WATCH: Pledge for the NHS campaign launches

Pledge for the NHS

9 February 2024

Our #NHSPledge campaign has started with a bang, backed by celebrities including Frankie Boyle, Stephen Fry and Rosie Holt. (One of our celelbrity supporters has a message in our video below...)

As political parties draft their election manifestos, our online tool makes it easy for you to call on your political candidates to put protecting our NHS for the future front and centre. We need to see an end to outsourcing, proper funding in line with comparable European countries, and the Health Secretary's duty to provide care for all reinstated.

You can take our pledge action in 20 seconds HERE. Read more about the launch in The Morning Star and The Canary.

Watch Johnbosco's launch video (and subscribe to our YouTube channel):

Pledge for the NHS

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Victoria Killock replied on Permalink

We need our NHS I would leave this country if this got sold and privatised. Please save our NHS

Victoria Killock replied on Permalink

We need our NHS.

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