Watch: People on waiting lists speak out against NHS privatisation

Picture of patients with text "Only the NHS"

8 August 2023

Last week the government announced plans to create eight new privately owned and run health centres and to remove barriers to using more of the private sector in the NHS.

This plan is part of the government's strategy to fix the waiting lists crisis, but we know it will not work because Only the NHS:

  • Takes care of patients at A&E — the private sector doesn’t have A&E.
  • Trains our doctors and nurses — the private sector relies on NHS-trained staff.
  • Looks after all patients — the private sector cherry-picks.

Politicians must invest in our NHS instead of diverting public money into the pockets of private shareholders. 

In this video, people on NHS waiting lists tell their heartbreaking stories of being on the waiting list for months (sometimes for over a year) and demand that the government fund our NHS, not private profit.

Watch and share the video below:





Picture of patients with text "Only the NHS"

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Steve Whitley replied on Permalink

The tories daren't privatise the NHS in an act of Parliament. So they're privatising it chunk by chunk until it is all consumed. Aneurin Bevan was right: they're lower than vermin.

DIANE CORBIN replied on Permalink


Sue replied on Permalink

In spite of the evidence of repeated failures in the private sector - prisons, water, probation, social care etc. the tories still persist in putting their friends before the good of the country.

Margaret Wetton replied on Permalink

Well said.I could not agree more!!

Beryl Hoad replied on Permalink



Agree with every word Well


Gwen Parr replied on Permalink

In 2011 the NHS came top of 11 wealthiest nations rated by an American research group. USA WAS bottom, with its insurance based health care system and it cost more than 2ce the NHS. Enter a. Tory government. Start of attack on NHS. 12 years of underfunding, staff shortages etc. Attack on NHS doing well.

Colin Sutton replied on Permalink

Absolutely disgusting.subsidising private profit again .

Ruth Marshall replied on Permalink

The government boasts of going to build 40 new hospitals, but it doesn’t talk about all the hospitals that have been closed over the last decade, or the areas that are left without easy access to minor injury units, or A&E facilities. Those of us who live in South East Bristol have seen a major hospital, Frenchay Hospital renowned for Lung Illness care, Burns unit, and stroke unit, and an A&E department close. Requests for a minor injury unit to be opened in a small cottage style hospital with in South East Bristol have been repeatedly denied. folk without transport have to travel long distances to get immediate medical help. Our nearest minor injury unit is in Yate and not accessible by public transport, the A&E in Southmead has only one hourly bus service running during day time hours, does not run in the evenings, and often does not turn up. To drive into Bristol Royal Infirmary one has to have a non-diesel vehicle otherwise there is a £9 penalty charge in and out of Bristol! The area is being polarised by those that have and those that have not. Privatisation only increases that polarisation. THIS HAS TO STOP!

Margaret Wetton replied on Permalink

I definetly agree with all you say.

Michael cook replied on Permalink

I my family and friends have paid and built the NHS to where it is for over 60 years.Our sweat toil and taxes paid for ALL the infrastructure and equipment etc.

Private “health” uses PUBLIC money and equipment as they have little of their own.

This is an attempt at privatisation of NHS and must not be allowed.

John Hutchings replied on Permalink

I live in Spain and I am very interested in how Britain is being mis-managed. I am not able to vote in any election in the UK. This is the only way I could possibly help change things in Britain.

Anne Larkin replied on Permalink

A retired member of the NHS the NHS is for everyone not for profit but so allow us to keep it for our future generations

Tamily Bryan replied on Permalink

We must invest in the NHS...the very thing this country should be proudest of. From the cradle to grave.

Patricia Bradley replied on Permalink

This is so disgusting, it’s tantamount to killing people, they should be locked up and throw away the key. People are being fined and locked up for far less crimes

Linda Sims replied on Permalink

It is unbelievable that the government is taking money from the NHS for funding private companies! They promised to cut NHS waiting lists!

Celia Zaki replied on Permalink

Private services only benefit those who can afford them. A lot of us have worked our whole lives and paid taxes towards the NHS and other public services. Don’t squander that money that we gave in good faith.

Caroline Gavin replied on Permalink

Our NHS needs funding fairly to ensure it can continue to meet the health needs of us all.

Joe Beale replied on Permalink

The vulchers are already ruining the planet. Don't let them take our NHS as well.

Sue Crampton replied on Permalink

We've paid for it over the years and now despite everything the NHS is worse.Far worse than in European countries too.Waiting lists are a disgrace

Dave replied on Permalink

I still cant believe so many people vote for tory government who do not care about the nhs. Look whats happened to this country since 2010. Next election vote properly please just not tory whatever your choice or the nhs will get worse.

Alexander van Rose replied on Permalink

This government's capacity for disgusting behaviour seems to be infinite.

Celia Zaki replied on Permalink

A lot of us have worked our whole lives and paid taxes towards public services. Privatised services will only be available to those who can afford them. It is really appalling that politicians don’t listen to the people. Like they are ignoring the climate crisis - putting all our lives at risk.

Kathleen Hawkins replied on Permalink

I'm 72. It took 1 Yr for an appointment when my surgery went BUPA, I'd been with them a few years.

I went in room and dentist had a syringe in his hand, to freeze gum as filling needed.

He asked, am I private or NHS? .When I said, NHS, he put needle down saying, you won't be needing this then.

This is just one of many thing experenced by private dentist. Also Doctors appointment is almost impossible.

I paid in NHS all my life now I'm treated like cattle.

Roy Stoneham replied on Permalink

What a terrible experience to endure. The dentist was probably trained through the NHS and has acquired this behaviour thanks to the money/bribe he/she is now receiving through the private organisation he works for. The NHS should be funded directly by government as should Water and Hospitals and Railways and other public transport.

David Smith replied on Permalink

This Government is using Covid and NHS industrial action as an excuse for privatisation.

In 2009 waiting list were down to 2m.

Since 2010 year by year waiting lists, due to staff cuts & other issues, the waiting lists have gone up year on year.

This is another cynical move, like Covid, to make themselves & friends richer.

The sooner we get rid of this corrupt Government the better.

Dragonfly replied on Permalink

Every day I thank God we still have a publicly owned and funded Health Service for now !!

About 20 years ago I had a serious heath issue and arrived in agony at A & E I was admitted straight away , once diagnosed began IV treatment on the ward followed by successful surgery.

Without NHS I have no doubt I would not be alive today .

Like millions of people private health insurance would not have been an option for me .

Next year in May think twice about it before you put X next to a Tory candidate

Jay replied on Permalink

My partner, 75 this month, has paid high taxes, happily, for 50 years and supports an NHS free and speedy at point of need for all. He has had to resort to 2 recent private knee operations to keep moving healthily. Now he is on an indefinite NHS waiting list, no idea even of first appointment date, for heart issue. We will have used up all savings needed for likely future care if he has to go private again. Everyone should use their votes to remove Tory MPs - no matter which progressive party you prefer - so vote tactically to save our NHS from gradual, cynical, greedy, incompetent destruction.

Sean replied on Permalink

Tory’s = Vote them out !

Spread the word they are only in it for themselves, they do nothing for this country, it never improves with them in power. Judge it by how they treat the poorest, most disadvantaged, the marginalised. They vilify them they lie to the population about what they are doing to help. If I hear another Tory say that they are putting more money in to what ever services or project currently in the news I’ll scream. It’s amazing how they are always doing more yet everything is worse.

Tory’s = Vote them out!

Angela Milner replied on Permalink

The NHS should never be privatised at all.

It should remain as it was intended at the time of being initiated.

Patricia Thompson replied on Permalink

I agree with all the comments. More funds for the NHS and don’t privatise it. I would also not be alive today if it wasn’t for the NHS.

Sally Bybee replied on Permalink

I feel disgusted and angry that our NHS is being privatised bit by bit. Barclay’s refusal to negotiate with junior doctors, will of course drive them to seek employment abroad or in the private sector, making lists longer. The NHS’s philosophy of free healthcare for all and prioritising the sickest first is amazing and precious. I have lived in USA for 10 years and experienced the terrible, chaotic alternative that is private healthcare. The poor, the old and the disadvantaged get thrown to the dogs. Long live the NHS and thank-you to all the doctors, nurses and workers who work for us all.

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