Vote NHS - don't let Conservatives get away with robbing our children's future

Photo of NHS demo

The choice on Thursday couldn't be clearer. We have a government which is privatising our NHS, piece by piece. They've been planning this for years. Now they're speeding up the sell off of our NHS with the new - and very scary - Naylor Report, which is...

"An outline to sell off the NHS...Hospitals, clinics and other NHS property are squarely in the sights of the purchasers. Theresa May has given us a huge clue as to how her government would finance ‘improvements’ to NHS services, and they’re absolutely scandalous.” Dr Kailash Chand, former deputy chair of the British Medical Association, in the Mirror

On the one hand, the government is making drastic cuts which will lead to serious closures. At the same time, it wants the NHS to sell off 'surplus' land created by these cuts. Hospitals that don't sell land will be punished. Theresa May has been absolutely clear that she supports these plans. We need to stand up for our NHS NOW. 

"We want to make it crystal clear to the voters of this country before they go to the polls on June 8 that if they vote for this they are voting away their children's right to a future which contains a comprehensive, accessible and universal NHS. The motive behind the changes being enforced on the NHS in the name of 'efficiency' and 'sustainability' is quite simply profit for the private sector and includes a mass transfer of assets on the cheap from the public sector to private hands." Deborah Harrington, NHA Party, explaining the Naylor Report

Of course this is part of a bigger picture, which the NHS Roadshow explains brilliantly in this video.

If you care about the NHS, don't vote Conservative. The Conservatives were the only party to score 0% on our 'People vs Politicians' scoresheet on public ownership policies - while 84% of us want our NHS in public ownership.

We're not telling you who to vote for, but here are some snapshots of what the other parties are saying:



Green Party

NHA Party

This Thursday, don't let the Conservatives get away with robbing our children's future. Spread the word - it's time to vote for our NHS.