WATCH: the huge NHS scandal no one is talking about

Sciensus: this company should be nowhere near our NHS

24 August 2023

There is a privatisation scandal currently unfolding in the NHS involving the death of one person, three others being hospitalised and a litany of other failures. And it hasn't received much press coverage.

A private company called Sciensus, which has contracts worth millions of pounds with NHS England to deliver medications to around 200,000 cancer and diabetes patients has just had part of its licence suspended and is being investigated by the House of Lords after. 

Watch below to find out more. Please share widely to make sure more people know about this scandal.





Sciensus: this company should be nowhere near our NHS

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Chris Dommett replied on Permalink

Call out all mps who are taking contributions bribes or hospitality from NHS suppliers

Sue replied on Permalink

Carry on your good work!

Glynis Brogan replied on Permalink

Let’s get it back to pre covid!!

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