#VotePublic - Why are you voting tomorrow?

With less than 24 hours until polling opens, we've asked you to tell us why you're voting for public services tomorrow. A lot of you are understandably very concerned about the state of the NHS, privatised utility companies, railways, Royal Mail and student loans, to name a few. The future of our public services has become a central issue in this election. 

 Here's Biba from the We Own It office, who doesn't want private investors making a profit from her student loan debt repayments.



The NHS has been a huge part of this election, with concerns about the Naylor report and high-speed privatisation overshadowing the Conservative's promise to invest in healthcare.


We agree with her - we've got to stop the NHS becoming a private enterprise!



Public ownership is not just about investment and profits - it's about taking responsibility for each other. 

Privatisation is a failed ideology, which needs to be thrown out.



All this is why its vital that we get out and vote tomorrow en masse. 

As this lady says - we need to mobilise!



Let's get out the vote for public services - rain or shine - tomorrow from 7am-10pm. 

You don't need your polling card to vote - check wheredoivote.co.uk to find your polling station.

This guy can't wait!