon( electric) publicly owned transport system, offering low fares, easy access for people with all abilities, with connecting timetables for trains and buses.

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